Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Kid Hero ❤️

Today was filled with many things , school , laundry , excersize, most of all dinner with my God family ! Almost 8yrs ago now we were blessed and asked to be God parents !!!! These kids will never know the joy they have brought to my life ! I love you Claudia and Dawson ! Almost a year and a half ago Dawsons parents received some disturbing news, our God son had a cyst on his brain that would require surgery ! He did great ! Come through surgery well , recovery was great ! At a routine 6 month check up right after we moved back home a spot seen during earlier scans had grown and raised suspicion ! Due to the size and placement of the tumor it to would require surgery ! This time it came back a rare form of brain cancer ....  He would spend the next three months at St. Judes ! Dawson is cancer free now !!!! I love it when my God shows up and proves Drs wrong ! We are almost to the 1 yr mark and it's time for scans again ! Even though he isn't fond of plane rides , needle , MRI machines , chemo one week a month for the next year , and countless drs appointments ! He never looses his laugh , smile , or sense of humor ! He is one of my heros in this life ! I don't know if he will ever know whatan impact   he has made  on my life !!! I am truly blessed to be apart of his life !!! So I spent the evening begging for pictures ,?stealing hugs , talking about our up coming lock-in at church , and praying for a safe trip !!!  He is so full of life ! I can't help to think how blessed I am to come home with healthy kids ! To not worry or wonder .... I'm blessed for the time I have with my God daughter during this time ! My girls always picked up like they were never apart... When we moved home this was still very true ! God was right on time , when He moved us home ! Because now I get enjoy that endless laughter and joy ! So just remember those days your kids are on your nerves .... That theres a Mommy somewhere would love to have one of those moments ! Hold your babies close and thank God for their health ... Honestly none of us never know ! I'm just glad that I know the Great Physician !!! He touched and Healed Dawson .... I can't wait to remind him he's my hero ... 

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