Sunday, July 4, 2021

Take Time To Celebrate


Celebrating everyday miracles may sound a little odd!Yet after the week I have had I believe it is necessary!

I am guilty of taking things for granted over the years....

I don't want would be that girl ever again! I want to be engaged and plugged into the life around me! The smiles on my sweet families faces, the sound of their voice and giggles, being tucked in by Jody every night, Spending time with my kids and my sweet grandboys! The sound of my Mom and Poppi's voices! The phone call from you bestie or the text, the new friends I have made and love talking too! Sweet snuggles with my reborn baby. This list could go on forever! 

It's so easy to get discouraged when life throws another lemon! Sometimes we don't feel like making lemonade. Sometimes we just want to suck on it and be a sour puss. 

I don't want to be the source puss waiting for the next negative thing to come along, Instead I want to make lemonade and find the beauty in what I have.The Bible teaches us to do this very thing actually in 

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus.

Having a chronic illness like lupus can be hard. You never know what is going to strike next. However if I will focus not the everyday miracles of not being confined to a wheelchair or I can breathe even if I need oxygen, I can still walk and bathe myself. 

I have came along ways and these everyday miracles should be celebrated!

So how should we celebrate?

Maybe you reached a goal you set for yourself and there is a dresses or shirt you have been eyeballing. If you can treat yourself to it! What if you are like me and can't even can't go anywhere! You still should get and wear it ! Don't wait till the time you can go out to look cute ! Actually I just learned for girls like me it is good for me to get up and get out of your pajamas, to fix my hair, and wear makeup even! Because it gives your mind a whole new feeling and way of conceiving the day! Don't mean your feeling good at all! It means your willing to still take care of you! 

You can celebrate maybe by inviting a friend over for coffee or tea!

Sometimes just being able to have special time with a friend is such a uplifting feeling! Those moments are so important to relish in sharing those things God has done for  you! Sharing your victories and celebrating with someone you love is not only an amazing way to share God's goodness but also way for your friend to share with you too!

Surprise the love of your life with their favorite meal and down time just with them! Watching something they would like! Because celebrating that special person in your life is so important to thank them for cheering you on!If your king is like mine you have a keeper for sure! Because that part of our wedding vows that said for in sickness and health! He is by my side for both! Encouraging me! Holding my hand and reminding me he is there for me! 
I want to celebrate that everyday! 
Maybe you want to celebrate someone you have noticed may need to feel special! Like my girls for example! I sometimes feel like they have carried me through some very hard times and they had to carry the what ifs! Maybe plan a Mom and Daughter day! I can't be out and about but I still know their favorite snack and I know their  favorite movies! Maybe surprise them with a gift certificate to their favorite coffee shop!Maybe plan some time with just them! 
Or maybe bake some cookies and get a pretty card to go with them and ask your hubby to deliver them for you! Write a letter or send a card in the mail. All these little things turn into big celebrations!

Make each day a day that you make memories! Don't wait till you feel better or something is different. Celebrate the day you celebrate by beginning to be thankful and grateful for the day that days before you! Because it can all change in a blink of a eye! 

For example if your hair is falling out! Cut it off in a cut pixie cut and see what happens! There are tons of cute hats and hair raps!

Don't let that be the thing that keeps you from celebrating instead let it be the thing that helps you to celebrate the beauty of the good around you!

 Celebrate the bad days as well! They don't last forever! Yet these down days help to grow us and teach us to slow down and let God do the healing He will do. Take this time to treat you to a new book or watch a movie you haven't taken time to watch, plan something special for the feel better days to come!

No matter if it's a celebration day or a take care of you day! I pray each day allows me to walk in Footsteps of Grace!

Thank you for stopping by and sharing apart of your day with me! Time is precious I know! I am praying each of you have a beautiful week and celebrate something new each day! 

Prayerfully Yours ~Shellie~ 

Friday, June 25, 2021

In Waiting Once Agajn


I am so sorry for my absence! June has totally flown by and almost gone! It seems so hard to believe we are already half way through 2021.

Time has a way of reminding us how fast things truly are passing by.

Often times when find ourselves in the waiting room.

Time kind feels like it is standing still!

I feel like that is where I am! In the waiting room again and time is standing still as I await more answers.

Unable to sleep but yet feel like a sloth on benadryl who  got stuck on a never ending treadmill.

In the reality of it, time is still passing by even if I feel it stopped!

After we went on vacation to Williamsburg, we were home about a good week and I went into a nasty lupus flare.

I was feeling some better I was enjoying the freedom of being able to get out some! I had some visitors which was a dream come true! Almost a year of not being able to see people was hard. Even though it was necessary, it was really hard. Memorial Day weekend I started to feel like something was off. I just couldn't put my finger on it.

I began running super high fevers and spent several days in the bed because I felt to bad to even get up and move around. The following Tuesday I called and made a doctor's appointment.

Something was off and I didn't feel well at all I wasn't even sure how to explain how I felt. I just felt really bad.

I really do have an amazing team of doctors I work with. Because they all will tell you, I do not do anything like the textbook says and I can look like a picture of health and be almost sepsis!

This visit was kinda like that  I looked pretty good in appearance. We were just pretty sure I was in a bad lupus flare. Nothing a good ole large dose of steroids can't fix with a whole lot of talking to Jesus! 

Before we left his office he asked could he draw some blood work!  I was like sure! I really don't expect anything out the norm for me! My c.m.v viral load has been negative since March. so I felt for sure things were looking good. That my inflammatory markers were probably active.

Nope it just refused to be that easy! 

I found myself faced with the answers and thrown into waiting.

My white blood count was dangerously low. The medicine I took for the cmv was the source of the problem. There was no easy fix except stop the medicine and pray the body responds and begins making them again.

New blood draws every week because without the medicine the cmv can return and make me very very sick again... We are going to stop right here though and thank Jesus that's not going to be a worry! We are gonna praise Him in the hallway! 

As we are praising Jesus because we know He has this no matter what! I have to return to quarantine my new found freedoms had been taken away again. My heart shattered when I realized I was not going to return to in house church services! I have missed being with our church family.As I wrestled with some of this in my head trying to figure it out and remind myself this only temporary .

My mind went back to the story in the Bible about the women with the issue of blood, Her story was mentioned in 3 of the gospels Matthew, Mark, and Luke. To me that makes might heart believe that there is a hidden gem in her story God did not want His children to miss! 

So I had to revisit the account, was there something I had missed?

This poor woman had bled non stop with her period for 12 years. During a woman's monthly cycle she was considered unclean. She couldn't go to the temple to worship, Anything she sat on or laid on was considered unclean. You could not physically touch her either. For yourself would be considered unclean. She spent all of her savings on doctors trying to find a cure. No matter how many times she went or how much money she spent. The answer remained the same. Made worse by their attempts but nothing stopped the blood!Nothing went unchanged and she was this way for 12 years! Can you imagine how lonely she must have felt? How the female issue she had made her feel!?!

I can almost imagine the perfect scene in my head when she heard Jesus was coming to town and she absolutely had to find a way to touch him! Because she knew He was her only hope! Her faith was in Jesus and she knew if anyone could make her whole again it would be Him. You know she had to be kinda sneaky about how she went about this because all the town's people had to have known of her affliction!

There was no way they were going to just let her approach Jesus.They could easily turn on her if they even realized as she sneakingly pushed her way through the crowd. When she got just close enough to reach out and touch the hem of His garment. She felt the healing surge through her body! I truly believe she  probably didn't even look the same when she was healed! You have to imagine how anemic she had to be. Imagine she was like me chronically fatigued. I almost bet she was hunched over from all the pain she had suffered for 12 long years.

In waiting! Waiting for answers healing. She just wanted to be apart of the life she seen around her.

For the very one she believed if she would just touch the 

Hem of His Garment !

She believed that's all it would take!

That one touch would bring healing and she could be apart of the world around her again.

So she made her way through the crowd and touched Jesus in the only place she thought would be safe! The hem of His garment! 

Jesus immediately felt the power go out from Him. This was different from the bumping of people up against Him as they followed Him and the crowd grew. He knew this touch was a touch of faith. When He asked she didn't hesitate to tell Him it was her! She told Jesus why she touched the hem of His garment!

He told her faith made her whole! 

She had been in waiting! Her faith never waivered all through the years she held out hope!

I have found myself waiting again.... Trying to understand His plan and not mine. I watch life around me go on unaffected. That's not completely true because of the illness I am affected.

I am waiting for healing as I am aware without the touch from heaven the answer will be no! I can't give up on hope that He may very well reach down from heaven and take every part of these illnesses away!

But I refuse to allow myself to have a pitti party or to stop Praising Jesus even in the midst of the storm.

Because waiting can also cause you to find your purpose, you can find your true joy, and it can help you to not take those simple moments like going to Walmart for granted!

It's easy to focus on the loss when we are in waiting because waiting can often lead to discontentment. Don't let that be what fills your heart while waiting. A life filled with joy and Thanksgiving will be so much more full filling than a bitter and angry heart.

He hasn't forgotten me I know! I trust Him even if the answer is no. He has a purpose and a plan! Last November when I was in the hospital. One of my nurses told me often our pain is not for us but for someone else. 
I am not sure why I am here again. He knows though. I trust Him with every ounce I have in me!
I have learned that there can be purpose even if you have a chronic illness.
He can use right where we are. All we have to do is have faith knowing His silence isn't  always no. It may be the teacher is giving His student a test of faith.
Never think He is just not healing or answering because He is a tyrant. Because my heavenly Daddy is gentle and loving even we has had to discipline me.He has always did it with great love and grace.
So if your like me and you are in waiting! Share with me what your in waiting for so I pray for you! It would be my pleasure to lift you up as I wait and praise Him in the hallway for all I am believing in Him for what I need!
Sometimes life can be a little scary! When your white blood count is dangerously low, your bone marrow is presenting borderline abnormal, your cmv levels are on the rise.
While we wait I want to humbly walk in the Footsteps of Grace
like my heavenly Daddy has taught me to walk in.
I hope you will join me as we thank and praise Him in the hallway I will meet you there!




Thursday, May 27, 2021

Showing Love


I received a private message the other day, about a lupus post I shared.

As I read it my heart broke my heart because I have been that same girl.

The girl who let guilt of peoples opinion who didn't understand that just because I looked good on the outside. The inside was absolutely is at war with itself and you feel like your at death's door. It took everything I had to get dressed to set on a pew! 
Yet there I set trying to smile and pretend it's okay when all I want to do is curl up in fetal position and cry.

Your trying be all the things everyone wants you to do. Then after you do what your expected you go home and you crash and your body has been pushed passed the point of no return! 

You eat lunch and lay down and take a nap! When you wake up and you can barely move!  
You realize your about to let a lot of people down because you can't push anymore. Because of lack of knowledge the whispers begin and the invites stop coming.

Worst of all the frustration because so much more is expected than you can give! 

There is so much more you want to do!
My whole adult life I feel like we would get one thing fixed in my body then another would fall apart. One thing may go smooth but the next would be life altering.

When my husband surrendered his call to the ministry! I devoted my life to that very same calling because I want  to be apart of all does and serve my Daddy in any way possible! Pastor's families have to wear lots of hats.

We all have our favorite hat and I was thrilled when I realized my calling was to work with kids!

I have loved doing children's church and A life of Faith Girls Club with the girls for many years now! 

After my gallbladder gone wrong surgery! I just never felt the same! I made myself feel well enough to be apart of things and pushed. Also I remember the whispering when I couldn't be there for a church event. Few days later I may have went and did something with my kids and their friends. What most did not realize that each time I pushed to even get up and get dressed there was a huge price to pay.

My heart paid the biggest though! Because when people talked about how I wasn't there and made remarks about me being able to do something for my kids. It broke my heart because what I really needed was for someone to come up beside me and ask is there something that they could do to help. Could they pray for me. Instead of talking about me call and check on me.

Because a nap or sleeping in longer is never going to make me feel better. It doesn't work that way!

I can even remember a time when my husband had a hard time understanding the fatigue this was an adjustment for him to! Because He went from a wife that could go go go to a wife who was like a sloth on benadryl.

Many times I missed revival services, special services, important family events, things to do with friends. The list went on and on. It was hard to understand because he would soon take on not just what he was responsible for but most of my responsibilities as well!

Five years ago after my knee surgery went wrong we would learn all along Lupus was apart of what was wrong. Lupus is like being allergic to yourself. When I get sick instead of my body attacking the germ. It instead attacks me and my vital organs! That can lead to life altering consequences.

It caused everyday fatigue that alters the things I care about. I never feel just 100% well. There are days that are better than others and days that are way way worse.

When Lupus attacked my heart and lungs it caused life altering things that you don't expect at 40... 

You don't expect 2 major heart surgeries or a major lung surgery.

22 pills a day to keep your body going. Physical changes that you can't control. Weight gain and hair falling out. Your new favorite clothing is you pajamas! It absolutely takes every ounce of energy we have just to be to take a shower! Who knew  how such a ordinary everyday task would take all your energy and you feel like you need to climb into bed and sleep! Even if you just got up!

It is known to attack the heart, lung, kidneys, brain, vascular system, skin, and nerves. It can lead to permanent damage. Also lots of down time and missing out on things we love!

I don't write this blog for anyone to feel bad for me at all! Because I would like to say this. I have an amazing wonderful husband and kids who now understands! Support me, help me, and love me more than I will probably ever know!

But I know it because they show it everyday! Not just with words but actions as well!

A church family and friends who love me and support me! I know there are others out there who don't have that same support! The reason why they don't is because their loved ones don't understand.

Without knowledge you can't support someone who is living with a chronic illness that does not have a cure...

Google it and learn about it! Lupus is not the only autoimmune disease out there! There is a lot so if you has one show them you love and care. By learning about how you can support them emotionally and physically.

If your a friend and they are not able to do the things that they once did or they are missing out on things they love! Call them and check in on them. Ask is there anything you can do to help! 

Offer to just come hang out and do nothing with her!

Don't talk about her! I don't really care what position she serves in what she does for a living! 

She is is scared I assure you! She needs a friend! She needs her family to understand that all those things she wants to do and did she misses those things! 

But she isn't making excuses she really is physically not able. She is pain and tries not to show it! Yet she knows if she keeps pushing her body and flare will put her down! She never knows how long it will keep her down when it hits!

She may not be able to do any of those things anymore! She may have to give up things she loves doing ! It doesn't mean she don't want to know she is loved. Find other ways to do things and make her feel included! Don't make her feel like she is a bad person if she has to cancel plans. Try to understand for her to make the call to cancel something broke her heart, She probably cried in the shower about it. Still when she talks to you she will sound bubbly and a smile on her face because those are things she can still do. Because she knows someone else is out there praying for the quality of life she has.

May is Lupus Awareness Month!
I promised myself that I would raise as much awareness as I could this month! As may comes to an end I wanted to make sure I raised awareness about being there for the person you love who is going through this  journey everyday!

Help me raise awareness!

Please share this! Not to grow my blog but to grow awareness!

1 Peter 5:7

Says: Cast your all your anxiety on Him! Because He cares for you!

If Jesus cares and thinks it's important. I want to make it important too!

I have friends who have autoimmune issues and I want to make a point to check in on them and let them know they are loved!

Thank You for stopping by and sharing some of your time with me today! 

I pray that this helps all of us too walk in Footsteps of Grace and Love.

Praying you have a wonderful weekend ahead!

Prayerfully Yours 


Wednesday, May 12, 2021

A Tea Party To Remember

 I absolutely love hosting tea parties! 

There is something about preparing the food and getting out my favorite tea cups and mix matched china! 

Dressing up in beautiful dresses and hats!

When we chose our vacation in Historical Colonial Williamsburg. I just knew we had to attend tea in the historical area!

So I began my hunt for the perfect place to attend! 

I came across a beautiful gem when I found Historic Peace Hill Farm!

I remember looking over the website and thinking this is the perfect place for us to visit!

There is something so fun about getting up and being the one who got to dress up and just attend!
I am normally the one who is putting it together! So I miss the simplicity of just being able to attend!

So the excitement of telling the girls we would be attending tea on vacation took a whole new excitement!

Because now we needed the perfect dress to wear and make sure we chose the perfect hairstyle and accessories and especially a beautiful hat!

We chose Historic Peace Hill Farm which is also Bed and Breakfast.

This gem is around 30 miles from Williamsburg in the town of Charles city. Nestled in a beautiful country backdrop!

From the moment you pull in the drive

way there it has such a presence as if your being taken back into the past. 

This century old farm house or I should say plantation

 home. I had learned from visiting plantation homes here in North Carolina they are not in the hub of the city, They are out in the country so they can farm. This beautiful property is still a working family farm that is very self sufficient!

We not only had the pleasure of having tea! We also had the pleasure of taking a tour of this stunning property!

We were greeted by our hostess! A wonderfully sweet lady for Bath England! Her accent was absolutely beautiful! I could have listened to her talk for hours! We all 3 chose pretty flowery spring dresses that all looked like the fabrics would have made beautiful day dresses. I wore A pink silk that I had purchased a few years ago in Tennessee. It is one of my favorite hats and I love any occasion I find to wear it! She had the table set so beautifully! It was simple yet elegant! I had to excuse myself to go to the ladies room. While I was away she shared with the girls that she had fixed us a traditional English tea just like they serve in England! That absolutely made all of our days! 

The details of this room was so so simple but beautiful!It reminded me of the home of Martha Finelly's Millie Keith's home she described in her books. We soaked in the Elegance and the things that looked as if they were meant to be in the room just for me! like the antique sewing machine.

Our first course for tea was a mushroom soup! I know you may be thinking how gross. Christian is a very pickey eater , and she loved it.

I had such a warm earthy taste about it! It was served in such small delicate little bowls.

Their sweet smiles says it all! I knew I had made the right choice booking tea! I loved Every time they ohhed and awed over the history of our country!

I made my heart so very happy! Louise checked in on us periodically and when we had finished our soup she cleared the bowls away. She had asked for our tea selections  for tea while we were eating our soup. She had a wonderful variety! The girls chose a coconut tea and I chose a early grey with a hint of vanilla. Both served in beautiful teapots.


Louise brought out a beautiful 3 tiered cake platter filled with most amazing tea sandwiches. There was amazing  egg salad, chicken salad, cucumber with butter and cream cheese, miniature biscuits with butter and thin slices of ham! Those biscuits were a family recipe and were to die for! Second tier had the most delicious strawberry scones with cool whip and strawberry jam, very cherry bread, and the third tier had the most delicious light sugar cookies.

Most of the ingredients were from the farm and you could tell by the freshness of the food!

We had such a lovely time! I would love to return and stay at the bed and breakfast sometime. There was the cutest little setting room across the hall from where we were! There was nothing about this beautiful home that I didn't fall in love with! 
Tea is one of my favorite pleasures to do! I am so grateful God allowed me to find the diamond!

 After we enjoyed all the amazing food and tea. We ventured through the farm and seen all the animals! We could get closer to some than others! 
The all stole my heart! Especially the newborn lamb. They must have just been born this spring they were so tiny! Also though I can not remember their breed I do remember George Washington raised the very same breed! 

I have never seen curly hair pigs before! However they they are the cutest biggest I have ever seen!

my sweet grandson really loved the video his Pappa JoJo sent him! 

I am pretty sure this was a miniature moo cow! She was the sweetest thing!

They also had goats, rams, horses, ducks,and chickens! Beautiful gardens and family home on the ground!
There was also a cute pond with a bridge that would have made beautiful pictures of we weren't so tired from the day before lol! We were worn out! It didn't keep us for falling love with the beautiful history and hospitality of Historic Peace Hill Farm!

I had the best chauffeur ever to get to all the wonderful places went! Made our trip possible! 

This very handsome man would be my amazing! He was so patient while we enjoyed tea! 

I am so thankful he loves me so and helps me to walk in Footsteps of Grace!

Thank you for allowing me to share our journey with you! 

Prayerfully Yours 


If you are ever in the area here is howto contact the farm! Did I mention it's also a bed and breakfast  ladies!

Historic Peace Hill Farm

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

A Vacation To Remember


Our family just returned from vacation. I can not tell you how amazing it felt to get out and do something after being inside for almost a full year! With the exception of hospital and doctor visits.

When we decided to go somewhere we wanted to make sure we chose are location that most everything could be done outside! 

So I chose Colonial Williamsburg!

I have wanted to visit for such a long time! It was even a destination that has been on a living life list!

I am going to say something that may shock some of you who know me well! That know just how much I love Disney. 

This was by far my most favorite vacation I have taken!

My amazing husband made sure before we even ever left to go on vacation to get things that would help make traveling easier for me! Since the first surgery that caused the aspiration I am unable to sleep flat. I sleep in a elevated bed, almost in a setting straight up position. So he researched on Amazon and found me the most amazing wedge system to take with me! They can be put into vacuumed sealed bags for storage and easy travel!

These wedges allowed me to be able to sleep in the bed with my hubby while we were there and not in a chair! Which is what normally ends up being my bed! They are memory foam but not hot at all they are covered with a bamboo fabric which keeps you cool! 

They are super comfy and I slept well using them!  

here is a picture of them! 

If your interested in a set for yourself check them out by following the link below.

lunix Lx5 Orthopedic Bed Wedge Pillow

One other thing he purchased me was a portable oxygen machine! It's hard to be independent and to be able to get out and do things when you are tethered to a oxygen concentrator or a heavy tank, The Inogen Oxygen machine is only about 5lbs. I can carry it on my shoulder or even place it in another bag to be carried with your purse. Having lupus changed our whole life! It changed how we do everything and how I have to live life! This little machine requires a prescription but was so worth it! 

If you would like to check it out here is the link for it as well!I am not getting paid to share this info! I just love sharing great finds that may help others as well!

inogen portable oxogen

 We booked our stay at the Wyndham Kingsgate Resort. The resort was nothing short of amazing! Our Villa was spacious and very clean! Very well laid out and most importantly handicap accessible. Which was very important for me and to make it easy on my family!

The resort itself would be a wonderful place to stay for a staycation! It offord swimming both indoor and outdoor pools. That you were asked to make reservations so there would be no more than 50 people in the pool area area at a time. 

I was so impressed both the indoor and outdoor pools had handicap lifts so someone who is confined to a wheelchair all the time could enjoy the pool as well! 

That for me was awesome! 

They also offered put put on grounds for free it was 18 holes and  a lot of fun! We played a round our last evening there!

They had other cool outdoor activities for families to engage in. A huge outdoor chess board and checkers board! I am considering doing a checkerboard on our patio! 

They also had the coolest outdoor connect four games! I loved them they were super cool! My children's church would love a few of those bad boys! 

they also had corn hole and table tennis! 

They have a game room on-site along with a theater but due to Covid they were unable to be open! 

There were ponds with fountains and swings to set on and just relax and watch the water! A beautiful Gazebo you could enjoy setting to just watch nature or do like my daughter and her bestie and have breakfast and devotion time there!

 We had dear grazing right outside our Villa the very first night!  Like I said This place was amazing and you could have an amazing staycation just by staying here!

They even have their own cafe! It was also closed due to Covid at the moment. I am sure as things begin to open more it will reopen as well. As well a on sight gym and Sauna.

If you are looking for a wonderful place to stay in Williamsburg I would so check this place out! We got an amazing rate for it on vrbo!

Here is the link to check this amazing resort out!

Wyndham Kingsgate

Another amazing thing about this resort it was literally just minutes away from Colonial Williamsburg!

Also really good places to eat and a grocery store close by! If you would happen to go to Williamsburg check out the Fat Tuna! There good was amazing! I got a oyster po boy and it was amazing! You could tell the oysters were fresh!Oh yeah their key lime pie was to die for!

Here is there website so you can check their menu out!

Fat Tuna

Now let me tell you about Colonial Williamsburg! If you have never been before be sure to get multiple day tickets. There is so much to see you don't want to rush  any of it! So make plans to at least spend two days there! We did not do Jamestown and Yorktown this visit due to the fact I really do not think I would have been able to without wearing my body straight into a flare.

There is something enchanting about how it feels as you walk or in my case ride in a wheelchair to the entrance of Colonial Williamsburg! 

The thoughts of the feet of this who had walked the very same land you were on. That paved the way to the America we live in today, I had to ask myself would they be proud of what we have became today?

The Walk up to the entrance was beautiful! We passed under a brick tunnel that had a beautiful little creek that ran beside it!

We were greeted by the sweetest lady dressed in her part who gave us some really good information we were going to soon learn first hand! Colonial Williamsburg is not very handicap accessible and really needs to work on it....

She told us we may want to rent and have a motorized scooter delivered to us on site! That  would have a hard time pushing my wheelchair in certain areas. But the motorized scooter would not have a problem getting around on the gravel paths!  Boy oh Boy she was right! Some one really should open a place in Market Square to rent them and bicycles! 
The girls were greeted by horses and fell in love before we had even started our first morning!
We arrived at the the palace gardens first and realized there was no way anyone could push me on the seashell paths so I used my wheelchair as a walker! My sweet hubby contacted the scooter place and with in a hour they had it ready for me!
The gardens were stunning they expanded over 10 acres! They were meant for lovers to explore and get lost in we were told!

We toured the castle courtyard while we waited to your the castle itself! The slave quarters, a well a salt house, water well, kitchen were part of the courtyard.The kitchen was completely functional as a matter of fact they were preparing meal then. They had foods that had made earlier on display so we could see what they would have eaten! It all looked amazing and yummy! I believe if Covid was not a problem you could probably gotten samples of the food!

Inside the palace was simply beautiful! It is so hard to imagine living amazing such beauty! The armory that hung on the walls should be enough to intimidate anyone who thought to provoke the crown!

The ballroom was my favorite of the palace I could almost feel the music in the air that would have played all through the the night. It was said a ball would have lasted till dawn.

I could almost feel the satins and silks as they rustled through the night dancing the night away!

Our next top was the George Wythe House! This home was quite stunning and there is another property in the town that is still in the family. they come and use it as a summer home if I remember correctly. George was a prominent attorney.  He also had a love for science! I loved his wife's summer bedroom! Her bed was absolutely stunning the fabrics were so decorative and detailed! She had a tea table in her room we were told she would have held tea there during the hot months!

The gardens to this home was stunning as well they talked about how the lady of the house would have had garden parties in them!

It truly felt like you stepped back into time while you were visiting Colonial Williamsburg!
This property also had it's slave quarters on the grounds. I want to make this very clear I in NO way would have ever supported slavery! NEVER! It is however apart of our history and I hope we learn from it and never ever think it is okay to own a human life! 
These were by far the best quarters I have ever had the experience to see. They lived in brick cottages not shacks! However there was still remained things that Disturbed my soul when my daughter instantly knew what it was for!

We finished our first day I search of the shops that sold the period clothing! The girls had fallen in love with the dresses the women wore! Wanted to see about trying to purchase one! So after we went on an adventure to find lunch that is a story for another day lol!
We went on our mission to go into the historical society and interacted with the shop owners. Oh my when we found the dress shop I was in absolute awe of what was in the window!

These dresses made of the finest silks and adorned with beautiful bowes and flowers!  We we were in heaven until we realized that the lowest cost on the dresses were around $450. Gulp right there! 
You better believe I left there telling myself I was going to be sewing my own lol!However the craftsmanship of these works of art were amazing!
We went on to visit the apothecary and the bakery and called it a day. 
The girls really wanted a cute looking dress that could have the feel of a old timey pattern. so went on the hunt to find dresses and when they got the ones they adored! 
We had dinner and went to our home away from home!
Wear good shoes! This trip requires a lot of walking all though the girls wore good choices their feet was covered in blisters!
So for the next day they required lots and lots of bandaids!
The next day we picked up at armory we watched as they fired a musket and learned the importance of having the armory! 

Next we went to the courthouse and learned how thing worked during that time! It's still very much the same way today in alot of ways. Except the jury would have been placed in a room with no heat, nothing to eat or drink, and one chamber pot. So like we were told it didn't take long at all for them to come to decision!

Our next stop was the capital and I have to say this was all our favorite stops! The gentleman who gave our tour of the capital was outstanding which made it out favorite stop! The old saying is true that if you are doing what you love and created to do. It will truly show and it won't seem Like work at all! He made it all so fascinating I really wish he could have done all of our tours!

The last stop on our time in history was the art museum! To me it was fascinating but to the rest of the crew they probably skipped this part of our trip without any remorse, It certainly is one of those things it needs to be your cup of tea per say.
I got some really good pictures! My favorite parts were a display when we first arrived! 
a gentleman playing violin in a children's display of a doll house built in the 1700's it was amazing and beautiful it had been passed down for years till it was given to the Williamsburg Museum.
They also had an amazing tea display! I could have stayed in that museum all day honestly! 
there was a full size carousel on display! These items were one of a kind items! We also watched a archeologist  dig of the foundation of an old church. one of the archeologist told us they had actually found several graves. They were expecting to find one but was surprised by two others! It's fascinating to see where we came from. To experience the things that got us to where we are today! We have a choice to make we can repeat it or we can learn from it! It's my prayer that we learn and grow from it! As much as I am fascinated with certain time periods. Im most grateful to live in such a time as this! I would encourage anyone who has never visited Williamsburg Virginia before you should! 
Take time to learn where we came from and why! I promise you will never look at history the same!
I know this was a long blog post! Thank you for listening to my rambles about a trip that truly has been my absolute favorite start to finish! 
 As I leave you! I hope you know I am praying for you and always walking in Footsteps of Grace!
Prayerfully Yours 
Here is the link to purchase tickets to Colonial Williamsburg I  promise you won't be sorry!
One more thing before I go! The only thing I didn't get to do is take carriage ride! They looked so amazing riding up and down the streets! So if you plan to go buy your tickets ahead of time!
Here are some of the pictures from the art museum I hope you enjoy them!