Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Prairie School Day 16

Little House On The Prairie Ch7
 Today we opened in prayer and devotion !!! Our devotion today was 2 fold ...  We discussed how God designed the structure of the as the Father to be the protector of the family ! Pa rushed home to his family scared the pack 0f 50 wolves had beet him there ! The Bible teaches us that the devil will also come a wolf dressed in sheep's clothing seeking whom he may devour ! Praise God the Father who protects us daily against the whiles of devil !!! Our scripture we used today  came from the book of 
Psalms 82:3
 Defend the poor and fatherless: do justice to the afflicted and needy.
Our chapter today was about wolves ! Pa and Mr Edwards finished the barn for Pet and Patty ! Even built a roof ... That night the horses slept protected from the dangers of wolves !!! The next morning much to Laura's delight she woke to find in the barn a new colt !!! With large ears as Laura would say ! The new colts name would be Bunny ! How ever Pet wasn't to sure about the kids being near her colt .  She often nipped and showed her teeth to the children to remind them to keep their distance ...
That same day Pa went out on Patty to survey the land ... leaving behind his gun because the family had plenty of meat for now ... To see what the prairie had to behold ... Along the way He discoverd new neighbors ! The Scotts who had 5 children , 2 bachelors who shared the same house but two property lines ... and a family who caught the ague which today is known to us as Malaria . Pa spent quite a bit of time visiting with each new friend but the longest with the bachelors ... It was on the way home he met the sick family ! He found two young children caring for the parents ... So Pa returned back to the bachelors home for help ! Then he headed home , much later than expected !it was then Pa would encounter the wolf pack ... The wolves would ride side by side Pa and Patty never harming neither ... In the mean time Jack started to act funny ... so did Pet and Bunny ... wasn't long Pa skidded in with Patty ... Pa explained what had happened during supper ! That night Laura awoke to wolves just out side the little cabin !!! Pa was standing guard at the window with his gun ! He asked Laura would she like to see ? Of course she would ! It was then she realized the wolves surrounded the little cabin .... Pa kept the family safe that night standing guard ! He went on to tell Ma they couldn't wait a day more for a proper door ...
We spent this afternoon learning about wolves ... their habits life cycle and their enemies...
We also spent time today learning about mosquito's ... I loved Sissy's favorite part about them ! She said it was their life cycle because they only lived 2 wks ! lol ! She also studied up on Malaria its symptoms , causes and cure ... She wrote a fictional encounter about Malaria !!! We discussed Pa and Mas thoughts that caused the Ague was wrong ... it wasn't the damp air by the creek . It was the infected mosquito bite.We finished up all of our other studies ... then we did some old fashioned visiting of our own today . With a shut in from our church ... I am excited about the rest of the week we have a lot of activities planned this week !!!! 
Just so those of you who follow my blog knows my family takes each Monday off !!! Blessings to each of you !!!!  can't wait to share the rest of our week with you !!!

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