Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Prairie School Plum Creek Day 3

Chapters 19,20,&21
 Today we opened in prayer and devotion. Our devotion came from several scriptures ! Proverbs 12:1, 13:1, 13:24, 15:5&12, 22:15 & 28:23.We talked about the importance of respect !Especially for our parents and our elders ! This is a big thing in our home it was instilled to our girls from the time they could waddle ... Nellie Olsen however didn't have any respect for her parents, elders , or peers !!! Gods Word says we should love one another .... I feel we should show that in all aspects of life!
 I loved our story today !!! Laura and Mary would be starting school !!! Laura was very unsure of school at first !She thought she would miss the creek to much !
 The girls walked 2 miles to and from school each day by themselves .... They knew they had found the school when they heard the children outside !
 Their welcome was not one of friendliness!The girls were called names because their dresses were shorter than the city girls dresses ! One of the girls quickly came to the rescue ! Both Mary and Laura fell in love with school !Mary was much more advanced than Laura! Laura was the only one in her class that didn't know how to read !Before long she was reading simple words !The girls couldn't wait to tell Pa and Ma about their day !When Pa realized the girls were using the teachers slate Pa said he couldn't have that !So He took a dime out of his fiddle case and Ma wrapped it in a hanky and pinned it to the pocket of Mary's dress ! The very next day on their way to school the girls bought their very own slate to share ! However they didn't have enough money for the chalk !The girls didn't want to ask Pa for more money after he bought the slate for them!So they took Mary's penny she got for Christmas in the Indian territory to buy the chalk they needed !They would share Laura's penny !
 Laura enjoyed recess playing the games with the other girls ! However when Nellie Olsen realized couldn't make the girls to continue to play ring around the Rosy , after Laura suggested they play Uncle John... Nellie Pulled Laura's hair with both hands and stormed off and cried because she didn't get her way !I was glad Laura didn't let Nellie bully her !
 Today we talked a little more about Lichens and Sissy wrote a report about them !We studied the history of paper !the pros's and cons of having it !How slates were better for our environment !Also how paper had made so many other things possible !
 We looked up the definition in the American Dictionary of the English Language for school !It called it a vacation !We weren't to sure Laura thought of it that way!We worked on our other school things as well today !Sissy drew a picture of the inside of the Olsen's store ! We had an awesome day of praire school.... I can see each chapter play out before my eyes !!! I love how the Little house books come to life ! Can't wait to share the next few chapters with you guys !!!


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