Sunday, September 29, 2013

My Husband and I had the pleasure to attend the Up Lift Conference for preachers and their wives this weekend !!!! It was truly amazing ... I learned many things through our short time there ! I feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to learn from great men of God !!! 
The one thing I would really like time to share with those who read my blog was a ministry opportunity we all can have a hand in !
There is a preacher and team of men from his church who will be riding bikes for 800 miles in the effort to raise $30,00 dollars to stop human sex trafficking in Tennessee !!! 
He shared the story with us about to little girls the ages 6 and 14 who were kidnapped and placed into sex trafficking .... these girls were offered 50 or more times a day to perform sex acts ... these young ladies were rescued !!! But there are many more guys and they need our help !!!! The average life span for these girls is only 7 years !!!! Ask yourself what if this was one of your girls ??? Wouldn't you want to help them ??? The money raised will be used to help to continue to build safe houses for these girls ! Provide counseling ! Clothes and other personal effects they may need ! 
This cause is near and dear to my heart ... as a young girl I was abused .... I know the emotional damage that comes from that .... So I know first hand the help these girls will need if they will ever have any form of a normal life !!! Please consider helping !!! Go and check out this web site !!! It has all the info you need !!! You can even donate online !!! remember no donation is to small every little bit counts !!!

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