Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Prairie School day 14

Little House Ch. 1&2 
  Today we started Our Little House On the Prairie Book !!! It was nice to get started back after a week off !!! We Opened in prayer and devotion this morning !!! Our Bible lesson came from Mark 7:1-23 ! Because of how long the scriptures we read were so long I decided not to post them today !You ca find them however at www.biblegateway.com Our devotion however was about complaining ! Laura complained about being tired and bored .... Ma told her to hush ! although she did hush outwardly she did not hush inwardly ! The Bible teaches us we should be content in all we do with out complaining !Isn't like us to complain about things around us ?  We discussed the importance of being content ! I sure am glad I serve a forgiving Heavenly Father !
 We read chapters one and two ! I was amazed at how quick Pa and Ma decided to move west !!! Also at what they left behind !!! It amazed both Sissy and myself the small space to pack the belongings a family of 5 would need for such a trip !!! We discussed how we would feel to only be able to take some things and leaving others behind ! How it would be a bitter sweet feeling ! So we learned about the wagon the Ingalls would have used ! The space they would have had ! Then we marked a 4x10 ft space in our school room ! I gave sissy a list of things she could load in her wagon space and told her to choose things that she thought would be important !!! I was  pleasantly surprised that her whole collection of her A Life Of Faith Chapter Books went into the wagon !!! each book for all 5 girls !!!  She brought along her reborn baby as her child and even packed for her !!! She took time to think all the things through ! clothes ,food, things to cook with , butter churn , wash board ,water pitcher and basin , clothes , blankets , Bible , lantern and gun !!! She covered all her basic supplies and then placed a special memento in her trunk that belonged to her great grandma ! Below you will find some pictures of our journey today !!!
We studied about Mustang horses !!! How they were almost wiped out after the expansion ! We discussed how the rugged ride must have been hard for the animals and family both !!! especially poor Jack !!! I almost cried when I realized Jack wasn't with the  family when they crossed the river !!! The sadness Laura described !!! Then when she said she couldn't cry because it wouldn't be acceptable broke my heart ..... We finished our school day with Math and other activities .... We plan to spend our evening baking homemade bread together !!! I feel so blessed to be a home school Mom !!!
getting started 

getting her books in order !
let the journey begin
caring for baby Lacey and London (our Jack ) on our ride !!!
Hope everyone has enjoyed today's blog ! Have a blessed evening !

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