Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Prairie School Day 6

Chapters 6 & 7
Today we explored two chapters of the little house in the big woods ! The first thing each morning we open in prayer and devotion ! I will share our Bible lesson for today shortly !!!
Chapter 6 was interesting to say the least ! Pa went to town today !!! Spring is upon the Ingalls family and it was time for Pa to trade his furs ! 
Laura explains how she have never seen a town , never been in a store , or seen two houses together for that matter !!! 
It still amazes me when I think about the things we take for granted ...
Pa left early and was unable to take his gun with him ! Due to the load he had to take with him to town ... It was getting late and had already turned off dark and Pa still had not returned !!! 
Ma asked Laura to help her with milking the cow by carrying the lantern for her ... Ma and Laura headed out to the barn but what they found was a bear !!! Ma had slapped it on the hind quarters before she even knew what it was ... Laura and Ma were able to escape with out harm however ... 
Pa encountered a bear as well so he thought ... It was dark by the time he headed back into the big woods after a long day of trading ... without his gun and no light he took his time even more so ! Pa encountered a bear so he thought standing right in the middle of the road ! fear caused him to stop in his tracks .. after a bit he realized it wasn't going any where and if he intended to get home he was going to have to overcome his fear and scare the bear off !!! so with a large limb he started swinging and shouting and dancing trying to scare off the bear ... when Pa was able to get closer he realized it was an old dead burned tree stump !! not a bear after all .. He was able to make it home safely to Ma and the girls ... Later the next morning he told the girls his encounter and Laura told hers ... Pa shared the gifts he had for each of them brand new calico for each of them a new dress !!! 
This is where I would like to share about our Bible story for the day !!! we discussed how fear is an enemy of ours but some fears are our friends !!! We should fear the Lord but trust always that He will take care of us !!! Our Scripture verse for today was 
 Hear my voice, O God, in my prayer: preserve my life from fear of the enemy. 
Psalms 64:1
Chapter7 was all bout the sugar snow ! You see the next morning when Laura had woken up there was a fresh spring snow !!! Pa went to help Grandpa harvest maple syrup ! Pa also announced that Grandpa wants the whole family to come Monday to make sugar and there will be a dance to follow !!! Ma told Pa she would wear her delanie dress she brought with her from the east !!! After our story we spent the rest of our time today learning how sap functions !!! We learned all about Osmosis how the roots of the tree draw up sap and water from the ground . We did an experiment to show Osmosis !!! Pics will be below !!! We learned all about how Maple Syrup is made ! We tasted 100%  maple syrup and pancake syrup ... We both decided Maple syrup tasted much better !!! We discussed even though store brand syrup was less calories and less sugar than the 100% Maple syrup . The maple syrup was healthier choice because it was not a processed food . We took time to discuss foods that are better made from scratch than from a box ...  We had a blessed day today !!! we also did our other school subjects God is very good !!! 
Here is our Project Pictures !

we peeled a lg potato cut it in half and cut the ends off

she scooped the centers out 

after the centers were cut out she added 1/2 inch of water to each bowl

then she filled the hollows 1/2 full with dyed water

when that was all done she added 1/2 tsp of sugar to one potato

we covered them till tomorrow !!! We will uncover them to see which potato absorbed more water ... the one with or without sugar

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