Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Prairie School Day 19

Little House Ch 14 & 15
Sissy working on her sunbonnet
Today we opened in prayer and devotion ! Our devotion today was on being neighborly...Mrs. Scott showed neighborly love by taking care of the Ingalls family while they were sick with the ague and fever ! Our Scripture came from the book Mathew 22:39 
 And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.
Today we read about Pa taking the girls to the Indian camp !!! Ma was not to happy about this .... However the girls were super excited !!!  I loved the description of the the camps Laura used ! it was as if it was coming to life right before our eyes !!! From the description of the bones ... That told what the Indian's had eaten. To the tracks left on the ground from the Indian's and animals !!! The excitement of the girls finding the the beads !!! Then the irritation Laura toward Mary for being so good all the time ... leading up to her having to give her beads to Carrie as well !!! We took time to study more on the Osage Indians !!! We learned about foods Indians taught settlers about ! We discussed what their beads would have been made of... How they would have dyed them ! 
Then we dyed macaroni noodles and set them out to dry to use as a craft tomorrow !

Our next chapter started with Ma and Laura spending the day picking black berries !!! Laura described the swarms of mosquito's that bit them ! Also how they invaded their home in the evenings .... It didn't take long for the Ingalls to get sick from all the bites ! It started with Laura ,then Pa then Mary ,the Ma !!! Laura described being in and out of consciousness ... Just hearing voices not words ... Seeing images but not being sure ! Then how one day Mary was crying for water ! Ma was in the bed , Pa was in the floor Jack trying to nudge Pa into awareness ! Ma finally asked Laura could she get the water ? Laura did and fell to her knees she crawled to take the water to Mary ! it was Jack that found help for the family !!! Hearing a the Dr that helped the Indians on the prairie he went out and persistently urged him to the house ! The Dr treated the Ingalls for 2 days when Mrs. Scott came ! She stayed till the family was well enough to care for themselves again ! I find it amazing the things that the settlers thought made them sick Mrs. Scott thought watermelon had made folks sick ... The Ingalls thought the cool night air was responsible .... It would be many years before they realized it was the mosquito's !!! We took the time to learn what causes our body to run a fever ! What controls our body temperature ... What steps should be taken to lower a fever. also whaen is a fever dangerous !!! We completed our other work for the day ! It was nice to be back in class today !!! Thanks to all who prayed for sissy and my Mom ! They both are doing much better !!!

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