Thursday, November 14, 2013

Prairie School Day 24

Little House Ch 26
Today we finished thee Little House On The Prairie Book ! 
It was such a bitter sweet book ! It was almost like we were apart of the Ingalls family saying good bye to the little house that so much work went into to make a home ! Packing all their belongings back up in the covered wagon to head to Independence !
Our home is officially on Christmas schedual  starting Monday !!! I am really excited about this ! I purchased a book with all the Little House Christmas stories in it !!! We will read a chapter a week and do Christmas activities that go with that book for the week !!! We also purchased the Little House Christmas Craft book ... I have loved the simplicity of each Christmas we have spent with the Ingalls so far  !!! We will start back with the Banks of Plum Creek in January !!! I look forward to sharing Christmas with you guys !!! Blessings to all !!!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Prairie School day 23

Little House Ch 24 & 25 
Today we opened in prayer and devotion !!! Our devotion today was about how the American family had the upper hand when it came to their relationships with  the Indians because of it's size ! Communication and technology was important factors ! But the Indians felt threatened by the family size ! God ordained the family in the garden !!! He alone decides that ! I know there are lots of things now people use to control family size but then these things didn't exist ! We used lots of scripture today ! So I won't post the actual text . These are the ones we looked into ! Psalms 127:3-5 , 128:3-4, Proverbs 14:28 , Deuteronomy 6:3 and Job 12:23
Our story for me today was rather sad ! I feel the Ingalls felt the same ! The war cries had stopped the family had slept well yet again !Pa had plans to spend the day plowing ... As he went to get started he called Ma and the girls to the door to see !!! As they came to the door Pa saw the Indian chief that had passed in the midnight just nights before leading a Indian procession that would last long into to the day ! More Indians than just the Osage were heading west ...Pa showed his respect to the chief by saluting him ... It caused such a sadness for the family to see them go ! Laura envied the Indians they rode their horses naked and bare back in the sun ! she longed to do the same ! She even cried because she couldn't keep the little Indian baby !!! 
The next several days passed and the family returned to normal preparing the garden ! The Ingalls would eat as kings when the crops came in ! They had spent months eating only bread and meat ! Lacking major food groups such as fruits and vegetables ! 
One day as Laura and Mary were helping Ma with the morning chores. Helping Ma by washing dishes as she made the beds ! They heard Pa getting very angry outside telling Mr Scott and Mr Edward that he wouldn't wait for the soldiers to come they would leave on their own in the morning ! he wasn't waiting ! If the goverment hadn't said that they were getting ready to settle Indian property he sure wouldn't have settle three miles onto their land ! Now the government would make the settlers leave ! Pa wouldn't be made , he would just go ! He gave Mr Scott the Cow and Calf ! The milk and the butter as Laura said ! He told Ma they were leaving the next day ! He and Ma readied the covered wagon ! They would early in the morning ! Ma said to Pa it was a year wasted ... Pa told her all they had was time ...They would go tward Independence .... We spent time talking about the disease that the European Americans brought to them such as small pox , influenza , malaria , and much more ! Their immune system was not built to handle these disease ! We talked about the race for homesteads during this era ! We spent time on other daily activities !!!
My heart broke for Ma and the Indians today !!! They both were loosing so much !!! It was such an awesome reminder to be thankful for what we have !!!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Prairie School Day 22

Little House Ch 22 & 23

Today we opened in prayer and devotion ! Our devotion today we talked about there will come a day for those who aren't saved will also live a horrible day !!! Just as Laura described a living nightmare ! the only difference they wont be able to escape !!! We discussed the importance of praying for our lost loves ones !!! Our scripture verse came from Revelation Ch 6:15-17

15 And the kings of the earth, and the great men, and the rich men, and the chief captains, and the mighty men, and every bondman, and every free man, hid themselves in the dens and in the rocks of the mountains;
16 And said to the mountains and rocks, Fall on us, and hide us from the face of him that sitteth on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb:
17 For the great day of his wrath is come; and who shall be able to stand?
Our stories today was yet again filled with adventure ! today started with a prairie fire !!! The Indians set the prairie on fire once a year so the grass would grow back greener and easier to travel on !!! Pa was plowing the fields when it happened and Pa and Ma had to scramble to dig a furrow and start a backfire !!! The backfire stopped the fuel of the lager fire and kept the Ingalls and their home safe !!! That evening Mr Edwards and Mr Scott came to see P and expressed that they thought the Indians had started the fire to kill or run the white people off the land ! Pa expressed he didn't think that was the case but Mr Scott said that the only good Indian was a dead Indian ! 
After the fire Mary didn't like to play outside ! Laura played outside by herself ! She said she often felt uneasy like some one was watching ! Over the next few days Pa and the family noticed more Indians than usual were coming in from all directions ! He assumed that they were coming together for their annual buffalo hunt ! However each the night told a different story !!! Laura awoke out of her sleep to the sound of Indian whoops and chants !!! She noticed that Pa was making bullets !!! More than usaual ! She didn't quite understand he was to tired to play the fiddle at night from being tired from plowing yet he was able to make bullets !?!?! The next night Laura described the sound that woke a something that was like a nightmare while she was awake that she couldn't escape !!! Each night the war cries become stronger and louder !!! Then one night Laura woke to the worst yet ! Pa was standing guard at the window ! with his gun Pa could tell that there was a band of Indians around the little house !!! Pa stood ready to protect his family ! In the distance Pa seen a Indian he met before on a black pony !!! Laura said the sounds that night were worse than ever before !!! However the next morning Pa seen bands of Indians leaving going in different directions !!! Pa told Ma it was over the Indians were fighting among themselves ! Later he went to the creek bottom to survey the land ! He met a Indian who talked his language ! He told Pa that the Indian he had seen rushed into the camps and convinced the Osage not to attack the white man !!! He told them if they did He would attack them  ! The other tribes left angry ! But for now they were safe and the Osage would not bring them harm !!!  Mr Scott and Mr Edwards came again to see Pa . He shared what the Indian shared with him !!! Mr Scott told him she would be happy to share that info with Mrs Scott ! That after the Minnesota Massacre she truly thought the only good Indian was a dead Indian ... these events lest the family tired and scared they were relieved the nightmare was over ...
We took time today to learn more about the Minnesota Massacre , we learned the purpose of forts , and learned about backfires and how they work !!! After studying the massacre I understood more why the white people felt the way they did !!! We finished our day with our other  school activities !!!! We had a wonderful day today ! God is good !!! hope everyone has a blessed week !!!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Prairie School Day 21

Little House Ch 20 & 21

 Today we opened in prayer and devotion !!! This is one of my favorite parts of home school !!! Our devotion today was about a cheerful giver !!! Pa was certainly a cheerful giver !!! He loved to surprise Ma , Laura , Mary, and Baby Carrie ! Even if it meant he didn't get anything for himself ! God also is a cheerful giver in all He gives ! He gave us the perfect gift over 2000 years ago in a little stable ! Our scripture came from John 3:16
 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
Our story started out today with the sound of a woman screaming waking the whole Ingalls household !!! Pa was sure it was coming from
 the Scott's home ! So he rushed out in the dark as quick as he could over the 2 mile trek to find there was nothing at all wrong at his neighbors home !!! Wasn't long till Pa realized the screaming was coming from a panther !!! Ma and the girls heard the scream again and Pa banging on the door to come inside !!! He told Ma all about his encounter ! Also a new rule was made that the girls were not allowed out side the home ! Panthers would kill and eat little girls !!!  
Soon spring was in the air and Pa would go to Independence to trade his furs for a plow and seeds ! It meant that Pa would be gone for at least 4 days !!! The girls counted the days that pa was gone ! On the 4th day Laura convinced Mary to play hopscotch outside with her ! Mary thought eight year olds shouldn't play hop scotch ! It wasn't very lady like ! Laura told her that if she stayed and played with her they would see Pa as soon as he came up the creek banks !!! Laura and Mary heard a loud noise that sounded much like  a song coming from the Indian camp in the bluffs ! Ma heard it as well and made the girls come inside ! She brought Jack in as well !!! When Pa arrived home the next day he was able to purchase a plow and seeds for planting season ! He also brought Ma and the girls a surprise ! Enough calico for Ma a dress and hair bands for the girls !!! As a surprise to the whole family brought dill pickles and crackers !!! Pa provided well for his family ! Pa brought news to Ma that government would soon be pushing the Indians of land ! 
Sissy spent time learning about panthers ! We actually have a 6ft long panther living on the ridge above our house !!!
We finished up our school work and did some prairie cooking today!!!
We made bean porridge !!! Also Heart Christmas cakes !!!
We had an awesome time cooking ! I enjoyed the bean porridge but Sissy on the other hand didn't like it at all ! She even said she wasn't sure if she could eat it even if it was she had lol !!! 
This dish takes about 1 hour and 15 min to cook !!! 
I think she enjoyed making the cakes the most ! They are kinda a plain tasting cake ...When you think about this was a special treat they didn't get often I am sure this was one of the most delicious desserts the girls had ever eaten !

 We had an amazing home school day !!! I love the Prairie Primer !!! Here is a final pic of today's cooking !!!
I hope everyone has a blessed weekend !

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Prairie School Day 20

Little House Ch 18 and 19 

Today we opened in prayer and devotion ... Our devotion today was on justification ! We discussed just because we think something is ok doesn't mean it's ok in Gods eyes ! For example the government signed a treaty with the Indian's saying certain property belongs to them ! However the settlers took over their land for themselves ! Our scripture came from the book of Proverbs 21:2
 Every way of a man is right in his own eyes: but the Lord pondereth the hearts.
Our chapters today were filled with excitement ! The Indians returned to the Ingalls home yet again ! The first time peacefully a tall Indian came and had dinner ! Jack still does not like the Indians ! Because of his fierceness towards them he has to be chained at all times ... After pinning and not letting the Indian pass ! Pa knew that if he attacked one of them it would have serious consequences! The next time they raided the home and took Ma's cornmeal and pa's tobacco ! They were going to take the skins Pa was saving to trade with ... but the Indians left them behind !!! The weather has turned cooler and Christmas is upon them !!!The girls are so excited !!! It has been raining fiercely and they are in hopes of snow !!! Because we all know as Laura put it the reindeer can't fly with out snow ! The heavy rains has caused the the river to rise and has made it to dangerous to pass !!! Pa told Ma Mr Edwards wouldn't be coming for Christmas dinner !!! Ma also told the girls that Santa probably wouldn't be coming either ! They were blessed little girls to have clothes , food , and shelter... Most of all parents that loved them and Santa would certainly remember them next  year ! That night Ma told the girls she would hang their stockings just in case ! Laura and Mary knew in their heart Santa wouldn't be coming ... Ma told Laura to go to sleep time would pass more quickly the sooner they went to sleep ! The next morning Laura woke to the sound of Edward calling from outside the door ! He had risked his life to cross the raging river to bring the girls their Christmas !!! He spent the morning telling the girls how he met Santa while Ma filled their stocking  !!! The girls were over joyed with their simple gifts !!! A new shiny tin cup one of their very own , a peppermint stick , a heart shaped sugar cake , and a shiny penny all of their own !!! Such meager gifts that they were so happy with !!! Mr Edward also brought Ma 9 sweet potatoes to go with Christmas dinner  !!! 
I am amazed at all the things we have today and still want more... The Ingalls truly lived in such a simpler time ! When nothing was wasted and they were grateful for all things big and small !!! There are great many lessons to be learned here ... We finished our day doing our everyday assignments ! We put Sissys Christmas tree up in her room today !!! We decorated our house earlier in the week for Christmas ! It seemed fitting that we read about the Ingalls Christmas today !!! I am excited about tomorrow we will be doing some Prairie cooking :) Hope everyone has a blessed evening ! 

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Prairie Schoo Day 19

Little House Ch 16 & 17
Today we opened in prayer and devotion ! There wasn't a devotion to go with our stories today so we did a a devotion of choice ! About who is the the King of your life you ? or Jesus ? 
We read chapters 16 and 17 today ! Prairie life is so much different from the big woods ! even down to how Pa grew and prepared hay for the winter ! In the big woods he would have cut and stored the hay in a barn for the animals in the winter months ! At the prairie all he has to do is let the animals graze and and keep a small stack on hand for stormy days ! the warmer climate played a part in what kind of game pa hunted for ! It wasn't cold enough to keep the meet of a deer just yet ... The warm weather would spoil it ... So Pa hunted smaller game such as rabbit and ducks ... While pa was hunting today the chimney to the house caught on fire !! Laura and Ma acted quickly ... Quick thinking saved the Ingalls home !!! Pa prepared for a trip to Independence ! He needed more quinine for the family ! Since Malaria is caused by a parasite it is important to kill both host and eggs ... That also meant the Ingalls could be infected again .. Pa also needed to get the nails he owed Mr Edwards ! Tobacco he owed Mr Scott ! Also household items Ma needed ! He would be gone for at least 4 days ! He would ask Mr Edwards to keep an eye on ma and the girls ! Also help out with the chores ! When he returned home he brought the family a very special surprise !!! 8 glass squares for the windows in the cabin !!!!
Ma and the girls were so pleased !!!
Today we took the opportunity to make a bead necklace form our dyed noodles ! Sissy wrote in her Indian journal about what she thought of the white settlers in her home ! We learned about 3 types of trees Oak , Sycamore and cottonwood ! We did our spelling , math and Bible !!! 
Then we made doll sized moccasins ! I learned today she isn't very big on hand sewing ! She loves to sew on the machine but not by hand ! She told me she was sure that the Indians needles had to bigger than the one we were using ... All because they were made from bone so it must have been quicker lol ! So I will have to stay clear of hand sewing projects for awhile lol !!! 
here are some pictures of what we made !!! I have enjoyed sharing my day with you guys hope everyone has a blessed evening !!! 

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Prairie School Day 19

Little House Ch 14 & 15
Sissy working on her sunbonnet
Today we opened in prayer and devotion ! Our devotion today was on being neighborly...Mrs. Scott showed neighborly love by taking care of the Ingalls family while they were sick with the ague and fever ! Our Scripture came from the book Mathew 22:39 
 And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.
Today we read about Pa taking the girls to the Indian camp !!! Ma was not to happy about this .... However the girls were super excited !!!  I loved the description of the the camps Laura used ! it was as if it was coming to life right before our eyes !!! From the description of the bones ... That told what the Indian's had eaten. To the tracks left on the ground from the Indian's and animals !!! The excitement of the girls finding the the beads !!! Then the irritation Laura toward Mary for being so good all the time ... leading up to her having to give her beads to Carrie as well !!! We took time to study more on the Osage Indians !!! We learned about foods Indians taught settlers about ! We discussed what their beads would have been made of... How they would have dyed them ! 
Then we dyed macaroni noodles and set them out to dry to use as a craft tomorrow !

Our next chapter started with Ma and Laura spending the day picking black berries !!! Laura described the swarms of mosquito's that bit them ! Also how they invaded their home in the evenings .... It didn't take long for the Ingalls to get sick from all the bites ! It started with Laura ,then Pa then Mary ,the Ma !!! Laura described being in and out of consciousness ... Just hearing voices not words ... Seeing images but not being sure ! Then how one day Mary was crying for water ! Ma was in the bed , Pa was in the floor Jack trying to nudge Pa into awareness ! Ma finally asked Laura could she get the water ? Laura did and fell to her knees she crawled to take the water to Mary ! it was Jack that found help for the family !!! Hearing a the Dr that helped the Indians on the prairie he went out and persistently urged him to the house ! The Dr treated the Ingalls for 2 days when Mrs. Scott came ! She stayed till the family was well enough to care for themselves again ! I find it amazing the things that the settlers thought made them sick Mrs. Scott thought watermelon had made folks sick ... The Ingalls thought the cool night air was responsible .... It would be many years before they realized it was the mosquito's !!! We took the time to learn what causes our body to run a fever ! What controls our body temperature ... What steps should be taken to lower a fever. also whaen is a fever dangerous !!! We completed our other work for the day ! It was nice to be back in class today !!! Thanks to all who prayed for sissy and my Mom ! They both are doing much better !!!