Thursday, November 7, 2013

Prairie School Day 20

Little House Ch 18 and 19 

Today we opened in prayer and devotion ... Our devotion today was on justification ! We discussed just because we think something is ok doesn't mean it's ok in Gods eyes ! For example the government signed a treaty with the Indian's saying certain property belongs to them ! However the settlers took over their land for themselves ! Our scripture came from the book of Proverbs 21:2
 Every way of a man is right in his own eyes: but the Lord pondereth the hearts.
Our chapters today were filled with excitement ! The Indians returned to the Ingalls home yet again ! The first time peacefully a tall Indian came and had dinner ! Jack still does not like the Indians ! Because of his fierceness towards them he has to be chained at all times ... After pinning and not letting the Indian pass ! Pa knew that if he attacked one of them it would have serious consequences! The next time they raided the home and took Ma's cornmeal and pa's tobacco ! They were going to take the skins Pa was saving to trade with ... but the Indians left them behind !!! The weather has turned cooler and Christmas is upon them !!!The girls are so excited !!! It has been raining fiercely and they are in hopes of snow !!! Because we all know as Laura put it the reindeer can't fly with out snow ! The heavy rains has caused the the river to rise and has made it to dangerous to pass !!! Pa told Ma Mr Edwards wouldn't be coming for Christmas dinner !!! Ma also told the girls that Santa probably wouldn't be coming either ! They were blessed little girls to have clothes , food , and shelter... Most of all parents that loved them and Santa would certainly remember them next  year ! That night Ma told the girls she would hang their stockings just in case ! Laura and Mary knew in their heart Santa wouldn't be coming ... Ma told Laura to go to sleep time would pass more quickly the sooner they went to sleep ! The next morning Laura woke to the sound of Edward calling from outside the door ! He had risked his life to cross the raging river to bring the girls their Christmas !!! He spent the morning telling the girls how he met Santa while Ma filled their stocking  !!! The girls were over joyed with their simple gifts !!! A new shiny tin cup one of their very own , a peppermint stick , a heart shaped sugar cake , and a shiny penny all of their own !!! Such meager gifts that they were so happy with !!! Mr Edward also brought Ma 9 sweet potatoes to go with Christmas dinner  !!! 
I am amazed at all the things we have today and still want more... The Ingalls truly lived in such a simpler time ! When nothing was wasted and they were grateful for all things big and small !!! There are great many lessons to be learned here ... We finished our day doing our everyday assignments ! We put Sissys Christmas tree up in her room today !!! We decorated our house earlier in the week for Christmas ! It seemed fitting that we read about the Ingalls Christmas today !!! I am excited about tomorrow we will be doing some Prairie cooking :) Hope everyone has a blessed evening ! 

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