Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Being Content .....

I have been thinking alot lately about my blessed life !!!! I must say I am truly blessed!!! Being a stay at home Mom for 19 yrs , I have seen many things come and go ! Some good some bad .... I can remember times not feeling like I was enough or that I should be more .... Or my family needs that or this , when we already have plenty .... I got hurt over the weekend so my normal has been anything but ... Has led me watching more TV than usual .... I noticed or was reminded what I already knew .... It is nothing but a reminder of what your not ... Or leave you wanting for things you don't need ... So I had to find a alternative ! So I worked on some church things ... While I was preparing for a future A Life Of Faith Tea Party ! I realized that years ago people were content and thankful for all they had ... They were content in their own homes .... With their own families ... Never looking for what the other had ... Insted they pulled together to help one another ... Carrying the load of one another ... We lost much over the generations progressing into the here and now ... We left behind many of the important staples we should have carried with us ... Such as pulling together to help one another , praying as families , spending time together as family , moms teaching their daughters life skills , having meals together , and the list goes on .... I am so thankful for the most part my family still does these things ! It would do us all good to learn some lessons from Ma and Pa Ingalls ... Spend time with one another and bloom where you are and don't look to this old world to bloom in the ways of it ....hope you all have a very blessed evening !!! 
💜 Shellie

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  1. I've thought about that picture ever since you posted it on instagram! Isnt' that true??? We are bombarded with what our lives 'should' look like SOOOO many times.. God has really worked on my heart with contentment, and its SO hard to admit discontentment, let alone actually try to do something about it.. but I feel the same, and its something I'm really working hard to do! I love you!


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