Monday, February 14, 2022

Happy Home Maker Monday February 14, 2022

                   It has certainly been some time since I have participated in Happy Home Maker  Monday! I am so glad I came back across this linky party! I used to participate all the time, When I got so sick with my lupus a while ago I kinda really got away from writing like I did once. However, things haven't changed much except for my mindset on doing things I love to do again. Writing is such a big part of the creativity God has blessed me with! So let's get started I cant wait to visit everyone else's again! Also if you would like to join in just click the link below:
                          Happy Homemaker Monday

The Weather

North Carolina's weather is on a teeter tottor of seasons. Its unsure wether it wants to be winter or spring. I am longing for spring days of being outside enjoying the new life spring brings! 

Monday 50-26 

Tuesday 60-34

Wednesday 66-51

Thursday 71-55 w/ 75% chance of rain

Friday 63 w/ 70% chance of rain

Saturday 55-33

Sunday 55-33

How I Am Feeling

I have had a hard week. Sle lupus is not for the faint of heart that's for sure. The fatigue is the worst of all. It makes doing anything hard, yet I always find a way to push through it.

Even if it makes a flare last longer. There has to be more than setting on the chase waiting for covid to ever be under control.

I want to experience adventure.... Not watch the cars pass as they go by....

Please pray for me if you will my ulcerative collitis has began to rear its ugly head again.

What's On The Breakfast Plate 

This morning I ate a 1/4 cup of plain grits to see how my tummy would react and well it wasnt happy at all!

On The Reading Pile

I just finished reading Redeeming Love for about the third time. Every time I read the book, it touches my heart even more! I also ordered the Redeeming love devotion and it is among the very best devotionals I have ever done. I most likely will do it again when I finish it.

On My TV

 I started the white queen on starz. I really like so far it kind of gives off that reign feel.

My husband I both are watching the spanish princess!

Does anyone have some good recommendations I would love to hear them!

On The Menu This Week

I have started to see a functional medical Doctor, along with the ones I have. He changed my diet last week! So I will bo a detox for the next 28 days.

Here is how it should go!


Breakfast: berry, spinach, protein smoothie. With a banana and lady grey tea with vanilla almond creamer to follow.

Lunch: brown rice with cilantro, pico, and canned tuna

Dinner: It is Valentine's day so I am not sure. We probably order out.


Breakfast: berry, spinach, protein smoothie. With an apple and lady grey tea with vanilla almond creamer to follow.

Lunch: Lentil soup and a tangerine 

Dinner: Seasoned Salmon on a bed of garlic and herb rice and broccoli.


Breakfast: berry, spinach, protein smoothie. With a rice cake and sun butter and lady grey tea with vanilla almond creamer to follow.

Lunch: strawberry salad with lemon juice spritz for dressing.

Dinner: Taco Salad with no dairy 


Breakfast: berry, spinach, protein smoothie. With a pear and lady grey tea with vanilla almond creamer to follow.


Fruit Salad rice cake and sun butter


Black bean salad


Breakfast: berry, spinach, protein smoothie. With strawberries with almond slivers and lady grey tea with vanilla almond creamer to follow.


Guacamole and bean chips/fresh pineapple


Black bean burgers on brown rice tortilla wraps and sweet potato chips.


Breakfast: berry, spinach, protein smoothie. With peaches and lady grey tea with vanilla almond creamer to follow.


Arugula and Green Cabbage Salad 


Tuna steak, brown rice, and salad

From The Camera

This picture is from the theatres when I took my Mom to see Redeeming love last week! It was an amazing movie! I am so happy I had gotten to go with her! Now that it is streaming I am excited to have my sister over to watch it with me! Since she was sick with covid and wasn't able to go with us as planned!
I have to share to just can't help it because this news is the best news ever!

Looking Around The House

The house is pretty tidy. If it needs anything at all maybe the Swiffer ran over the hardwood floors. It's pretty amazing how much easier it is to keep the house clean with grown kids. However, I love it, even more, when the grandboys visit and turn it upside down! 

To Do list

Monday: Devotion /journal


clean anything out of the fridge and pantry that don't aline with my detox diet

do evening journaling




watch grandbabies for Mom and Dad have a date night

do evening journaling




work on sewing projects

do evening journaling




clean house up

do evening journaling




work on some cricut projects

do evening journaling



just see what the day itself brings


I really pray I am able to attend in-service church. If I am unable to I will watch live stream

Normally we just chill on Sunday afternoons

From The Craft Basket

One of my goals this year was to spend more time in my craft room! To get to the point I could sell some of what I make. I have to share this shirt with you! I am so pleased with how the finished project turned out!

Today's Devotional

God's love is perfect, He purchased our freedom at no cost to me. I am so thankful that even though I can not comprehend how deep His love is for me. I am however overwhelmed He would. love someone like me who doesn't deserve it. However, I am so thankful I feel His love and presence each and every day like never before.

I believe this turned out to be the most perfect devotion for today!

Please keep me in your prayers. After several very difficult diagnoses over the past year. All of my doctors have come to the conclusion my biologic I take now Benlysta has stopped working. So they just came out with a new biologic for lupus patients in October! My rheumatologist is going to try to get my insurance to agree to pay for it! Please pray this goes through with no issues. This is a big need, this is the bridge between the pericardial stripping of the heart in the future. Or keeping my lupus controlled so there is no more constriction that restricts the heart to beat properly.

Thank you ahead of time for stopping by! I know your time is so very precious. I don't take that for granted! I am honored you chose to spend a little of your time with me! I pray that you have a beautifully blessed weekend! I pray that we both find ourselves walking in footsteps of grace this week! From my castle to your's Happy Valentines Day!

                                     Prayerfully Yours,


Your The Star February 14,2022

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Welcome to the second week of the February 2022 blog hop called "You're the Star"!
Before we continue onto the Linky party I wanted to share this post from my blog:

Even as a little girl I loved to create! Now that I am grown and have a castle of my own! I adore crafting and decorating it! I hope you follow along with me for fun things to make, recipes to make, and things to buy soon!
I hope you will follow along! I am so excited to be part of the team.
Join me this week as I make my first Cricut project:

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(These features were chosen from the January 2022 "You're the Star" blog hop)

DIY Valentine Wooden Heart Riser by Steph Creates

Valentine Decor

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Sunday, February 13, 2022

My Very First Cricut Project


My Very First Cricut Project

I want to start off by saying this first off! Oh, how I wish I would have bought my Cricut sooner.

I have fallen in love with it, it may be one of the most expensive hobbies I have picked over the years.

I have loved the challenge of learning it!. 

The first project I choose was to repurpose a t-shirt. I didn't mean for it to turn into the project it became. 

When I ordered the t-shirts when they arrived they were in the wrong size and I was too impatient to send them back so I decided to alter one.

So I chose to

open the sides slit the back and remove the sleeves. 

After that, I chose some pretty fabric and an SVG file pattern.

So I went down the rabbit hole oh my goodness there are so so many of them. All though I knew I wanted to a Disney Iron-on. I spent two days looking for the one. I choose the iron-on.

I choose this fabric

as you can see I just love princesses! 

This is the SVG file I choose as well!

as I prepared the fabric and prepared the holographic vinyl.

So I have to say my first cut was not as planned.

I forgot to mirror my image so the words didn't come out correctly they were backwards.

If that wasn't enough, I cut it wrong so this beautiful red wouldn't work on my shirt.

I absolutely love the red and was so disappointed when realized I messed up.

SO back to the drawing board it was.

I chose a deep blue holographic.

After I corrected my wrongs lol! I began remaking my shirt! 

I did not take a lot of pictures with this process because I got to tied up in my creative process I kinda go lost sorry! I will do better promise! 

I started by ironing on the decal I made to my shirt!

I had bought these really cool tishirt guides so you always place your decal in the proper place not to high or low. It has a different one for the front and back.

So it was such a huge help! It has it for men, women, and child one for small - x-large.

After I made sure my decal was secure and I hadn't missed any spots. I moved onto the remake. of the shirt! 

I made a insert out of the princess fabric for the back this will make the back flowy and the princess shows off like a peek a boo panel, adorned at the top of a bow at the top 

After I had accomplished this my next part to conquer were the sleeves. I knew I wanted cute gathered cap sleeves but I had only made cap sleeves when I sew American Girl clothes.

I was a little intimidated at first. I quickly found though it wasn't as difficult as I thought it was going to be!

Now to move onto the sides! So now I knew for sure I wanted a flowy shirt with little triangle inserts in the front accented with bows.

so what was I going to do make the shirt like the peasent top feel I had in mind.

I wamred the sides to look like they were meant to be there. No a secondary thought or crisis.

I wear a x-large shirt most of time. So I thought about what got me to altering the back of some of my favorite shirts. It was because after I had my thorachotmy, I could not stand for anything to be tight in my shouders.

so I made pleated panels for the side. I dropped them lower than normal so the sleeve are more open and gives it a look of whimsy kinda. I choose to use a thicker buttery soft fabric for this. I made bows to go at the top of the side panels. I Wanted to cover the pleats. I had just enough fabric left to make a ttrim for the bottom!

I loved how it turned out in the end! I had cut a baby dress pattern out in the past few months using this fabric but didn't get time to sew it. So i decided to sew it as well for my favorite reborn to wear.

I cant wait for us to match!

Here is the final product! It's not at all perfect after all its homemade not by a machine!

So over look any imperfections.

I am so proud of this creation! It was made up in my head as I go! I did male lots of notes so I would remember how I did each step.

 Crafting reminds me so much of Jesus love. So may times I feel the seams being ripped out. I have felt Him stitch and restitch again. Making changes that better me for Him. Drawing me closer with pice that's cut away, because if it takes me away from Him I don't want it. 

Its amazing how each thing we do can remind us of our Creator. He loves us so deeply He wants to shaion us in His image starting out as His daughters a child of the King! Which Makes you His princess!I am THANKFUL FOR EACH CHANGE HE MAKES!



I so hope your day is filled with love an d lots of joy! 

Thank you so much for spending a part of your day with me time is precious and is never taken for granted! I am honored you shared yours with me!

See you again soon, until then what can you dream of creating!

That would make your castle feel more magical!

From my castle to yours!

Wishing upon a heart with you,

Snow aka Shellie

If you are interested in a shirt of your own email me



Saturday, February 12, 2022

Have You Seen Her


                            Have You Seen Her

 Missing, short dark shaved

 hair girl, with hazel eyes,

  fair skin, confident in who

    she knows who created her

      She knows the promises given to her by her 


But she has forgotten all the things she knows in her heart of hearts they are all true. Instead has let something else get in her mind and remind her of all the old lies she has believed about herself! 

Rather than the truths, she has learned, led by, and lived out. She is confident in her own skin knowing her size doesn't determine her beauty! Confident in her marriage that after all these years she still is in love with her charming and he loves her! She knows she will always be loved and accepted by her Heavenly Daddy!

She was confident that she is the best Mom and Granny she can be. That she would do whatever it takes to be the best she can for then as long as she has breathe in her lungs!

She has an amazing bestie and many other amazing friends that she knows she can count on to be there whenever she needs them!

She knows she is so much more than lupus and the other health issues she has!

Yet she is missing... Have you seen her? If you have can you remind her of a few things for me?

Like her size does not determine her beauty! Somewhere along the way, something whispered in her ears things like...

Everyone is talking about all the weight she has gained since she got sick.

Doesn't she know she would be so much more attractive if she would lose that weight?

Doesn't she see how much she has changed when she looks in the mirror?

Or isn't she worried her husband won't be attracted to her anymore?

Can someone please remind her beauty comes from the inside out! She could be a size 0 and be stunning and have an ugly attitude and it makes her ugly.

Can you also tell her that the number on the scales is not what determines if someone sees the beauty of someone? Oh please remind her that confidence is a beauty! Believing in yourself and knowing caring for yourself is beautiful! If others can't see it their opinion doesn't matter they don't get to have a vote on how she sees herself!

Will you remind her she is fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of her heavenly Daddy!

When she tells herself she is ugly she is telling Him that He's ugly? We are fashioned in His image after all!

Can you please remind her she is so much more than her past and the mistakes she's made!

We all make mistakes, so many of us can not seem to let our mistakes go. They don't allow them to play over and over in their mind. Trying to figure out how to even know how they, can right them and have a report to look back on that shows they remedied the situation and made it all better! It's easy to throw stones when we are angry and say dangerously hurtful things to those we love.

Causing a dangerous storm to brew. This can cause someone to lose complete sight of who they are and try to become something they aren't! All because when we are mad we say things to hurt someone! The action could have been true and have taken place. However when forgiveness has been sought and it is still used to hurt it can cause someone to strive to be a perfectionist, 
Believe me, no one wants that not in a marriage, being a daughter, sister, friend, or employee! Simply because that person you love will always be miserable trying to be perfect. This is why so many times it turns into depression, isolation, and more times than known they become suicidal. All because of the need to feel wanted, loved, pretty, and needed. Well, those are all very strong feelings that too often dominate a women's thoughts.
Sometimes they. never act on that thought, then there are those who have taken their own life! 

Can you remind her it's okay to make mistakes after all we all do, each and every day!  Can you help her to see the forgiveness that has been extended and it's okay to forgive herself too!
Help her see she doesn't have to be perfect we all make mistakes and this beautiful life we have been given is worth living keep pushing through! Because Life Is Worth Fighting through and absolutely for!

Can you remind her that the love of her life chose her almost 28 years ago? Whatever lies the enemy is whispering in her ears. Well, they are just that! He is in love with her just as much today as he was then. If not more... That every marriage goes through growing pains.
That He was your prince charming when you met. Still, when you said I do you became his queen and he became her king. That after all, they have faced the past few years has been trying hard. It made them stronger, not weak. So tell her to straighten her crown and be confident in the love they share.
So don't let the enemy try to make her doubt their love for one minute!

Can you remind her all Momma's make mistakes when they are raising their babies! When they grow and you admire the amazing humans God created them to be! Her love and care helped to get them there! The mistakes she made helped her to be a better Mom. That she will be even more amazing Granny who points them to Jesus and loves them so so big she will spend every moment she has spoiling them and making memories that each of them will cherish long after she is gone.

So remind her whenever she doubts she is anything but the things above! Talk to her kids and let them remind her to stop listening to the enemy... His words aren't welcome!

Can you remind her when satan tells her she is alone and doesn't have a friend in the world? That is the biggest lie ever! When he tells her that no one wants a friend who is so sick and can't even go out and have fun without needing to take half of a medical supply company. She won't be invited because all she is going to do is slow them down.

Those are all lies!

Remind her she has the best friends ever! Her Daddy sent her a wonderful best friend who has never had a problem being the one who pushes her wheelchair or helps carry oxygen tanks so they could go out and have an adventure! She would drop whatever she is doing and go to battle anytime needed. Whether it has been for her spiritually or even if she needed the support for a battle of life she is facing!

Her Daddy has given her friends who are always there! Texting to check on her. Being there to pray and encourage her on her lowest day and to cheer her on when she needs the most. 

So when the enemy tells her she is alone no one wants a friend that stays sick or has so much damage!
Because it's that's the furthest from the truth! Those who walk beside her in this life, who she holds close to her heart, love her more than she could ever imagine.

Can you remind her past may be riddled with pain but it's also paved with grace and forgiveness? Satan would love to make her feel like she needs to hide what she's been through. People will look at her badly and won't want to be her friend anymore, they may not want her to teach with such a background.

Remind her that her story will help others, tell her to share its part of who she is. Those who love her are unhappy she ever had to go through it.
those who love her will always stand by her when the time comes to share that testimony in group settings. They will be in the front row to cheer her on to remind her she can do great things. Gods have great plans for her! 

Can you remind her on the days she is so sick she can barely get out of bed. When she has had to stay in the hospital for days and nothing the doctors are saying is encouraging. When she goes to the bathroom and cries so no one can see the pain she is really in and puts a smile on and fakes it till she makes it. When she pushes too hard prolonging a flare. Or when she has gone days without proper sleep she pushes herself out of the bed tries to do what she can in exhaustion. Or the guilt sets in because she had canceled plans because you are barely taking a breath without crying much less having company or going out to do something.

Remind her that she is so much more than lupus. That when she listens to lies of the enemy she needs to black his eye. Remind him of all the promises of God's word about healing. Remind her that all though lupus has done organ damage. She is going to live a long life with quality! She is going to be able to do all she dreams of! She may have to do it slower but she can do anything she sets her mind to do!

One last thing can you remind her that all of those heightened feelings that she experiences. It's okay to feel them and never let anyone make her feel less than she is because of them. It just makes her intuitive. and that can be power not defeat.
Have you seen her? If I am being completely and totally honest I haven't. She is very much missing and feels invisible. I have been in this place since right after Christmas. I know all the promises that my Daddy promises every now and then I need someone to come along and be strong for the one who tries to be strong for everyone else. Remind her it's okay to have moments of weakness! To let others see her in a raw venerable space. We live in a world where we post everything online and our lives are perfect. It's okay to do that if you choose. The problem comes at that becomes a heavy burden for someone to carry. It can also lead to isolation because we want things to be that way so much we won't let others in. Until the person you are created to be is missing out on the gift of companionship and friendship allowing someone to come up to help, love, pray, and encourage you back to the beautiful woman you grew up to be! Be beautiful whether you are high or low. 
At the end of the day what others speak over you. We have the choice not to allow any of it to affect us. If you are ever in a place where you feel like you are a shell of a person you once were. talk to someone who really listens, prays for you, reminds you of His promises, more than anything helps you remember the fierce woman you are! You are fearfully and wonderfully made! People can take lots of things away from us but they can never take that!

This was the hardest piece I have ever been led to write. It has been erased and added to for almost three weeks now! I want to inspire others but more than that I want to remind each of us women it's okay to love you exactly the way you are!
This isn't a subject that is talked about often enough. We should be reminding one another of the beauty of being you also that you loved and accepted exactly for who God created you to be 
 Thank you for stopping by and sharing a part of your day with me! Time is precious the fact you were willing to spend some time with me. Over joys my heart to have you here!

I hope you know I am praying for you always!

If you are on Facebook or Insta 

Follow me on Foot Steps of Grace there!

Until next time< I hope you will be walking in the footsteps of grace with Jesus and me!

Prayerfully  Yours,


Happy Home Maker Monday February 14, 2022

                    It has certainly been some time since I  have participated in Happy Home  Maker  Monday! I am so glad I came back across...