Thursday, September 19, 2013

Prairie School Day 7

Chapters 7&8
 Today we covered chapters 7& 8 !  We did two days of school in one because neither one of us wanted to get behind !!! We are going on a field trip tomorrow, and we didn't want to miss what happened next lol ...
Chapter 7 was all about the dance at Grandpas house !!! I think our favorite parts of this chapter was Laura's description of all the dresses and the process of everyone preparing to get ready !!!  .... How they swished across the floor ! also the part about Grandma and Uncle George dancing the jig !!! Grandma out danced Uncle George !!! Sissy was asked to do some descriptive writing about our home today !!! she did an awesome job !
Our Bible lesson today was about not comparing ourselves to others !!! This was found in both of our chapters today !!!! Laura has a bad problem comparing herself to Mary and never feeling like she is good enough ... When in all sense of the matter she is perfect because she is exactly who God made her to be !
So I talked to Sissy about why we shouldn't compare and why we should be happy with who we are ! God made us all different ! it would be a dull world if we all looked and acted exactly alike ! I have realized as a Mom that this had to start with me liking me !!! Our kids watch us and listen to what we have to say about ourselves ... If we never say anything positive they to will have a hard time seeing positive things about themselves .... Our scripture today came form the book 2 Corinthian 10:12
  For we dare not make ourselves of the number, or compare ourselves with some that commend themselves: but they measuring themselves by themselves, and comparing themselves among themselves, are not wise.
 Chapter 8 was about going to town !!! 
 The girls had never been to town before !!! So when Pa made the announcement that they would be going soon you can only imagine their excitement !!! The girls played outside in their play houses with their rag dolls in the warmth of spring pretending to be going into town ... Laura said it best when she said they didn't do a very good job because they had never seen or been to town before !!! 
Ma bathed the girls on a Wednesday and rag curled their hair the evening before they took their trip !!!   Ma wanted them to look their best for their adventure !!! The family rose early Laura described the journey and her first thoughts of town !!! She also described her first visit to the store ... How she had never knew the world had so many things in it !!! the shop owner told Pa and Ma what a fine girl they had in Mary and how he loved her hair ... before they left he gave both girls a piece of candy with a saying on it !!! Laura became very comparative with herself when her candy didn't have the same poem as Marys !!! From that point on she viewed Mary as perfect and herself lacking in every way ...
We have rally enjoyed the little house in the big woods :) 
After our Reading time today Sissy learned the function of our skin and what each layer does to protect us ! We also checked on our potatoes from yesterday ! We learned that the Osmosis process was quicker in the potato that we added sugar to ! she finished the rest of her  school work for the week ! After she was done we made hasty pudding just as Grandma did to feed the family for supper before the dance ! We both decided we are not sure why it's called hasty pudding ... It is quite a long process no where near a short and easy meal to prepare ... We did like it though it was a salty sweet treat !!! also we made wax roses ... below are pictures of what we did today we hope you enjoy them !!! Hope everyone has a Blessed evening ....
getting started

This is a truly long process !!! It took about 20 minutes to sprinkle corn meal into the boiling water ! We did add the maple syrup just like the Ingalls family !!!
It ade fo a nice prairie lunch 
Here is a picture of our wax roses ... Sissy wasn't a huge fan of this under taking lol

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