Thursday, January 15, 2015

When to be quiet ....


21 Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruits.
This I must say has never been a second nature for me ! I'm quick to speak if asked .... Sometimes that's a really good thing other times not so great ... I have been working on not reacting when upset for sometime now , I guess about a good year .... After someone I never thought would accuse me of something they knew wasn't true out of their anger .... I'll never forget those hot tears as they ran down my face .... All the years I had worked to show I was no longer that person was stipped away at that moment .... I remember being so upset I screamed I quit ! I am done ! No more ! I'm tired of being nice and sharing and getting trampled on all because I'm who a , "pastors wife "! My husband tried his best to soothe my brokenness .... He tried to make their wrong right .... He had to leave for awhile and he hadn't been gone long when the phone rang ! Much to my surprise the voice on the other line was who I needed right at that moment ! That Man of God will never know how his words changed my life !!!! This is what've said " it's okay to be angry sis , their words cut deep , but don't use words to hurt them back" ! Stand stonger than them ! Because you will always remember how their words made you feel , they will never forget how you didn't break ! After this mornings devotion I needed to remind myself of this ! Guys our tongues , have the power of life and death in them ! What we say about others to them and behind their backs can sometimes be the straw that breaks a camels back ..... We should speak life when we speak of someone or not speak at all and pray about it ! I went to bed upset woke up upset . So I wouldn't speak harsh words to my teenage daughter ! See we all have been young and known it all at some point .... Often we just need to let them live and learn .... Im trying to set an example .... 
Words have a lasting affect a stigma you could say .... For instance if you constantly talk abou yourself as fat and ugly. No matter how small you are and beautiful you are .... You will never see yourself that way ! Now I am trying to do some life changes right now healthier ones .... You won't hear diet , fat , or ugly out of my mouth.... Here is why ! I am fearfully and wonderfully made ! I may need some fine tuning but God made me beautiful exactly the way I am ! I am not suppose to be my sixteen year old self forever lol ! I'm okay with that my prayer is that my words speak life not death ! Also not to allow those who speak those deadly words against me have any ground to stand on ! If your not good for me , I don't need you ! So let's use our tongues to speak life to those around us ! Like our Momma's taught us "if you can't say nothing nice don't say nothing at all"!  Praying each of you have a blessed day ! 💜Shellie

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  1. Certainly wise words from a wise woman! I still will never forgive myself for not being there for you during that time when you hurt so much :( I love you though, and I'm praying for you SO hard. Its hard to know when to be quiet.. God is working on that in me as well! Love you SO very much! Know that always... no matter what!


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