Urgent Prayers Needed

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

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Please Meet Kendra ! Kendra is a dear friend and like family ! She is a Mom of 2, who was on her way to work Monday morning! Around 6am Kendra was hit head on by a drunk driver who's license were revoked going 130 miles per hour!
Kendra was life lifted to Baptist Medical Center ! She was trapped in her car for an hour and was not responsive when was first found.
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When Kendra arrived at Baptist she was rushed to surgery! all of her major organs were pushed into Kendra's Diaphragm. Her lung was punchered by a broken rib, her spleen had to be removed, her pelvis was broken, her tibia and one of her feet was broken as well.
She had already endured 2 very lengthy surgeries to sustain her life! She is Critical condition but fighting as hard she can!
I know Kendra will fight for everything in her to stay here for her kids!
However she will now be facing, another surgery, rehab, and months  of being out of work!
We are asking for anyone who can and will to please help rally around and pray for her!
 Our church has set up a way to donate to help raise money for this family !
Kendra Is very loved by all who know her! She is our children's ministry pre school teacher! She Loves Jesus and is always willing to help others! 
Please help me, help her! Whether by donation or prayer. I know all of her family and her appreciate all you can do! The information below was posted on our church face book page ! At Transformation Church Salisbury NC
Kendra's family has requested that all donations to help with her medical costs be made through the church. Below is more information on how you can donate:
Donate to help with expenses for the Kendra Whitaker family. She was in a tragic car accident being hit by a driver who was driving while intoxicated at over 130mph on June 12th. She had to be airlifted to Baptist Hospital in Winston Salem where she has undergone multiple surgeries for both internal injuries as well as broken bones. She has a long road to recovery, which means she will miss work, have multiple medical bills, and because the man who hit her didn't have a valid license her family will have to try and replace her vehicle. Kendra has two children and a boyfriend of over 10yrs. They appreciate any and all financial gifts you can give. May God bless you for your gift. You can donate via Givelify at the link below and our church will ensure they receive any and all funds. When donating be sure to use the envelope designated Kendra Whitaker Family
You can also donate via check by mail to the church
1350 Old Stone House Rd.
Salisbury, NC 28146
Please indicate in the memo section that the check is for kendra Whitaker family.
Thank you guys ahead of time for taking time to stop by today!

Sorry For my Absence....

It's been a long battle...:
So sorry for the absence... Some times life catches up to us and its all we can do to tread water, to stay a float.
That is most definitly how I have felt the last few weeks.
After attempting to step off of one of my anti inflammatory medicines for my heart. My health has been in a tail spin it feels like.
I slept propped up on 4 pillows for 7 days, its taken 14 days for the fluid to go away and the chest pain to go away with it.
Then out of the blue I have been plagued with head aches, mouth ulcers, nausea, dizziness, and fever. My rheumatologist reply was it sounds like lupus but your blood work is normal please continue to document these flares and keep me updated.
Saturday evening I won myself a trip to the ER! They did check my heart and lungs and said every thing looked good ! Praise the Lord deemed everything as a nasty virus. Till last night when my blood pressure dropped to 87/70. Today its ridiculously high including my pulse.
This journey has been a long and hard road. It began over a year ago... I was hoping by now we would have figured out why I have a few good days then 2 weeks of feeling awful.

Its hard to be strong sometimes when your so very tired. I  am so thankful for a Savior who promises to never leave or forsake you! I know He will strengthen this body and carry me through... His word promises that! He also knows the plans He has for me!
I find myself missing the simplicity of just getting into the car and driving myself to the grocery store. since I haven't driven since September....
I miss caring for my home as I once did... I miss sewing for hours with out extreme pain afterwards... I know that God isn't finished with my story.
But please if you will lift me up in prayers. I so want to feel whole again. I want to be able to do the things God has called me to do! Even the simplest of things such a writing!
It brings my heart such joy just to be able to share with you guys glimpse of our life.
I claim Mark 5:34 For my life....
He said to her, "Daughter your faith has healed you. Go in peace and be freed from your suffering."
I will leave you guys with the lyrics of one of my favorite songs! Its helped me through many long and hard days...
"I am healed by the word of God, I am healed by the Word Of God, Yes Its all ready done just waiting for my change to come ! Yes I am healed by the Word of God!

Happy Homemaker Monday ~5/29/2017

Monday, May 29, 2017

Wow what a week ! I had hoped for a slower paced week ! God must have laughed at that thought when I had it lol!
Because it was anything but slow!
This week we will finish up our homeschool co-op with history report presentations!
I am excited and sad! I love being with all the kiddo's ! Yet I will miss them.... It takes a toll on my body. I am ready for some rest!
I love linking up with Dairy of a stay at home Mom!
If you would like to join in on the fun click here:
The Weather.... Today Is sun shinny and very warm! Our high today is suppose to be about 85 with a 50% chance of rain this evening. Which for us with that heat storms.
I hope it holds off so we can grill this evening!
Right Now I am.... Catching up on my blog and trying to mentally decided which book I want to read or have a nap lol.
Thinking.... Of all the things I need to be doing besides setting on my couch... I have felt bad for a week and I need to rest but I am not a set around kind of girl and its killing me!
On My Reading Pile.... I am getting ready to start the Kingdom Woman Study By Tony Evans and I believe I am going to read my favorite Elsie Dinsmore series.
On My TV.... I have fell in love with Netflix series The Last Kingdom and Reign! I have been putting Downton off because of what happens in the next episode ! Lol, However my Daughter is not going to allow such much longer.
On The Menu This Week....
Monday- Grilled cheeseburgers and fries
Tuesday- Grilled Chicken breast, rice pilaf, and broccoli
Wednesday- Grilled kielbasa, garlic cheese potatoes. and green beans 
Thursday- Grilled Brisket. mashed potatoes, and corn on the cob
On My To DO List.... Finish the story I have started, tidy the house, prepare for homeschool graduation, Prepare for final presentations Wednesday, Church activities, and doing some visiting with family.
In The Craft Basket.... I began another American Girl doll house last week for pictures... I need to finish the kitchen this week.
Looking Forward To This Week.... The End of the school year ....
Looking Around The House..... Honestly its in pretty decent shape... I need to do some dusting later this week though.
What Am I Wearing..... Blue Alice and Wonderland T-shirt and grey shorts
One Of My Simple Pleasures.... To Set outside on the patio in the cool of the morning and enjoy coffee and my husband before the day becomes hectic.
On The Camera.....
We had an A life Girls Club Tea Party Yesterday ! We had so much fun... Several of the girls really got into the fun of dressing up!

The American Girl bedroom I have been working on

On My Prayer List..... I am covering a sweet friend and her family in prayer. Who are taking their first Pastor ship. Also my own health.... I had tried to come off one of my inflammation meds. At the doctors request to see if my heart could handle it and not retain fluid. I was able to get to one dose instead of three for about a week. Then out of nowhere I began to feel exactly the way I did before the last heart surgery. When I contacted the doctor he upped the dose to 4 pills a day. He confirmed what I feared the heart was not able to keep the fluid off by itself at this time... I had developed another pericardial effusion and would require staying on the high doses of meds, for awhile longer. We see him again in about 2 weeks. Hopefully we can figure this out.

Bible Verse, Devotional......
                     13Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one's life for one's friends.                                                                         John 15:13

I can not thank you enough for stopping by and sharing your day with me! I pray you have a blessed week !

Lets Catch Up

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Its been such a busy past couple of weeks! It has been very hard to keep up much less blog lol! Things are starting to wind down some so I should be able to ease back into the blogging world !
I had an amazing mothers day with my kids this year! We decided to do something very low key this year and celebrated at home! My sweet hubby got me a new Creative Bible, my oldest got me a Mrs. Pots and Chip Pandora charm and the most beautiful flowers, and my youngest got me an 18 inch doll camping set for photo shoots this summer! I enjoyed just my time alone with them uninterrupted was the best gift ever!
On May 21st my sweet hubby and I celebrated our 23rd wedding anniversary! This year was much better than last year! Lol last year I had to have my wedding rings cut off my hand due to swelling! I don't know I have ever cried so hard before!
My heart broke that I had to have rings cut off my love had placed on my fingers that exact day 22 years ago...
This year we decided since we had such a year we would get away for few days! We found an amazing bed and breakfast about an hour from our house nestled on the out skirts of Greensboro NC.
I was such an amazing feeling just to get away just the two of us just enjoy being together!

We stayed in the Tree House Suite  
 I fell in love with her gardens

The owner shared with us a famous North Carolina ghost writer owned the property up till his death. Joh Harden was famous for writing Devils Tramping Ground and Tar heels Ghost.
She also shared that a local historian had came and stayed with her. She shared General Lee and his soldiers camped where the main hose sat! I love history so that just made my day!
My sweet hubby got me a car for our anniversary this year! So when the time comes and I can drive again this will easier for me drive! I was so surprised and feel so blessed with such a gift!
We spent the rest of the week getting our patio in the back yard ready for summer! I felt so excited to plant flowers! Prepare our back yard for hours of family enjoyment!
My sweet hubby made me a water fountain out of items we had laying around ! He did such an amazing job! This time last year the thought of planting flowers would have been just that a thought! I was slow but I truly enjoyed spending time outside in God's creation!

Saturday Morning the first morning in a long time! I made peach scones from scratch for the first time I an year! It felt good to fix them one of their favorite things!

However Saturday night at bedtime I realized something was wrong! When I would breathe I would cause serious pain and I couldn't lay back. I felt like I was suffocating.
a few months ago the doctor told me to start stepping down one of my inflammation pills.
I had just cut myself down to one dose right before our anniversary trip. On Sunday my husband and I spoke as a couple to our church! I knew then I had another pocket of fluid. I hadn't felt that bad in awhile!
My sweet hubby however presented me with the most beautiful flowers !
But again that night I had to sleep on 3 pillows. I upped my medicine to what it was and went to homeschool co-op this week but each day has gotten a little worse! After speaking with the doctor  today they confirmed what I suspicioned. I may not be no where ready to come off my medicine. They actually upped the dose again.
It has been a little discouraging to feel like we are back where we started.
I know God has a plan and makes no mistakes. If the shortness of breathe becomes worse I am to call immediately or go to the ER.
I call back in 7 days other wise.
Please help me pray this is just a bump in the road! Not a sign of things to come...
I have been able to write more in my Lillian Stewart series I am excited of how its coming along ! I have also been working on another special short story ! I can not wait to share with you!
Next week ends our homeschool year and I must say I welcome the break! I look forward to being able to share more here!
Thank you so much for stopping by and letting me share a glimpse of our home with you!
If you think to please pray for my health! I am so ready to feel better!
I hope you guys have a blessed week! 

Lillian Stewert Series ~ Part 5

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

At the coxing of her sister Lilian set down at her vanity and began dressing for the day. Not much time passed when Aunt Violet entered her room carrying the most beautiful bonnet for Lillian to wear to tea! As she shaped her her curls around her face Aunt Violet hummed the sweetest hymn as she worked …. When she was all through she turned Lillian around to see her and she beamed with joy when she told her how beautiful she was! Lillian, God created a masterpiece when He created you child… Not just on the outside but on the inside as well! Lillian girl not many have such qualities as you…. Embrace who He created and let him guide today child, and nothing can go wrong!
For the first time in months Lillian smiled the sweetest smile back at Aunt Violet. With her eyes wide with hope she replied a simple nod…. As she asked Aunt Violet for a conformation of one of her favorite verses. Jesus said we can do all thing with him right, Aunt Violet? He sure did my sweet child because, He will give us strength …
 Well then I must hurry and get Ellie dressed before our company arrives! You know how Momma feels about us being late when guest arrive! I sure do replied Aunt Violet. Now where is that sweet friend of yours? Heaven knows those blonde bouncing curls of hers are gonna need to be tamed! Lillian giggled she still waiting for me in the bed ! I'll fetch her so I can slip her new dress Momma made her on! Then you can tame her curls Aunt Violet … You do a much better job than me! With that Lillian went on to prepare her doll for the adventure ahead hoping Ellie would also gain a new best friend today as well!

Lillian just had made it out on the veranda just in time, before the special guest arrived. Momma looked so beautiful as always stood by the door with a warm smile waiting to greet her guest. The dust had finally settled enough from the horse and buggy, enough she could see the two figures that climbed down from the buggy! Lillian first seen Sarah she was a tall slender woman with soft red hair, with a sweet smile. Lillian watched closely as she helped her daughter from the buggy. Lillian seen a child much like her only she had long blonde hair, and she was delighted to see clutched in her arms was her own dear doll. Lillian couldn't see her face for her bonnet was covering it…. Lillian whispered a quick prayer to her Heavenly Father, asking Him to let Natalie like her…..
  Within a few short moment Sarah and Natalie were greeted by Marie with a warm smile! Lilian was delighted when both Sarah and Natalie were introduced to her they had a genuine warm smile on their faces. For the first time in a long while Lillian thought things just might be okay…..
Momma asked the guest to join them around the table for afternoon tea! Aunt Violet and Momma went to great lengths to make sure everything was divine. Aunt Violet choose the white lace tablecloth, the pink napkins, the table was set with Mommas, Grandmothers rose tea set, the table was filled with the most delicious tea goodies, tea sandwiches,small cakes ,and scones with strawberry jam. The most beautiful flowers were in the center of the table.
The guest were delighted at how beautiful everything looked. Sarah even told Momma that she felt like royalty sitting around such a wonderful bounty.
Momma and Sarah had met at church on Sunday. Lillian had missed because she had been suffering from a terrible cold earlier in the week and was just starting to recover. Momma and Sarah chatted like old friends. When they both realized Lillian and Natalie both were setting in silence. Both ladies chuckled and asked the girls for their forgiveness and properly introduced the two girls who were anticipating the one question they both had. Will she like me ?
    Lillian looked at Natalie with great expectation ! Natalie’s long blond hair was braided into two beautiful braids completed with lovely yellow ribbons. Her short bangs wisped over her forehead. Her blue eyes danced with curiosity. She had the most beautiful white eyelet dress on trimmed in soft yellow to match her her ribbons her bonnet plopped on her head as a crown. However Lillian couldn’t take her eyes off the delicate friend she was clutching onto so ever tightly. Just as the sweet friend she enclosed in her arms Lilian could not help but notice the dark circles around her guest eyes as well. What Lillian didn’t realize Natalie was taking all of Lillian’s details in as well! Hoping this new girl who stood before her would want to be friends with someone like her.
Marie broke the silence between the girls making introductions to both, then offering the girls the seats beside each other. Marie went on to tell the girls after tea they could take a little adventure if they like to get to know one another better as long as they stayed close. Lillian noticed her Mom’s eyes danced with excitement in hopes this would be a new start for her daughter. Washing away all that happened to scar her sweet heart. Lillian took the seat next to her guest and introduced Ellie. She was pleased to be introduced to Natalie’s friend, her beloved doll Hope. The girls quickly took pace after their Moms and Amelia. Having a conversation all of their own. It was in the midst of giggles, Marie asked the girls to bow their heads in prayer for the blessing over their tea. Marie offered the most beautiful prayer of thanks for the food and new friendship.
 The room was filled with soft clinks of forks and spoons clanking against the china. When Lillian felt she had enjoyed every little tea treat her tummy could hold she asked the Marie if her and Natalie could be excused. Marie smiled so warmly at the girls, responded yes reminding the girls to stay close. Both Marie and Sarah whispered a prayer to their heavenly Father that He would open hearts and blossom new friendship between the sweet girls.

Happy Homemaker Monday 5*22*17

Monday, May 22, 2017

Oh my I feel so behind in the blogging world! Last few weeks have been insanely busy! I have honestly neglected a lot of things! I hope to get caught up here and on some other projects this week! Or at least by next week! A girl can hope can't she! I hope you enjoy your  visit with me! Maybe you would love to link up and share with Happy Homemaker Monday too! Join in on the fun and link up here Happy Homemaker Monday

The weather.....
It's been really hot, to the point any rain and cool weather is welcome....

Right now I am....
Praying I can squeeze this post in about 15 minutes ....

Of how blessed I am... So much has changed since this time last year... God is good! I know health wise I still am not what I was but I am millions times better than I once was....

On my reading pile....
Nothing new at the moment ... Hope to start summer reading next week

On my TV.....
Not much, all my favorites are on break... I haven't had time really start anything new or watch Downton Abby....

One Of my simple pleasures....
enjoying setting on the patio drinking coffee

On the menu for this week....

Monday Manwhich and chips
Tuesday Grilled Salmon , rice with herbs and green beans
Wednesday Grilled Chicken, baked potatoes, and corn on the cob
Thursday pizza

On my to do list....

Complete homeschool transcripts
tidy house
co-op Tuesday and Wednesday
Church Wednesday Night
catch up on my blog
work on some writing

In the craft basket....

working in a 18 inch doll house and some sewing projects

 Looking forward to this week....
Things slowing down finally!

Looking around the house....
Things look really good considering how busy its been...

What am I wearing....
pink shift dress

From the camera....

My husband and I celebrated 23yrs yesterday ! We went to the cutest Bed and Breakfast early last week for a few days.... here are some pics from there....

On my prayer list.....

My health, homeschool journey, fiends who just received the vote of a church to pastor, and some unspoken things.....

Bible verse, Devotional....

Happy Homemaker Monday ~5/8/2017

Monday, May 8, 2017

Good afternoon everyone ! I was excited to find a free moment to set down and do this today! This is my favorite linky party join ! I missed last week ! I love catching up with other blogs and seeing what others have going on in their life!
This is turning into an extremely busy month for us very quickly! I hope I can stay above water to keep everything going !
If you would like to join in the fun head on over to the Diary Of A Stay At Homes Blog by 
clicking here:Happy Homemaker Monday

 The weather.....
Its been unusually cool again, Its in low 70's here. The sun is shining beautiful here, but the wind is blowing making it a bit chilly to be outside! Its suppose to warm-up outside for a few days and them temps are gonna plummet again!

Right now I am....
I am catching up on my blog and talking with my youngest! We have some serious decisions to make between now and next homeschool year ....

This is going to be such a busy month ! I have lots to do and decide... I need a clone and a IV of coffee lol

On my reading pile....
Kingdom Woman By Tony Evens

On my TV.....
We have fell in love with Downton Abby
Once season 6 last nights episode was amazing
Designated Survivor

On the menu for this week....
Well this week we are winging it ! I have so much to do between mothers day and church this week is insane!

On my to do list....
Monday- Get a  haircut and visit with a family that has been visiting our church
Tuesday- Homeschool Co-Op
Wednesday- Homeschool Co-Op and Church
Thursday- Tidy house, funeral, and Mothers Day dinner with my hubby's Mom
Friday- Mothers Day dinner with my Mom
Saturday- Meeting at the church and I hope a visit to the park
Sunday- Church and mothers day celebrating with my kids

In the craft basket....
I have several doll outfits to finish up.... I just don't see that happening this week !

Looking forward to this week....
Celebrating my Mom, She is a lung cancer survivor ! So each day we are blessed to have her! She is a miracle for sure

Looking around the house....
considering all that we have going on this weekend the house looks great !

What am I wearing...
Some flowy khaki's and a coral shirt

Simple pleasure....
Having my girls pour their hearts out with out reserve no matter what the issue is about!

From the camera....
I always send my hubby a picture after a hair-cut ! I am pleased its finally starting to grow!

On my prayer list.....
My health is still a roller coaster just wish I felt better! Also praying for some very sweet friends who are awaiting some ministry decisions ! Also for a sweet friend who's Dad passed away unexpected, and a family of a sweet girl I went to school with who took her own life earlier this week ! The news was heart breaking. My heart knows all to well ! How that devastates a family...

Bible verse, Devotional....

Thanks for stopping by and sharing apart of your day with me! Praying each of you who view and read this has a blessed week!