Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Make it count !

.... I have spent a lot of time reflecting the past few days .... Well let's be honest being laid up on the couch hasn't left much choice .... I felt some better yesterday ! I was so excited I just knew I would even better today and school and cleaning would surely begin ! 
Then it happened ... I woke up feeling awful again !!!! I was so disappointed ! I decided not to pout about it and just rest .... As I did my devotion I realized God wasn't surprised He knew ! I am can just imagine him laughing at me ! Because He knows me ! I'm sure He finds me humorous to know I can't clean and I am going to start school back next week ! My perfect plans have been turned upside down !!!! My OCD self can not stand for things to be out of order !!! My heavenly Dad must think that He needs to switch life up for me !
    It was As I was reading my devotion though I realized it may feel like gloom today , but later when I look back I will see just how God used it to build something better ! I have enjoyed the morning and afternoon conversations with my college girl !!! The lazy hang out afternoons with my youngest teen ... The not so hustle bustle of ministry life and a homeschool mom ... I haven't been happy about being sick ... I realized that God enjoys it when we slow down and enjoy Him as well !!! I love my time with him ! I realized today I have been through a lot of changes last year!!! Some were very hard ! Others not so bad ..... One this is for sure though ... I like her the woman I have became .... She is kind , gentle , loving ,creative , but she can hold her own ! Above all though she has realized With God I can do all things !!! And we have no where to go but up from here !!! Blessings guys ! ❤️Shellie 

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