Friday, October 25, 2013

Prairie School day 18

Little House on the Prairie Chapters 12 & 13
 Today we opened in prayer and devotion ! Our devotion today was all about the importance of not acting foolishly and not listening to instruction !!! The Ingalls new neighbor learned this lesson the hard way !!! By not heeding to what Pa said about sending a candle down the well to make sure the air safe ! He fell ill because of his foolish actions ! Our Scripture today came from Proverbs 23:12
 Apply thine heart unto instruction, and thine ears to the words of knowledge.
We talked about the importance to listening to others often they know more than we like to think .... 
Our chapters today was full of adventure and danger !!!! Today Pa built Ma a well so they wouldn't need to go to the river for water any more ! Pa was needing to make a trip to independence and he didn't want to leave Ma with out a well to get water from ! So Pa started the digging process !!! He dug until he wasn't able to dig anymore with out help . So Pa sought out the help of his neighbor . Pa traded work with Mr. Scott ! They both took turns digging Mr. Scott dug in the morning and Pa would dig in the evening ! Each day before anyone crawled down the rope Pa would light a candle and send it down in a bucket . If the candle stayed lit it meant the air was safe . If the light went out that meant there was dangerous gasses that were unsafe for the men to breathe ! One morning Mr. Scott arrived before Pa had finished breakfast ! Mr Scott had told Pa the day before that the whole candle business was a waste of time ! That morning Mr. Scott went on down the rope with out lighting a candle to check the air ! Much to Mr Scott's dismay there was gasses in the hole and Mr Scott passed out !!! if Pa had not acted quickly he would have died !!! The next day Pa almost got sucked in by quick sand !!! It was Mr Scott's fast working that saved Pa !!! God looked out for both men !!! The same day the well was complete ! Ma wouldn't have to use stagnate water any more just fresh cold water from the well !!! This chapter allowed us to study further how wells were dug ! The process of what it took to get to water . Also the dangerous gasses in the earth !!! We studied about quicksand and we discussed what to do if you encountered it . 
The next events helped the Ingalls obtain beef and a cow !!! Some cattle ranchers asked for Pa's help in exchange for a side of beef . Pa agreed it took two days for Pa to help get the cows over the ravine . when he came home the next day he not only had a side of beef but a calf and a cow !!! the cow was skinny and wouldn't bring enough at market and the calf would slow them down ! Ma and the girls were so excited !!! They hadn't had a cow since they left the big woods ! 
We had an amazing day today !!! After School we prepared for the Old Timey Autumn Pie Social we are hosting tomorrow !!! We are super excited !!! Hope everyone has a blessed weekend !!!

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