Wednesday, April 2, 2014

On The Banks Of Plum Creek Day 1&2

Chapters 1-3

 We were excited to start back Prairie School after such an extended break ! We felt like the Ingalls family during our time of transition ! We are loving our new home and church and excited about our new journey ! Like always we started our day with prayer and devotion... Like all the other new things we started a new book as well !!!! It doesn't take Laura long to get herself in trouble !So yesterday we talked about complaining .... Pa had to remind Laura of all the things she had and not to concentrate on what she wanted ...We read in the Bible Number 11:18-20 we discussed the children of Israel's complaining and what God had to say about it  .... Today we talked about trust and how God uses the Holy Spirit to remind us when we are doing wrong .... Laura disobeyed Pa by visiting the swimming hole after being told not to .... Her conscious wouldn't let her sleep until she told Pa of her behaviour ! We used James 5:16 as our scripture today :
Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.

 We read Chapters 1-3 yesterday !!! We started the adventures On The Banks of Plum Creek ! We both were amazed at the new home the Ingalls would be living in for the next little while !They have traveled a long ways fron Kansas to Minnesota. Near the town of Walnut Grove ! Town would just be a short 3 mile walk from their home . I understood the excitement after living such a drive to town to have it just a few miles away ...   Pa traded a gentlemen for his land , stable, oxen and dugout. In return Pa gave him Pet , Patty, and Bunny the colt , and the Ingalls wagon .The land was a beautiful prairie land , with a stream near by , a grove of willow trees , and the Ingalls new home . A dug out in the ground much like what I know of a root cellar to be.Ma seemed happy with the new home she found it neat and tidy and would do until winter came .... Pa was excited about the land! He thought it would bring a good wheat crop ! That would mean more money than the family had ever seen !The girls loved the gay flowers and the creek they could play in! There was dangers here as well and Pa warned them never to go to the big pool of water alone ...
 We spent time learning about trees !!!How each and every part of the tree is important !!! We learned how tree are important to odour environment to provide oxygen and rid the air of carbon monoxide ! We discussed water purification ! Why its not safe to drink water straight from a stream ! The effects that could come from doing so ! We discussed how to purify water at home or on a hike if clean water isn't available . We discussed how the Ingalls didn't know the importance of water purification ! Sissy drew morning glories during reading time ! She is quite the artist if I do say so myself !!!

     Chapters 4,5,6
 Today's chapter were just as adventurous as yesterdays !!! Poor Laura jut can not seem to keep herself out of trouble .... Pa took the family to the deep swimming hole to swim in our first chapter !Ma told the girls not to go to deep!Laura couldn't resist though !!!with each step she went deeper and deeper !Till finally  she found herself in trouble ! Little did she know Pa had just dunked her !He told Laura the importance of doing what Ma asked her to do ! When the day was over Pa and Ma took the girls home and reminded them them they were to never ever go to the swimming hole with out him with them !!!! 
 The very next day Laura was enjoying playing in the prairie ! Looking on admiring the pretty butterflies , watching the fish in the stream , admiring the flowers in bloom !She became bored and thought how fun it would be to visit the tableland Pa had showed them the day before ! After all he didn't tell her she couldn't visit there .... So off she went ... She didn't find it as fun or interesting with out Pa or Mary ! Hot , sweaty , and itchy she found herself wanting to visit the swimming hole ! What could it hurt to visit as long as she didn't touch the water .... Or maybe just stick her feet in the water ... No one had to know ! Along the way she came across a strange grey animal ! It was enough to scare her into going home ! Laura told herself over and over that no one ever had to know she had went to the swimming hole ! Besides only her and the badger knew .... That night Laura was unable to sleep her conscious wouldn't let her .... She rose from her bed and told Ma and Pa what she had done .... Pa explained she had broken his trust as punishment the next day she would not be allowed to go anywhere Ma couldn't see her .... Which meant she spent the whole next day inside helping Ma with chores! The next day Pa took her and Mary to watch a cattle heard come in ! Pa surprised the family with the most beautiful Cow they had ever seen !!! This was a great surprise and joy for the family because it meant there would be milk and butter again !!!
  We learned about badgers today also butterflies what makes them so grand !!!! We talked about lichens that grow in the wild !How they are both fungus and algae .... There importance in the Eco system !!!!Sissy is also reading the biography about Fanny Crosby ! We have loved the new book and we re excited to see what adventure will find us tomorrow !!! I am even more excited to be blogging about our school days again !!!!

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