Thursday, October 17, 2013

Prairie School Days 14

Little House Chapters 3&4 
Today we opened in prayer and devotion ! Our devotion today was on forgiveness ! Our Scripture came from 1 John 1:9 
  If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.
We talked about the importance of forgiveness not just to each other ...  Also to be sure to ask the Lord to forgive us so we to can be forgiven ! I am so glad that God doesn't remember my faults ...
 Today we continued our journey through our Little House book !!! We read today that Pa and Ma may have found the place to where they will settle 40 miles from Independence the closest city ! Pa made a fire break so Ma could prepare the evening meal for the family ! This was very important so the entire Prairie didn't catch on fire ! Pa was  pleased with the land because water was close by and plenty of game to feed his family ! How ever that night the Ingalls were surprised by a visitor !!! To my surprise the animal did not cause a stir with Pet and Patty the horses !!! I was pleasantly surprised when Jack  returned to his family !!! It was such a happy reunion for both Jack and his family !!!!
The next morning Pa set out to find meat for supper that evening ! Leaving Ma and the girls to there chores ! Ma washed the families bed clothes , under garments , and there everyday clothes in a wash basin and a wash board . Ma laid the clothes out to dry on the prairie grass !!! They tidied camp ! The girls tried very hard to catch a gopher !!! To no avail ... They even brought  brought Ma some flowers and she placed them in a tin cup and displayed them on the wagon ! This was certainly to be there home for some time !Laura asked Ma if  they were in Indian country ? Ma really couldn't answer Laura ! She only told her in so many words that even if they were the Indians wouldn't be there long because the government would see to it !!! Pa did bring fresh meat to camp for dinner !!! The family enjoyed rabbit and prairie hens ... It still humbles me the things we take for granted ... Today we learned bout the Osage Indians . This tribe was located in Kansas long before the settlers ! We took the opportunity to discuss how we felt about how they were pushed from their land ...Sissy wrote a paper sharing her thoughts about how she would have handled the land issue ! I was touched at such a heart felt paper !!! She told me she would have taken in account that the Indians were here first !!! That we should have been more respectful to there way of living !  we should have asked and worked together to live in harmony instead of demanding and taking !!!! 
We also learned the molasses process ... The nutritional value it holds .  compared the differences between the  molasses and sugar.We learned that molasses are much better for us than the refined sugar . We are such a blessed family ! I am so grateful for all the things God provides us with daily !!! God is good ....

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