Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Plum Creek Day 4

Chapters 13,14, &15

 Today we opened in prayer and devotion!!! I truly find this such an honor to have the privalge to do this daily with my daughter !!!!Our devotion today came from Psalms 139:13-16. We talked this morning about how God made us different ! There is no two alike !!! That each of us are uniquly made in the image of God and we are His master peice ! Laura and Mary are an awesome example of how God made us different.
 Today's reading was about Christmas preperations on plum creek!!! I look forward to the Ingalls celebrations in each book !!!!Ma encouraged Mary and Laura to ask for Christmas horses ! So the girls did ! Carrie was to young to understand what that ment so Ma asked the girls to make her a button string !!!! The girls were so excited about such an suprise !!
 They spent much time looking through Ma's buttons ! Stringing each one till it was perfect !!! The night of Christmas eve Ma hung Carries stocking, Pa asked Laura and Mary wern't they going to hang theirs ? They didn't quit know what to think because Christmas horses wouldn't fit in a stocking ! The next morning to their suprise they found candy and new horses in the stable !!! Pa let the girls ride them to get water that morning !!!!

 Our Next two chapter were just as exciting for spring was once again upon them and large amounts of rain came to the prairie causing the creek to rise through the night . The next morning the water was still rising causing a flood ..... Even as the rain fell from the heavens Laura couldn't help herself .... She went outside in the cold rain in her night gown and just stood there with it falling on her face ... Mary was suprised at her behaviour because proper young ladies would never do such a thing .....
 The very next day Laura ventured to out once again ! This time to the creek where the little foot bridge stands .... Laura was at first satisified watching the water lick the bridge ... Before she knew it she was on the foot bridge letting the water flow against her feet . Then she sat down and let the water roll over her legs .... Until finally she laid down trying to hold on to the rail and stuck her whole body into the rapids .... Barely holding on and almost to the point of drowning Laura descibed the water as icy shards ... The strong currents held her till she was able to pull herself back up .... Ma didnt punish her because she felt Laura had learned her lesson .... The water was much stronger than she was ....
 In todays reading Ma was reading the MillBank to Pa. 

We discussed the history of the book that it had such an impression on Lauras mind it was worth seeing what it was about !
 Sissy Also wrote an discriptive paragraph of one of her own experinces with water .
 We also spent some time in my button collection and made our own button strings !!!! We hing them from the ceiling fan in our school room !Thanks for sharing our days with us !!!Hope you enjoy the pictures below !!!

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