Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Prairie School Day 5 Plum Creek

Chapters 16,17,&18

 Our devotion today came from Proverbs 22:7. 
 The rich ruleth over the poor, and the borrower is servent to the lender.
 I guess you could say we talked today about living with in our means ! Not borrowing large amounts of money that we may not be able to pay back .... Not that there aren't thing that getting loans are good for ... Such as buying a home....The scripture is very true in what it is speaking of !!!!
 Todays chapters were almost as exciting as Christmas !!!Pa has started planting of the wheat feilds !!! He also planted oats and a garden for Ma !It was hard work ! Since there had not been enough snow the ground was dry .... Pa was often tired even to tired to talk ...However the wheat crop brought new promises to the Ingalls family !!! It ment a real house ! Not the dug out !A house made of mill cut boards, glass windows , a bedroom for Pa, Ma , and Carrie! The attic would be Laura and Marys room ..... It would have a lean to for storage... A family room !!!! The girls were filled with excitement!!!!! Pa was able to make all this happen with the help of a loan with the promise that when he made profit from the feilds he would pay his debt off . Pa even bought Ma a cook stove to cook on!!!! As a suprise to her !!!!The girls each had a box to keep there belongings in !!! Each bedroom had a closet for there clothes hang !!!Ma made cutains to hang !!!!The excitment was so great for this family !!!! After the girls moved Pa told them not to visit the creek close to the dugout no longer . But follow the path just outside the new house and see what they found ! Much to there suprise they found a stream to enjoy ! Both girls waded and teased a crawldad ! Till Laura ventured into some murky water she found that she had picked up some stowaways along the way .... Lichens had attached themselves to her legs and she no longer felt like playing .... When they arrived home Ma told the girls they would soon be attending school !!!!
 We learned about the medical uses of Lichens today ! We both agree that although they can be good we hope to never need their help !
 Sissy also wrote a discriptive paragraph on noises she heard ouside at night !
 She painted a watercolor today as well !!!!I hope next week to really get to do some prairie activities !!!!

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