Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Plum Creek Day 3

On the Banks Of Plum Creek 
Chapters 7,8,&9

 Well we have fallen behind again due to illness late last week ! So we are picking up where we left off last week !Today we opened with devotion and prayer ! Our Scripture came from Mathew 18:6
 But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.
 Laura and Mary ruined a stack of hay Pa had piled up by jumping and sliding down the massive pile ! Pa had told the girls not to slide down the hay stack anymore because he had to stop his work and re stack the hay again !!!! The next day Laura wanted to smell the hay stack and before she new it she was climbing the hay stack again... Encouraging Mary to join her.... Before they new it they had tore the hay stack down again ....That night when Pa returned from the fields He asked the girls had they slid down the stacks again? They replied no Pa we rolled down the stack!!! Pa chuckled at the girls and told them not to roll down the stack of hay any more ... Because if they continued the cattle would not have food for the winter ! So the girls never slid or rolled down the hay stack again !
 Sissy and I discussed the importance not to encourage other to do wrong ... Through peer pressure .... Also we discussed the importance not to give in . We talked about the consequences that could come from both ... we both agreed the girls were lucky ... They didn't get in lots of trouble ....
 Our Chapters today were again very exciting !!!! The girls were given daily chores !Pa started his first wheat crop ! He discussed with the girls the importance of not plying with the farm tools !!!!The girls picked plums from the plum groves ..
 Today's Prairie lessons were busy !!!! We talked allot about animal classifications !!!! Also the life cycle of seeds and plants !!!
 We studied about Wheat the planting and growing process ! How the kernel is used to make flour !Also the other parts of the stalk is used in many other things such as kitchen cabinets .... Sissy drew a wheat plant and labeled each part and it importance ....We discussed the land and hard labor wheat threshing would have been by hand !How we are thankful God allowed new technology to make things easier !
 We discussed how creative God was to give us different types of the same fruits !this makes it easier for the farmer to grow his crops !!!!We have to take short trip to wally world after church we are going to get a plum to eat tomorrow and some apples to dry !!! We are excited to see how that works !!!
 We also discussed foreshadowing in stories. How it hinted at something to come !!!!She completed her scripture memory verse for the week and recited it out loud !!!! She recited Psalms 51:1-2 !!!! I am so proud of her !!!
 She completed a drawing of a tree she started last week as well ! She also added her own poem to the side of it !!! I thought I would share it with everyone!!! I may just have a writer and illustrator on my hands :)

 Her Poem 
 Have you ever noticed we are allot like trees ? God created trees to be strong! Just like He created us to be strong ! Even though trees get week and fall down sometimes.... God helps them to grow again , makes them stronger just like He made us ..
 He made their branches to be lifted up to touch the heaven to praise..... Just as we lift our arms to praise our King in heaven ! He made them to grow each day just like He made us to grow each day ....In faith in Him ! God planted the tree in rich soil just like we are planted in Gods garden in Heaven safe from harm .....By Christian Almond 14 
 Well this has been our adventure for today !!!! Hope you have enjoyed sharing it with us !!! Hope everyone has a blessed evening .....




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