Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Prairie Schoo Day 19

Little House Ch 16 & 17
Today we opened in prayer and devotion ! There wasn't a devotion to go with our stories today so we did a a devotion of choice ! About who is the the King of your life you ? or Jesus ? 
We read chapters 16 and 17 today ! Prairie life is so much different from the big woods ! even down to how Pa grew and prepared hay for the winter ! In the big woods he would have cut and stored the hay in a barn for the animals in the winter months ! At the prairie all he has to do is let the animals graze and and keep a small stack on hand for stormy days ! the warmer climate played a part in what kind of game pa hunted for ! It wasn't cold enough to keep the meet of a deer just yet ... The warm weather would spoil it ... So Pa hunted smaller game such as rabbit and ducks ... While pa was hunting today the chimney to the house caught on fire !! Laura and Ma acted quickly ... Quick thinking saved the Ingalls home !!! Pa prepared for a trip to Independence ! He needed more quinine for the family ! Since Malaria is caused by a parasite it is important to kill both host and eggs ... That also meant the Ingalls could be infected again .. Pa also needed to get the nails he owed Mr Edwards ! Tobacco he owed Mr Scott ! Also household items Ma needed ! He would be gone for at least 4 days ! He would ask Mr Edwards to keep an eye on ma and the girls ! Also help out with the chores ! When he returned home he brought the family a very special surprise !!! 8 glass squares for the windows in the cabin !!!!
Ma and the girls were so pleased !!!
Today we took the opportunity to make a bead necklace form our dyed noodles ! Sissy wrote in her Indian journal about what she thought of the white settlers in her home ! We learned about 3 types of trees Oak , Sycamore and cottonwood ! We did our spelling , math and Bible !!! 
Then we made doll sized moccasins ! I learned today she isn't very big on hand sewing ! She loves to sew on the machine but not by hand ! She told me she was sure that the Indians needles had to bigger than the one we were using ... All because they were made from bone so it must have been quicker lol ! So I will have to stay clear of hand sewing projects for awhile lol !!! 
here are some pictures of what we made !!! I have enjoyed sharing my day with you guys hope everyone has a blessed evening !!! 


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