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Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Last night was the first night of real sleep, I have had in a really long time. It felt wonderful to wake up feeling refreshed like that. My pain is still not controlled... That's okay I know that this girl wont get everything I want in one day! I know it is a matter of the right cocktail. That can be the hardest part... I don't want to feel out of this world all the time... I want to be connected. We are trying to get me some new wheels to help me around the house! By new wheels I mean a walker! I plan to dress that bad boy up and make it fun if I need to use it! After all I have to keep the joy in this journey. Today has been a long and hard day. I did make it outside for the first time to set on the patio. The fresh air was amazing. I hope that I can try again tomorrow. The weather here is changing. I can literally feel it in my joints. Rain must be on the way... 
   I want to encourage anyone who is in a season of change. I know how hard it can be. My heart is heavy for you! Just remember we get to decide how we deal with it ! We can be bitter or find a reason to be happy! Today I choose happy! I choose hope that tomorrow will be better than today! My daughter sent me a picture this morning from her early adventure out with our puppy... 
      Her caption was Mom this is God's reminder your just blooming for what is coming next....
 It honestly brought tears to my eyes ... My 19 year old was ministering to me this morning! It made my Momma heart so very proud! My sweet hubby gave me a very precious gift today! I don't take it lightly... I have a really hard time with anything of weight on my legs. That's one of the things that holds me back from my writing and blogging. My laptop kills my legs. I have to spend a lot of time on my bed and couch. So I would have to hold my laptop on my legs and by the time I would be done. I would be so miserable I could barely walk! This afternoon he came in with a 2 pound chromebook. Oh it is amazing ! I have been able to hold it ! I have started a new story and wrote a blog post for tonight! I am thankful for the blessings of each day! I am even more thankful for a gift that will allow me to do something I am passionate about! I pray each of you who reads this has a wonderful day tomorrow! I most likely wont make a new post tomorrow is doctors office day! I will be totally wiped out by the time they are done with me! I am praying for you!  Please continue to pray for me! Also my sweet girl has a ultrasound on her breast in the morning! Please help us pray this is nothing to be concerned about! We know God has got this... He is good Father! I am so blessed to be His!

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