Sunday, July 13, 2014

our new adventure

It has certainly been awhile... I have missed sharing with everyone ! So I thought I would take a moment to share my heart ....
We have now been in Gold Hill now for 4 months ! It has been a true blessing to know you are in the center of Gods will ! We are in love with our new church and church family ! 
We have already seen God do great and mighty things ! 
I love our new home ! We have have started new adventures in the few short months we have been here ! Amber is officially a high school graduate ! Christian is now a high school student .... My babies are no longer babies .... They are beautiful young ladies I see God preparing for their adventure everyday !
Jody bought me chickens !!!! I never thought I would really get some !!!! I love them !!! Tom, Lily, Buttercup, Ruby, Powder, and Maybelle have became very special to me! I love waking up feeding them and seeing how much they have grown ! I have learned so much in the short time we have had them ! Patience would be at the top of that list lol ! 
I guess you could say we have settled into our new life quite well ! I love being near our families again reuniting with friends and making new ones ! Reconnecting with our God children ! I can remember when our ministry was first starting .... How hard it was just to let go follow God and let my husband lead our family ! When we both realized God was going to move our family from our home town to the NC mnts. How scary it was ! How hard the adjustment was behind closed doors .... Because what the last thing you want a new church to think is that your not happy where God placed you ! When in fact I was happy I just missed my family and friends !!! 
I must say though that was the best thing that ever ever happened to our family !!! We learned to depend on one another to be a true family ! to listen to God and follow His leading in all we do ! So when He said to go this last time we were able to follow His call so easily ! 
My favorite book series is the A Life of Faith Series Millie Keith ! One of my favorite passages from the first book is said by dear aunt Wealthy Stanhope ! Life is not a tea party but an adventure to be lived ..... 
I love my new adventure ! 
I miss my friends in the mountains ! I have many dear ones !!! that I love dearly ! I love that we take time to email , facebook , call, and visit ! I know we will do these things for years to come ! I love hearing about their adventures God is sending them on ! 
Please pray as we continue ours !!!! As we start a new school year , try to find a new homeschool group, grow our new ministry here, and make continue in this new chapter in our life ! I look foreword  to  sharing our days to come with you guys ! Blessing to all of you .....