Thursday, January 14, 2021


The past few months has taught me to slow down and cherish the simple things of life. 

Like the glow of Christmas lights on a tree that still standing decorated in the living room. 

The sound of my husband's voice when he speaks to me but even more when he prays over me!

The sound of Christians giggle when she gets tickled and her laughter fills the air.

The phone call from Amber to just let me know they are okay! 

I can hear my sweet guys in the background!
The morning spent facetiming so I can see their sweet faces! 

Andrew letting me know everyone is okay! Just because he loves me! 

My Moms sweet voice one the phone each day! 

A phone call or text from my bestie just to check on me! brightens my whole day that out of her busy life she had time to check on me!

Today I thought about all of those sweet things things! A smile crossed my my face! I feel so blessed by so many things!

It did make me wonder if my Daddy is the same way about us! When we include Him in each and every aspect of our lives! Not just the moments I need Him to fix me!

I knew the answer was yes! It makes me want to be more intentional to make Him smile and be proud of me! 

I want to know when I start my morning off with quiet time with Him He is smiling because I made Him priority! 

I want Him to smile when a praise and worship song is a stuck in my head and I hum it in praise toward Him and it was Thursday! I didn't need a special day to do it on! 

I want to know He smiles when I just babble off my head to Him like He is a old friend and it's just things I need to tell Him something that is on my heart! Nothing is wrong I just want to share it with Him! He smiles because I know He wants to talk to me all day everyday! It doesn't have to be some big formal prayer! He loved me and He just wants me to include Him in everything I do!

 I want to be sure I am! Life will become busy again one day! Covid numbers will go down and life will resume some form of normalcy once again. 

I have been praying because one thing I don't want to loose is the enjoyment in the simple things. Especially getting so busy that I leave my Daddy out on the sideline! He deserves front and center attention! I also don't want to lose the simplicity of it just being us! Family is so important to me! I feel that way more now than ever!   

The past year has truly taught me to treasure each moment. It don't even have to be a dressed up celebration! It can be a quiet evening watching movies together! Riding in the car and my sweet man telling me I look beautiful and I don't have a stitch of makeup on! Life is made up of moments! Each one are truly meant to treasured! My devotion this morning lines up with this perfectly! It talked about not storing up wordly treasures! We often need to purge our hearts and lives of things that don't need to take up space there! We need to keep the most important things! God, Love, the Word of God for sure, family and friendship, faith, peace, hope, service to others! These are essentials for our lives. We have heard so much about essentials this past year! So why don't we pledge to start this year off with these essentials! Throw out anything in our hearts that doesn't pour into what makes my Daddy smile and makes others see Jesus in me because I am keeping those amazing essentials priority! 

God's Word actually tells us to do just that in 
Luke 12:32-33 

“Do not be afraid, little flock, for your Father has been pleased to give you the kingdom. 33 Sell your possessions and give to the poor. Provide purses for yourselves that will not wear out, a treasure in heaven that will never fail, where no thief comes near and no moth destroys.

Thank you for allowing me to share my heart! I feel incredibly blessed each time I log on here and Jesus helps me to share my heart! I still really can not thank you enough for taking time out of your day to share it with me! 

 I hope you know that I m praying for you each and every day! I pray your new year has been filled with blessings and continues to be as we go forward! I can't wait to live intentional with you!

                                  Prayerfully Yours ~Shellie~ 

Wednesday, January 6, 2021

New Year Beginning's


It's officially a new year! Every new year comes with new hopes for the new year will be better than the one we just closed out! 

Most of us make resolutions to try to improve who we are as a whole or the surroundings around us!

I have decided this year will be a year of change for me! I did not make any resolutions at all. Not even a goal list. For the very reason every day is a new day and it brings different things to the plate each and every morning! 

I have prayed and decided to take each day and let God guide me to what I need to do and with that change in me the things that He wants to change and help me to see what it is and help me to make myself healthier and a stronger vessel for Him! 

I did however choose a word for my New Year! I chose Hope! Hope for health and stronger relationship with God! I want to write and complete a book this year! 

However over my hopes and dreams I want these hopes to be filled with Him! In the very center of it all!

Over the course of 2020 I faced and fought many battles! Most of these battles were around my health! Lupus already made me a Target of Covid because I took immune suppressants. So from March on I was in my house and not going out unless it was an appointment we could not have virtual! I was hospitalized several times. For several reasons! I will be totally honest each time took it's tole on me. in more than one way! 

For me that is why it's so important to take each day as it comes and deal with what it offers with the word I have chosen for 2021 HOPE!

The definition of Hope is:  a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain things to happen. A feeling of trust.A want of something to happen or be the case.

I certainly can tell you that Hope is what I feel for 2021!A healthier year, to have more time using my creativity God blessed me with, I hope to be able to spend time with family that I have not been able to see by summer, I want to see God show up and do big things in this girls life! I have a deep hope as we open our eyes each and every day that Jesus will show up and show out and use each and everyone of us to our  fullest for His glory! I want to see His church and ministry grow and be able to reach the world like never before for him! 

So as I close out my first thoughts of 2021! I pray that your year is filled with Hope! Have you chosen a word for 2021? If you have share it with me in the comments below! I would love to pray for you this year! I would love to pray that God be with you each and everyday this new year brings! That we can all be a light for Him in a dark unknown times! No matter what the world throws at us! He's not surprised and still there for us each and everyday! 

Thank you for stopping by and sharing a part of your day with me! Time is a precious gift and that you shared some of your with me means more than you could ever know! 

I am praying you have a wonderful week and weekend ahead of you! I pray that each day is filled with blessings and hope! 

Prayerfully Yours ~Shellie~  

Monday, December 28, 2020

Beauty In Waiting 2020 In Review

                   The Beauty of Waiting On God

       I wrote this blog for friend for her blog leading up to her book launch! I wanted to share this with you as I close out 2020! 

    Many of us when everything around us seems to falling apart much like 2020. Want a hurry up and fix this quickly Jesus fix! We are all guilty of that at some time in our lives. After all we are human and we desire good things over the rocky mountain climb.

 However sometimes when we rush things we miss the beauty and growth. That takes place in the waiting. I write this from a first hand experience. I would like to share straight from my heart about a journey of waiting that still has not ended! I promise it's laced with grace, hope, and beauty.

  So grab your favorite warm drink and join me while I share what God has for you to hear.

   Five years ago on March first. I checked into a local surgical center to have a arthroscopy on my  right knee for a torn meniscus tear. I had slid in a mud puddle taking the trash can to the road the day after Christmas. I did a double flip it wasn't a pretty sight lol. It should have been such a easy surgery and recovery! I should have walked out not needing my crutches. That was not what happened though. About ten minutes into the procedure I aspirated stomach acid into the base of my left lung. This caused a injury to the lining of my heart as well.I would not learn that till the next day. I was rushed to the local hospital to be admitted for observation.I not only had a bum knee. Now I have chemical pneumonia and pericarditis of the heart. Pericarditis is caused when fluid or blood build between the sac around the heart and the muscle. This can lead to restriction of how the heart beats and the blood flows. I spent seven days in the hospital. Sent home way worse than I did when I arrived. I was not able to take more than ten steps due to not being able to breathe. I had went from Active wife, mom, pastors wife, and children's church administrator. Completely dependent on someone helping me  do everything. Spending my time on my chase that I am writing to you from today! This went on for a little over a month and I had to be hospitalized on April seventeenth I had my first major heart surgery. This was to drain the fluid by cutting a square in the heart to drain the fluid that was keeping my heart from pumping properly. They drained what would equivalent to three two liter drinks of fluid off my heart.  The same week I had the heart surgery I was scheduled to attend the Women Of Joy conference in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. I attended two days after being released. God would not allow me to backout. I was blessed so very much by attending. It was there when God whispered to my heart... While Natalie Grant was singing clean. Daddy whispered to my heart daughter hold on because for now my answer is no. I remember setting there worshiping in my wheelchair tears streaming down my face. Telling my Daddy I would trust Him use me for others to see Him! Five months later I would be transported from  local hospital to one of the larger hospital in Charlotte. I would have a thoracotomy to have major heart and lungs surgery! My whole world had totally been rocked once again. I have yet to totally recover from all of this. Since along the way we found out I had SLE Lupus and it was now attacking my heart and lungs. My body was fighting to kill itself. There is something about loosing all that you once knew as normal. When you spend time setting, you have more time to focus on things we often neglect with the hustle and the bustle of  the day. I found spending the quiet early mornings with my Daddy was my favorite time of the day. I found that I couldn't wait to pick up my Bible to study the book of Psalm. David's life seemed so much like mine in a many ways. I couldn't wait to see how God showed up for David next. Each battle David fought his Daddy was there and even though sometimes those answered prayers came in time and guess what it wasn't Davids time it was his heavenly Daddy's time! 

                  I remember clearly crying because I couldn't go to church! I was too sick to be in crowds yet my heart longed for the fellowship, worship, and being fed God's Word in person. The first Sunday I got to attend I remember going to my closet to find something to wear. Months of wearing pj's and lounge clothes it would feel good to dress cute again. I remember picking it my outfit so excited to get dressed up to find the next four outfits I chose not longer fit! I remember setting in my floor of my closet with tears in my eyes, telling my Daddy it didn't matter if I had to wear my PJ's to church! Nothing was going to stop me from going! It wasn't about what I wore! I wasn't going to be seen. I was going to worship Him and I would choose joy in this season! It's a privilege denied to many! I didn't want something like a size to ruin that for me! That was a huge thing for me! growing up till I had my first daughter. I had struggled with a eating disorder! Now to say it's just a tag is huge for someone who has gained quite a bit of weight due to my daily medicines! My Daddy reminded me, I am fearfully and wonderfully made in His image! He loved His creation, He was not taken back by a change in sizes! He loved me for me His daughter and He thinks I am beautiful even when I can not see it for myself! Choosing joy in a season of pain is not always as easy as it sounds! It has to be a choice we make when we open our eyes each and every morning! There are and will be days that make it harder to choose but again it is a choice! How we see thing and try to find the good even in the hard! A year or so back I spent 26 days in the hospital! Just to be told what we already knew! How ever I lost my mobility! I came home with a walker and needed a wheelchair if it was going to be a long distance walk to get there. I wasn't sure how I felt about either at first. I prayed and asked my Daddy to please not to let these things be permanent! I worked with kids and I didn't want them to be scared or worried! I already knew they were upset because I had to be out for being sick again. Instead of Him changing my situation He showed me ways to be my eccentric self with them and make them look less scary! So I wrapped feather boas around my walker and I painted the back of my wheelchair with polka dots and a flamingo. I painted I can do all things in Christ who strengthens me! I absolutely can do that and more when He is on my side and allow Him to lead each and everything I do! The kids I worked with loved it! It helped them to feel comfortable to ask questions! It have them hope that things would get better! They prayed for me all the time! It taught them what is was like to have faith and God's timing was not always ours! You learn who your true friends are as well when you have a life altering disease. It's hard for some to stick around when you can't no longer do a lot of the things you did before. God taught me through the heart breaking times of truth, that a true friend loves at all times! Not just when it's convenient for them. It's the ones who come set beside your bed and has tea with you and is okay to to just hang out and talk and is not affected by the fact if you go to the American Girl store together we are going to need to take a wheelchair. Instead she makes you feel like you are still you even though you have really lost so much! That is when you are so very thankful for the true friends and not the fly by night friends! God will give you what you need trust Him in finding that for you! When you are faced with a unmovable mountain. There is really only two choices in our attitudes. We can choose joy, hope , bitterness, or anger! I choose joy and hope! I see things so much differently that I once in my life! Crazy thing is this is not my first devastating event in my life! However this has been the most life changing other than the day I gave my heart to Jesus! My home is much different now! My family has been just as affected as I have. They have chosen to be hopeful and joy filled through this season as well. Things will never be as they were before my fall! Because we have changed hearts. We see the beauty of a evening setting on our patio watching the rabbits and birds. Time setting around the dinner table laughing and enjoying each other company!We have found that the more we keep our hearts and eyes centered on Jesus a healing and changing takes place that is like no other. It's not a physical healing. Rather a healing of the heart. It renews our hope each and everyday for what stands before us!  

     I have been asked many times if I change any one thing or all of it. What would I change and why? My answer is always the same! I would not change nothing! I would rather have this life than the speed of lighting life I led before! I know that sounds insane. Yet my heart truly is filled with Thanksgiving of the littlest things to the major thing! Thing is I think I missed those things before because I was so busy doing. This new life of mine requires lots of slow days that require me to slow down and hold myself accountable for how I take on each new day! The waiting showed me beauty in the littlest things! Most of all I have the best relationship I have ever had with my heavenly Daddy and that is the most important thing ever!

  In closing this year has been one of our hardest. I have been in and out of the hospital. about two weeks ago I had to be taken because my breathing had gotten so bad I could hardly walk 10 steps and I would be out of breath so badly I was gasping for air. I and to admitted and again transferred to a larger hospital! Two echo's of my heart showed pericardial restriction. Another major heart surgery may be inevitable. This surgery was very risky and dangerous! The recovery time would be grueling. It's a rare surgery not performed unless it is a last resort! We reached out for people to pray! The response was overwhelming the people I didn't even know lifting me up in prayers!  I know that those prayers were heard because when the cardiac MRI was ran all they found was a pericardial effusion! You are talking about a thankful girl! I was beyond happy and blessed! My Daddy had touched my heart and taken that away! I can almost tell you when! Because the night before the echo I was awake and I had been praying and I felt something in the way my heart was being change! I never thought anything of it till now! I know that was my Daddy's touch! All though He said yes to that request! There was still a no coming. I still came home running unusually high fevers and oxygen. The answer was still clear no for now as I sat there as they explained everything to me I feel the tears well up in my eyes.I wasn't mad or hurt. I was thankful because it could have been so much worse! Now we start again with another new for our lives! When gathered around the table with our girls, for Thanksgiving. We all agreed all though 2020 has been different but we were blessed! We are still here to celebrate each other, Jesus's Grace was so undeniably good, our family grew by two my oldest and her husband won custody of our first grandson they had been fostering for a year and she gave birth to a beautiful new baby boy! Our youngest is healthy and incredibly talented in arts! We both still have our parents and many can not say that! We have so much to thank Him for there is no time to be anything but joyful and grateful!

     If you find yourself in waiting in the hallway needing a answer or even healing.

Praise Him in the hallway! Find joy in the process even on your hardest days! Because I promise you my friend someone is praying for what you have believe it or not! Don't let satan sneak in and tell you lies that make you bitter. 

    Someone is watching you I am sure of it! They are watching and listening to how you are handling what has been put in your path! What do they see? Can they see the beauty of Jesus in His child who no matter what wants others to see him through her. Or are they seeing the wordley outlook of anger and bitterness. My friend life is to short to spend your days like that! I again would not change a thing! I have learned to live intentionally! I don't need to have makeup on to go out or have guest. My house doesn't need to be cleaned to the point it looks like a museum. Make the memories and make them count. After all there is beauty in waiting when you allow God to be the center of it all!

 Just as we thought that we had found a place of waiting. The battle was just beginning! On December third our whole world would be turned upside down! 

             I was taken back to the hospital about two weeks after being home from being in the hospital for my heart. I have a rare virus for adults called CMV ! It wrecked my organs! Because I have Lupus and I take immune suppressant's it allowed the virus to attack most of my major organs! I was very sick and several times was very unsure if I was going to make it... My spleen is enlarged , my liver inflamed and enlarged, I have two spots on my lung, it caused ulcerative colitis and shredded my colen. I am still battling fevers and I can only eat soft foods meat is not an option right now! We were told I had a long recovery ahead of me and I believe that with everything in me! Again I am waiting and I chose to wait for Him with joy! Even though it means because I have no immune system right now I really have to close in my circle of people I can be around! Means those who live with me and Amber and her family. As hard as it is for me to tell my sweet Momma she can't come I know it is what I have to do! It is in those moments I am also thankful for FaceTime it may not be the same but at least I can see her when I talk to her or my friends as well!

Waiting can be hard 2020 has been hard! When I was in the hospital I could see how worn down tired and hungry my nurses were! The hospital was at capacity and was filled with Covid patients on every floor but one! All though they were bone tired! Hungry because they worked through lunch to see to that their patients needs were met! It was met with joy! They chose to be kind and happy when in all honesty if they weren't they had every right they were stretched to their limit! 

      Pray for our medical staff at the hospital! They  are caring for someone's loved one! Maybe it's your loved one! They go home every night praying they did not take anything home to their families! They are waiting as well for the cure or a vaccine something to make patients better so they can back home to their loved ones!  

   There can always be beauty found in waiting! Always when we choose to keep our eyes on Jesus and chose joy no matter how we feel or what we are facing! You will find gracelaced right in there to help you along! I pray Your 2021 is filled with blessings, love, and lots of  joy!

    Thank you for allowing me to share the                                      beauty in waiting!  

            ~Prayerfully Yours~ Shellie 


Monday, October 12, 2020

Are You Speaking Life Or Death


                   I have even thinking a lot about words lately.How they impact us not just in the moment. Also it's effects of them in the future. 

                    I believe we are very guilty of speaking our minds in the heat of the moment. We opened our mouth and spewed whatever we thought was right at the moment. Whether it was right or wrong. Said in love or anger. However no matter what those words settle in the heart to whomever they were shared with. They either caused a crater of hurt or stitched with love.

     I went to my Daddy about these things. I know His Word has some things to say about the tongue. 

        Proverbs 18:21 Tells us the power of life and death are in the tongue

Proverbs 10:32 tells us our lips know what is fitting.

The lips of the righteous know what is fitting, but the mouth of the wicked only what is perverse” 

Proverbs 10:31 tells us our lips can bring forth wisdom.

The mouth of the righteous brings forth wisdom, but a perverse tongue will be cut out” (verse 31).  

This is only a few scriptures on the tongue. However what power such a little part of my body has. It clearly teaches me that my words can bring much hurt or much good!  I took sometime to consider my words. Over time I grown leaps and bounds in the area. I can remember a time in my life I would just say what hit my mind not thinking what long term effects of my words would have on someone else! I now try with all my might to think before I speak words. Let me give you a illustration I have used many time in our children's ministries! 

   Our words are like toothpaste. Once I have squirted it out I am not put it back in the tube! Our words are the same! I can not take it back. They are out there good or bad.

      Our words have a negative and a positive effect on our lives. A good example of this, is if someone has always told you were fat and need to lose weight. No matter how small we become when we look in the mirror those words will always be there. Making us feel that I will never lose enough weight to be considered skinny. Now if you have been told you are beautiful over and over by those around you. When you look in the mirror you will be confident and not feel rejected but accepted. No matter what size you are! 

            Today though we live in a much different world than what I was raised with. Used to be if we wanted to get a mass message out with word good or bad in school. We would write a note and spread that not to everyone we possibly could. Now once that would be how a rumor  would begin and the social networking would begin! Eventually the rumor would make it to the person it was about! Good or bad those words just affected that person. Those words either spoke life or death! 

          Let's say the rumor was this .... I think Shellie's hair is a hot mess today! I don't know what ever made her think she should wear Minnie mouse buns at her age. She needs to dress and act like an adult not a child. 

     When I would hear that people thought of me, I would constantly think that no matter how I wore my hair or the clothes I decided to wear that day. I would think people were judging me and chances are I would never wear my hair that way again,

Now what it this was what was said... I love how Shellie is confident in herself. That she rocks her Minnie buns with her princess shirt and tutu!

  Now when I get dressed the next day and fix my hair. I am gonna feel confident in my appearance.

I am not going to be worried people are making fun of me for being me. 

    Today however things has changed so much! We now have cell phones we can text to send a message, we can email, and we have the mighty social media. Post pictures and give a sense of a perfect life. Or to used to make someone they are not good enough to have been included. These ways give us away to say things we want in a boldness. Often more times than not we are bold in a harsh way not in a way of speaking life. The screen gives us a sense of empowerment. We sometimes become a social bully. Sometimes we don't intend for that to happen it just does. We kinda feel like well if everyone else is giving their opinion theirs should be heard as well. Or instead of speaking like a sponge I absorbed your comments thinking they were meant for me!

 Please don't take me wrong it's okay to think for yourself and have a opinion. It does not mean I need to tell it outloud. The Bible says the power of life and death lies in our tongue.


      Before I speak or type anything I need ask myself a few things. Is it needed, is it kind, it hurtful or helpful. Here is a biggie! Would I say these things in person the same way? If the answer is no to any of these we should not say or type them. We shouldn't post things that makes others feel less than they are in their social group!

            We teach our children to be kind, not to be a bully,and to be the person God made them to be.Why are we not practicing those very things. In our world today there's so many things going on that spark the temptation to insert our opinion.

   We often put on a mask and become a totally different person than you portray in person. As if we have another personality. This person who becomes invincible online is the exact opposite in person when we are in a crowd of people. We are respectful and hold back our opinions. Most likely because someone you care about is right there with you, there is nothing worth saying to hurt the one I care about! Friend it's the same way when we are on social media. Those people we love and would never say anything to hurt them. Are right there on social media, hearing about a text or email. That just spoke death over them. This time of year for this year is and wonderful time to use politics for example! Everyone has an opinion! All of think that one or the other would be better to run out country than the other! Now using that as my example. At the end of the day God is gonna place the man he wants there in there. There is no reason for me to bash someone I love because they think the person opposite of them should be in office. Their choice should not make me spew comments, post, or gifs,that ever make them feel that I am speaking to them and making them feel like I do not love them. I am one way online and another in front of them. That is not what God intended for us!

    Guys social media can be used for so many wonderful ways of encouragement! It be used to speak life and wisdom. It should not be used to speak death. Something that my amazing husband has been teaching in his G.A.I.N.S Leaders course. Is that is we let negativity be absorbed it becomes an extension of who we are. We begin to compare and kill the things God has placed in you! We have let the power of the tongue steal the unique person God created you and I to be! 

Dolly Parton said it best when she said... "Find out who you are and do it on purpose." I want to add on and off the screen! 

Let's choose today to use our words to grow wisdom and love! Not negativity and hate.

 Think of the testimony's we would hear of God's Grace and love! If people knew they would be hated and killed with negativity because we may be uncomfortable. Our story is all different that is what makes us special!  

Ask yourself in closing are you proud of your on screen words?If not it's never too late change them!  If your being influenced by others maybe you need to make the decision to unfriend people who feed negativity. It's okay to do that you owe no one a explanation of why you are choosing to better you!

I know this may not be my most popular post! God laid this on my heart last Monday! It has taken me a week to get it typed out because I wanted to make sure I was not caught up in the negativity of the online world but rather sharing life and positivity! 

    I can't thank you enough for sharing a moment of your time with me today! I can not begin to explain how much that means to me!

                  Prayerfully Yours ~Shellie~



Monday, October 5, 2020

Good Morning World



                There I something very special about the quiet of the early morning hours. when the sun has yet to rise and all around you is still sleeping. The birds has not even woken with their songs of praise. 

I recently began what I like to call brain dumping before going to sleep at night. This is a type of journaling about my day without a structured writing. I began this to quiet my mind at night. When I was unable to sleep last night. I decided this morning it was time to get up and try to get a few things accomplished. Blogging was one of those things on that list. As I was in my kitchen pouring some Sprite to chase away the nausea. I was reminded of the proverbs 31 woman. The Bible spoke of her rising up early and cooking for her family... I pondered on this thought... Due to the fact that not everyone in my home likes to eat breakfast. I wonder though could that thought go a little further. Feeding can be more than physically feeding them as well! We need more than physical food to begin our day. We need to be spiritually fed as well. We should begin each day with Jesus. We should feed our family not just food but we should feed their hearts as well by planting spiritually as well. I know Mom I can hear the deep sigh of your heart as you read this and you think oh Shellie I can add not one more thing to my morning to do list before I send my family off for the day, or as you head to work, or perhaps you begin your homeschool day. As I pondered on this, I prayed and asked my Daddy what are some ways that any schedule can do this and get out the door with out feeling overwhelmed. One thing particular stuck out in my mind! 

     We all go out the same door! Whether you are headed to the car to head to work, out the school bus, or even just to take the dog out! 

       One of the easiest way to make sure scripture is one of the first things your loved ones reads! Place a index card with scripture on the door where they will see it Every time they open the door! You can change this daily or leave it up and change it weekly and challenge your family to memorize the verse by the end of the week! The change it every Saturday! You may think why not Sunday? Well.... Because Sunday is hard enough without adding one more thing! If you make it apart of your Saturday routine it will become apart of you Saturday flow! Pray about the scripture you post so you know if it is something that will also minister to our hearts and souls through the week! 

We can also play praise and worship music in our home as we your getting ready to start your day! Play it in your car set the mood for where ever your going! When we choose to start or day with our Daddy we can't go wrong. 

                Also when we start to train our children to do these things now! They will take these things into their adult life! Even if your kids are grown it's never to late to fill your heart with God's word or start your day off with Him! I can't imagine anyone else I want to invite to spend the day with me as Jesus!

            As it is really early in the morning for me and my lack of sleep is catching up already. I am gonna go get some coffee and turn some praise and worship music on Pandora and plug my ears up with my earbuds! Give Jesus the  most of my morning then go take a nap so I can conquer today!  Praying for you and your family this week! Stay safe and healthy my friends! 

               Prayerfully Yours ~Shellie~

Saturday, September 26, 2020

Chapter Forty- Four


       Forty-four! Wow how can that even be. Some days it seems like yesterday I got married. Started a family of my own. Here forty-four years has passed and I will be a grandma twice over by November. Some people dread the aging process and the growing old. I on the other hand embrace the years that I am allowed to have and cherish. I actually look forward to gray hair. It's a sign I have been here long enough for that change to be embraced! There has been multiple times in this girls life that I was very unsure I would see a Birthday again. The past four years has proven that more times than not. However their is nothing like the looking back process and seeing your Abba's hands scoop you up and carry you from one moment to the next. Reminding you the story isn't over. I have a story to tell and it won't be easy to share. I have made myself a promise it would be in book form before I am forty-five. You see I have always said all the hurt would be worth it if my story saves just one person from the horror I have encountered! It's time. Chapter thirty three has been a hard year for me. In more ways than one. Sometimes the battles we fight inside alone are far harder than the ones others can look on and see.

        As my Daddy veins chapter forty-four of my life today! I celebrate with joy and thanksgiving, There is not much I would change in my life at all and these past four years are one of them. I have grown closer to my Daddy and see Him work in miracles in more than one! He has sent us blessings we would never change! They have brought so much joy! 


                    So today as I celebrate turning 44 years old with my family! I will celebrate all the wonderful things to come and stories that will be told as we move to the next chapter before me!

     Thank you for stopping by! For sharing part of my day with me! I am honored you shared some of your precious time with me today! I am praying you have a wonderful week to come! 

                        Prayerfully Yours ~Shellie ~  

Thursday, September 17, 2020

It's Time To Save Our Children



This will not be a popularity blog. I am well prepared for it. I am a sexual abuse survivor. I was abused by someone who should have loved and protected me! Instead they stole my voice, my trust, and parts of my childhood! At times that person still steals sleep because he haunts me there. What is wrong with our country? Why are we standing back and not using our voices to protect what should be most precious to us, our children! It is time that we bring what was taught not to talk about to the table and give it voice. Sexual abuse or sexual exploitation of any kind to a child or a teen. We have to quit turning a blind eye. We have to have ears that listen and voices that speak out when we see something is seriously wrong! If we suspicion something is wrong we investigate and find out!

     Wake up Momma's we must protect our babies!My heart is disgusted when I turn on the t.v and little girls are dressed like little teenagers. Thing is it's not just on t.v it's in our homes. We buy the clothes because they want to fit in! Ladies we were not born to fit in we were born to stand out! That does not mean I have to be dressed sexy in order to do that! My heart is broken everything I see a little girl dressed like that when God knows as well as I do she should be dressed in some kind of Disney Princess shirt. Singing let it go to top of her lungs. Not worried about not looking cool or uncool because they play dolls! See though here is another problem little girls are not the only ones affected by this our little boys are as well and there is no excuse for it! They feel like they have to be buff and know about sex and joke about it because it makes him look cool. We tell our girls when someone grabs their behind or gropes them. Boys will be boys and make it sound like it is okay! No, there are two problems here! Boys should be taught that girls are to be held with the upmost respect and girls should be taught to do the same with boys.There are grave consequences for our actions if we force our self on someone of either sex. We should be teaching our girls to do the same! 

          I have seen on the news,instagram,and facebook. All about the child sex trafficking how hundreds of children are being rescued! I want to know why we are just now looking for the why I have we not heard of their missing reports? Why was it so easy for them to be obtained.My dad was who abused me, he was a man of many mask. He was mixed up in some pretty horrible things. During many talks about me being a bad girl he was gonna teach me how to be a Daddy's girl. He told me of how boys and girls were abducted every year especially around October. They would be kidnapped from the south and sent to the north, north to the south, east to the west, and west to the east. He reminded me more than once he could arrange for me to be one of those children. Out of fear I did not tell of my abuse till I was married.

I want to speak out now as we are being made aware of laws to be voted on for pedophilia to be made legal! For the legal age of consent to be 12yrs old! I want you to think about that 12! I am our children's church administrator at our church and the kids stay with me till they turn 13! I hear them talking and say boys are gross one Sunday and cute the next! I want to ask you Moms something do you want it to be okay for a 50 year old man to identify as a 12 year old and have sex with your daughter? Mom how about you would you like some 40 something woman to identify as 12 and have sex with your son? Because this a two street here this isn't just about girls being abused! It's boys and girls!

Our children are being groomed right up under our eyes and we are sleeping through it. Girls and boys are like twerking making sexually explicit dance videos on tic toc and all the while we think awe they are just having fun! How about the sex rooms on Roblox ? Guess what they are being approached by adults pretending to be kids! Asking for pictures of your child! Guess what they are sending them! Because that seems like new cool thing everyone is doing! So I should do it to! Momma's it's time you take the computer, phones, and tablets ask for passwords and invade your child's privacy! Because it may be the very thing that saves their life. Remember when I mentioned children being taken? Well I promise it's not to send them to loving people who care about them. No it is to people who use them in the sex trade they are auctioned off to the highest bidder. They are given drugs and they become addicts! When they are done with them they kill them and throw them out like this mornings trash.

  That is they are lucky enough to be stolen for that reason because there is a darker reason! Satanism is real and they kidnap for rituals they are raped and sacrificed and endure a grueling death all in the name of satan.

 It's time we take our children back! Teach them it's okay to be kids and play. It's okay not to want to date. Teach both to dress modestly. It's not okay for little girls and teenagers to be dressing sexy! Please reach them how to dress classy! 

    Teach your child it's not okay to keep a secret for an adult! If someone ask them to, they need to come straight to you and tell you the secret! Teach them it is safe for them to come tell you anything thing no matter how scary they will not get in trouble it is okay they are safe! As your child if someone has touched them! Teach them the areas no one should touch unless it is them or a Dr after a certain age. Teach them to clean themselves as quickly after potty training! Teach them they way someone should clean them and no other touches should be involved. I know some of this sounds extreme! Trust me it's not! It's time to save our children! To take our homes back! More times than not a child is abused by a family member or a family friend whom you trust. he abuser grooms your child to think it okay! It's not okay to take pictures of little kids being abused and posting it all over the internet as pornography! For people to watch and get pleasure from! It's not okay to let our kids to watch pornography boys and girls alike and say oh it's just a part of growing up everyone does it! Is that how you want them to think they should have sex with their spouses when they get married? Lord I hope not! Maybe I am to much of

 a romantic....

      Sexual abuse and sexual exploitation have serious repercussions!  The damage is often so bad that it leads to suicide. Because they think they did something wrong for Uncle so and so to touch them that way or Aunt Sally to come on to you teenage boy and touch him and make him think of her in ways he knows he shouldn't so he isn't sure why he's so messed up! Or a Daddy who should be your hero steals everything beautiful from you! This abuse leaves deep scars that are often hard to heal. You don't truly understand till you have held that abuse victim when they wake up screaming in the middle of the night because they are reliving it in their sleep, or the smell of someone in the store caused them to have a flashback of the man who tried to grab them and they no longer feel safe, or how about when she marries the man of her dreams and he goes to make love to her the way God intended him to love his wife and she cowers away and cries and can not even be touched. When your son can not stand to look at himself in the mirror because he thinks something wrong with him for male family friend to think it was okay to touch him and now he's confused! 

     Momma's I want you to know I write this out of love, concern, and personal experience. We have the power to protect our homes! TO PROTECT   OUR CHILDREN! They are gifts not sexual toys. Anyone who can look at a four year old and become aroused is beyond sick!    

We can turn this around and save them!

Have all social media passwords! Look through their phones. If they don't have teen in their age the don't need a phone. Supervise internet and game use. 

Know who they are spending time with. Ask questions about what they did. If your child is uncomfortable sound someone there is a reason! ASK! You are not going to know most likely if you don't. remind them they are safe and will be safe if they tell! 

Dress our kids as kids, teach them to act their age! Encourage them to play and watch shows that encourage imagination and for them to act their age. Don't let them watch something just because Suzie's Momma let's her. Teach them the same rules apply a even if they are at a friend's house. Have consequences for breaking rules. After all we are their parents we are suppose to keep them safe. If you don't like someone they are playing with because of their behaviour. Don't let them hang out. It's okay to set boundaries for or kids and make them stay with in them. I work with kids and can not believe what they tell me they hear at school about sex. Teach your child that sex is meant for adults who are married. If they are teens it's time for hard conversations like are you ready to become a parent! Because it only takes one time! After all that is how God intended for sex to be between husband and wife! Teach them it's okay for them to ask you questions about sex. It should be you they come to.

Make it clear no one should touch them where their bathing suit covers. teach good touch base touch. As soon as they are sold enough to understand!

After all they want to pass a law where they want the age of consent to be four years old! Can you imagine what this would do to a four year old physically and mentally?

If your a survivor speak out! It's time we come out of the shadows and tell our stories so it's not taboo! When we speak out we make it feel safer for them to come forward! When they feel safer we can put a stop to the abuse! We make it clear under no circumstances are our children for sale,they are not sex toys for your sick pleasure, and we do not want laws that say this is okay instead we want laws that take your life for stealing thiers!

Please pray for the safety of our children! Let's come together and be bold and strong and say no more sex trade, not more sexual exploitation for child porn or grooming, no more sexualizing children in movies acting like adults, no more hiding the abuser in our families or close friend circles! 

The Bible clearly says that is better for you to fasten a milestone about your neck and drown than to hurt one of His little children! 

Matthew 18:6

Thank you for stopping by and letting me share my heart. Which was really not easy to do! It is however time to come out of the dark as shine light into the dark places to ensure no one else has to go through what I have! 



                           Prayerfully Yours,