Monday, January 19, 2015

My Day Off ❤️

And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.
                                        Philippians 4:7
Most of you know I am a wife ,homeschool Mom , First Lady of our church , childrens ministry administrator, friend , daughter , and much more ! In a nut shell I'm a busy lady most everyday !!! However I am very blessed !!! Wouldn't change any of it ! Monday's have been my day off for 2 yrs now ! Family day , no cleaning , ministry work , or school ! I usually spend it plain out resting ! I must say it's much needed for this house because Sunday is a constant go !!!! When I read my devotion this morning it was all about Keeping God in every aspect of your day !!! I am so glad I learned a long time ago, how important that is to do !!! Just because I take the day off He doesn't ! He still very much wants to be apart of my day ! So I include Him even on my days off !!! I have had a really relaxing day today ! I need it for my busy week to come ! I've read a book, took a hike , watched a little Netflix , and spent time with my family .... I am so very blessed wit this life God has given me ! So if you a very busy person like myself .... Please take oneday and call it your day off ! I promise you and your family will thank you !!! Until tomorrow , I pray your evening is filled with love and laughter ! Blessings 💜Shellie 


  1. I bet I know what you watched on Netflix! LOL! I love you! You deserve a day off!

  2. Lol !!! No I've done watched them twice since last season haha !!!! I watched some kind of crime show lol !!! I love you


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