Tuesday, January 20, 2015

When Everything we Try seems it isn't working !

 And  he said to all, “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me.
Luke 9:23
We all go through those times in our lives, when everything we touch or try just doesn't seem like it's working !!! I have been there countless times !!!! Some of you may be there now !!!! I have found more times than not , we are spinning our wheels ! The reason why is because all to often we forget to ask our our heavenly Dad if it's what He wants ! I know that sounds silly , but it's true ! For instance it's that time of year again everyone is wanting to diet ! Either that want to be healthier or they need to loose weight ! I cringe when I read I want to loose such and such by such and such date ! Here's another good one to consider I believe I will change the way I do things because so and so said I need to change things up ! Let me ask some questions ! First have you really spent time talking to our heavenly Dad about it ? Have you asked Him if that's the order He have you do things ? When it come to diets have you talked to Your Heavenly Dad and your hubby ? More times than Not the answer to that is no !!! It ends up leaving us frustrated and over whelmed ! You see It's important to talk to our hubby's ! I have seen  countless marriages  crumble from this mistake !!! You think one way well he has another thought ! Trust me it worth talking to him about it ! my sweet hubby tells me all the time I am beautiful ! I thank him for that !!! I recently expressed I really needed to go back to a healthier life style ! This is how he responded ! I think you are beautiful as you are and I don't think you need to loose weight ! Yet we should eat healthier and be more active ! That made my heart skip a beat !!! I know a few men who would never compliment their wives ... Instead tell them they could stand to loose a few pounds ! As we talked we discussed with our girls it was for health reasons ! Not diets ! That being healthy didn't mean becoming bean polls lol ! If weight loss comes great, if not I know my hubby is attracted to me !!!! I'm ever greatful for that !!! I have found when I change other things it helps when I talk to him and Dad about them as well ! When he helps me pray about it and we talk about it , often it helps make the process easier , when are both on board the same ship ! Trust me we have been on opposite ships before and it was anything but smooth sailing !!!!! When I did my devotion this morning it on these things ! I must say it truly hit home ! It made me think of times in my life when I didn't pray and just acted ! I was left spinning my tires ! Till finally I would realized this wasn't how my heavenly Dad wanted things ! Change is very hard ! No mater who you are ! It's even harder when you start to getting older ! I would truly advise anyone to spend time in prayer when your going to start changes talk to your hubby about it ! Remember your a team and when your cheering for the same things it sails much smoother !!! I'm glad Jesus never tires of my countless plans of change and He Has no fear to say no !!!!! That He is always there to help guide me when she says Yes !!! Are you spinning ?!?! If so take a step back talk to our heavenly Dad about it ! I promise you won't be disappointed !!! He so wants to be apart of all your aspects of life !!!! You will spend less time spinning and more time gaining new ground ! Praying you have an amazing week !!! 💛Shellie 

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  1. I love you guys so much, your relationship is so cute :) Its easy to overlook how blessed we are when our hubby's love us just the way we are. Stephen loves me the way I am.. he just encourages me to do better because he knows it'll make me happy- but he's quick to let me know how much he does love me as I am, and I'm sure he's learned a lot of that from your hubby :)
    I love you so much, and I think you're absolutely beautiful and perfect exactly the way that you are!!! I can't wait to see you!


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