Monday, January 12, 2015

Glad He knows the way ....

And he said, “My presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.”
                   Exodus 33:14
I finally feel human again !!! Thank you Jesus for your healing !!!! This weekend has been very busy for me ! However I am happy I felt like keeping up with it ! I spent some time with my sister This weekend !!! I am so blessed to have her ! We finished up going through the last of the things that came from my nephews when he passed away ! It was very emotional most of what was left was my my MawMaw's .... It was her things from her house in West Virgina .... There was a lot of time traveling .... So many memories attached to each peice .... I was beyond astonished when my sister called me the other day ... She had came across a box , when she opened it up it had a bunch of little boxes and they had my name on them !!! Much to my surprise it was my MawMaw's Rose parrerned China !!!! Years ago I had asked in the event of something happened to her could I please have the tea set ?!? She told me that day to take it, I didn't want it till she couldn't enjoy it herself anymore ... Life happened things happened ... I was told it was gone .... I am blessed to have it with me now !!!! As I took my Christmas decorations today , I had forgotten about all the little things I had gotten when Josh passed away .... The wave of emotions ... Were so strong .... I found my self talking to my heavenly Dad about how I felt , all through my day !!! Telling how my heart ached for my sister and nephew .... How I missed their voices , laughter , and smiles ! He reminded me he holds the map of my life ! When I get caught in the valley He is there to lift me out !!!! To help me get to higher grounds !!! I am so glad He is !!! With out Him I'm afraid I would drown ... He eased my hurt and helped me get through my day !!!! My house is now back to normal , disinfected , and fresh decor ! 
 Not sure why , but I love to change things up ! What an awesome opportunity to do so ... When your taking down ... To put new out ! Needless to say we will be kicking off school tomorrow ! Also a healthier me !!! I plan to start excersizing again !!!! So glad my heavenly Dad holds tomorrow !!! I plan to let Him hold the map and lead the way ! Hope you guys have a blessed evening !!!

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  1. He's such a sweet and amazing little boy! Praise God for his miracles! Love you!


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