Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Prairie School Day 10

Chapters 11 & 12
 Today we did two days in one ! We read chapters 11&12 ... We loved both very much ! We opened in prayer and had our daily devotion . 
Our Bible lesson today came from the book of Exodus chapter 20:12

Honour thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee.
We talked about the importance of honoring our Father and Mother .... That even when we don't understand ...we should follow their instructions ... The Bible promises that if we do these things we will live a long life ! Laura lived to be Ninety yrs old .
Our first lesson today we read about Pa helping with the reaping of the wheat at his brothers farm ! We learned the  process of cutting it down and why it was so important to get the wheat cut and in the barn before the rains came and stripped the oats .... 
We also learned the importance of doing what is asked of you and not crying wolf as Uncle Henry's boy Charley had done  ... Because of pretending to be hurt many times when he wasn't , When he really was hurt it took a while for Henry and Pa to realize it !!! Charley had stomped upon a yellow Jackets nest !!! This resulted in Charley being stung hundreds of times ... This could have cost his life !
We took some time to learn all about Yellow Jackets today !!! Also first aid care for a sting !!! We also covered anaphylactic shock ... We discussed the signs and symptoms,what causes it , and what course of action should take place !!! This was helpful in more than one way today !!! I have a severe nut allergy !
here is some of the work she did on Yellow Jackets today !!!
Our second chapter today was about a wonderful invention we know today as a thresher !!!
I loved listening to Laura's description of how the machine worked !!! Its amazing how far our machines have came today !!! We read about how harvest time was a busy time for Ma and the girls !!! The spent long hours reaping the things they had planted !!! We also enjoyed learning how Ma weaved the family's hats from the very straw from their own fields !!!  Sissy started working on a straw mat today we didn't finish ... So she asked that I wait till it was all completed before I posted the pictures !!!
We discusses what poison ivy , oak and sumac looks like ! The reaction your body can after touching it and the first aid for it ad well ! she sketched a picture of the sumac for her science journal  ! 

 We had a very busy school day today !!! But we have loved every moment of it ! We will have a short week this week ... We are attending a Pastors Conference this week and it has forced me to cut our school week short !!! I realized today that we are one chapter away from finishing the Little House In The Big Woods !!! It is a bitter sweet moment !  We can't wait to see what is in store for the Ingalls family next !!!
Hope everyone has a blessed evening ... 

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