Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Breaking Free

I have been praying for awhile now about the upcoming year .... What did the Lord need from me ?!?! What do I need to let go of and how would He have me to do these things ..... The longer I prayed the more I realized I let the past hold me prisoner .... Making it harder to move on and do new things in ministry and life ! This one verse of scripture kept coming to mind:
 Isaiah 40:8 The grass withers, the flower fades,
    but the word of our God will stand forever.
I prayed and asked the Lord what was I to learn from this .... I had read this scripture a thousand times its one of my favorites ! What had I missed ! I learned I had missed a lot actually !!! I would like to share them with you ....
The grass and the flowers fading stand for three things in my life ...
1- my past it has happened but it's over ! It can no longer hurt me ! People's words can and the memories .... The act itself no longer holds keys to my life ! Jesus
 took them the day I got saved ..... I don't have to worry about people's opinions anymore .... Theirs doesn't count !!!! I need to break out of the cage my past is holding me in ....
2- in order to realese myself from the cage I have to quit looking back .... I don't mean stop having relationships with those close to me ... I must stop looking back at what God closed the door on ... It's was done or He wouldn't have said GO !!! That He did !!! He told us to Go it was time .... I don't need to worry about how much they stalk social media , talk about me to make sure it gets back,
or worry about their opinion .... God wasn't worried when He closed the door ... Why am I still worried about what they think ! Gods opinion is all that matters ! He loves me for me He created me ! He knew about all these things ! He had a plan ! 
3- In order to stay out of the cage I must close this year knowing God is in control ! You see there was nothing that happened that surprised Him ! Me on the other hand I was blind sighted several times .... I lost a lot this year .... Oh but I gained so much ! I learned so so much about my home ..... Things that needed to change ... Things that need to embrace ! I learned God closes one door to open a new amazing door full of blessings !!! When 2015 arrives I can't continually go back to visit 2014 ! I must embrace 2015 knowing God has it !!!! I must break out of the cage because the grass and flowers there are dieing and I will to if I stay stuck there .... 
Instead I want to stand on the promise of the last part of the verse ! The Word of God will stand forever !!!! 
That's means there is nothing I will face in 2015 that God will not be right there with me !!! So my new year resolution will be to BREAK FREE and enjoy the life God has given me !!! I am blessed beyond word ! I plan to blog daily through the upcoming year ! If I miss a day it's because I was soaring in the blessing Jesus has me for that day !!!! Pray each of you have a year full of love and blessings that fill your lives with joy !!!! I know mine will be because I'm breaking free 💖


  1. I'm SUPER excited about your blogging!!!! I can't wait! Its one of my resolutions too! And can I ever relate to this blog post. I love you, and I can totally understand every word of this! It is behind us and you have to leave it there, and I pray so hard that I can too! I can't even imagine the hurt you've experienced this year... but I'm most thankful that through it all, through all the time that this year tried to tear us apart, I love you just as much if not more at the end of this year as I ever have, and I know that I have a forever friend in you, and you have NO idea how greatful I am for that! We don't get to talk as much, but when we do it feels like no time has passed at all, and that's a once in a lifetime bond! I love you to the moon and back and I'm SO glad that God has blessed you so much! I can't wait to see you again soon and I love you so very much!!!! did I mention how excited I was about you blogging more? LOL! :) Love you bestie, always and forever. :)

    1. Stacy your friendship means more than you will ever know !!!! I am so blessed to have a bond with you that will last a lifetime !!! Beaties forever !!! God has a plan .... I know you will always be apart of it !!!! I love you so very much !!! I am truly blessed beyond words to call you friend ! I love you Mostess !!!!


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