Happy Homemaker Monday 3-13-17

Monday, March 13, 2017

Diary Of A Stay At Home Mom
So my amazing friend at www.intentionalmommyhood.com shared this new wonderful link-up,
over at the Diary of a Stay at Home Mom with me last night ! I am so very excited the share this journey with you guys each Monday!

The weather.....
The March weather this year has been an up and down roller coaster. We have gone from 40 degree weather to 80 degree weather! Then of all thing we woke up to snow yesterday morning ! One thing is for sure about living in the south you never ever know what you will get lol. This morning the sun has made its grand appearance causing everything to lift its attention of hope of warmth... How ever the air is cold and biting today.... The recent cold snap leads way for worry for the farmers who peach and strawberry crops have all ready started to bloom ! I pray the Lord watches over them.... However this weather gives the excuse to stay home and spend sometime doing things we love with one another... 

Right now I am....
Enjoying the warmth of our home, and listening to the soft chatter of my youngest and one of her homeschool friends. I love the fact that being a stay at home mommy allows me to set at our kitchen table to update my blog and contemplate what our day will hold for us. 

This will be a very week for my home.... we will have co-op, a out of town doctors appointment, a children's ministry spring bash, along with all of our normal weekly happenings... I need to make a to-do list. Hope I can do some sewing and take some picture's sometime this week !

On my reading pile....
The ladies of our church are doing the study a woman after Gods own heart by Elizabeth George ! This a life changing and challenging study! I absolutely love the heart changing that comes from a challenge the Word Of God.
Now my daily devotional is Jesus Calling by Sarah Young which I absolutely love this devotional!

For personal reading A Life of Faith Laylie Colbert ! The story of how an a young abolitionist  helps a brother and sister escape slavery! The story is one of courage, friendship, and saving grace!

On my TV.....
Well at the moment Crash Bandicoot lol! A old PlayStation game . One of the girls from our children's ministry and our homeschool co-op came home with us as well ! She is waiting for me to come play 18 inch dolls with her !
Favorite blog post last week (mine or other)....
Intentional mommyhood's post about making over her evening ! You haven't visited this amazing ladies blog please take a chance to do so ! You will not be disappointed !

Something fun to share....
I was up way later than I wanted last night so I was doing some reading ! I learned in the Victorian era that it was believed that men may attracted to  the slender sleekness of table legs ! That was when the invention of floor length table clothes came in to play ! I was like  really wow  !

Blog hopping (newly discovered blog)....
I was just introduced this morning to this wonderful blog ! I have so enjoyed what I have already discovered ! Can not wait to check it out further.

On the menu for this week....
Well our family is on the last week of the 21 day Daniel Fast. so lots and lots of veggies hehe...

On my to do list....
To get everything in place for school tomorrow, help do laundry, pick the house up, and play with my guest today !

In the craft basket....
Today my sweet little person friend and I be making some American girl food ! I cant wait, I love to craft for American girl dolls !

Looking forward to this week....
Going to see a rheumatologist for the first time, my family and I praying this gives answers to long a long list of medical issues.  

Looking around the house....
I adore the coziness of our home... I am pleased to look around to see it isn't to disarray. It wont take long to tidy up from a very busy weekend !

From the camera....
I spent the Friday sewing a historical doll dress ! The first time I had sewn in quite some time ! It was an amazing feeling to return to what I love to do !

On my prayer list.....
My health, I woke up with chest pain last night.... I suffer from pericarditis, we are unsure what the total cause is ! we had tried to cut back one of the medicines for inflammation and we feel that may be the cause! Praying it was just a hiccup and today will better ....

Bible verse, Devotional....

I am super excited to have been invited to check this out and join this linky party! Please join in on the fun !
Here is the Link if you would like to check it out :


  1. Nice to visit you new blog new tea friend! It's lovely and gave me another look into your world.I will be praying for you and your health issues. I love your doll outfit. You do excellent work. Wish you didn't live so far away as I think we could have lots of dolly fun together. Have a good week.

    1. Aww Thank you my sweet friend ! Thank you so much for your prayers!I wish we were closer I would love to have an adult collector close by !!!! Have a good week my sweet friend !

  2. I love this post and your new pictures! I'm so glad you are blogging!!! You are great at it, and i LOVE reading your posts! love you so very much my dear friend!!!

    1. I love you so Much! I have fell in love with blogging again! I just have to make time lol.... I love aand miss you so much !

  3. Hope you start to feel better. Your doll dress is very pretty. Hope you have a wonderful week!

    1. Jean thank so much ! Sorry for the late reply ! I have had a rough couple of weeks! Praying you have an amazing week !

  4. What a great post and welcome to Happy Homemaker Monday! I loved A Woman After God's Own Heart - truly a life-changing study as you said. That is a very interesting fact about floor-length tablecloths. Your mention of American Girl food brought back so many wonderful memories. When we were homeschooling, we had an American Girl Club. We would meet every two weeks and study a different girl each time. We would make a food from her time period, work on a craft, and discuss that period. I had a lot of great resources - when American Girl was under its original owner, there were a lot of resources for teachers and homeschoolers. We had such a lovely time. You might be able to find some at your local library - there were craft and cookbooks and theater kits for some of the girls so you could put on your own production.

    I see in your Things I Love that you love tea parties, so do I! So happy to have found your blog - the A to Z Challenge is coming up in April if you think you might be interested. You don't have to have a theme - you can just post randomly on something with the letter of the day. There is a link on my blog to all the details.

    I pray that your health improves, God bless you.

    1. Thank you so muck Pamela! I have been a avid doll collector for years! The little girls from church love them as well! It gives me the opportunity to share with them my love for history! I wi most certainly check my local library out! We have a lot of the pleasant company resources from my I used Portraits of American Girlhood for our homeschool one year... However when she got older we sold some stuff which I regret now...
      Thank you for praying for my health... We know Gods got it for sure.... we just need answers...
      Tea parties in our home is a favorite! How fun to meet someone who loves the same things! I will go check out the a-z challenge now!
      Thank you for visiting my new friend ! I pray your week is blessed


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