Thursday, November 14, 2013

Prairie School Day 24

Little House Ch 26
Today we finished thee Little House On The Prairie Book ! 
It was such a bitter sweet book ! It was almost like we were apart of the Ingalls family saying good bye to the little house that so much work went into to make a home ! Packing all their belongings back up in the covered wagon to head to Independence !
Our home is officially on Christmas schedual  starting Monday !!! I am really excited about this ! I purchased a book with all the Little House Christmas stories in it !!! We will read a chapter a week and do Christmas activities that go with that book for the week !!! We also purchased the Little House Christmas Craft book ... I have loved the simplicity of each Christmas we have spent with the Ingalls so far  !!! We will start back with the Banks of Plum Creek in January !!! I look forward to sharing Christmas with you guys !!! Blessings to all !!!

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