Friday, May 29, 2015

Gods Showing Me What's Next

 A little over a month ago, I shared I had been praying about what God would have me do next ! After talking to my Heavenly Dad and sweet hubby about it! I am excited to say that I know in my heart what is to be next ! For years I have dreamed of a doll boutique ! A lil shop all of my own filled with my creations ! Although that part may not come for awhile ! However I do plan to start my own online website in the near future and sell 18 inch doll clothes and accessories! I am so excited that even my hubby confirmed that I am always happiest when I sew what I love ! I love to create for 18 inch dolls! That wasn't all that God showed me though ! I am going to attempt to write a book ! That part is still a secret because it won't be what most think it will be ! However I am super excited about this step into my future ! I know God has great plans for me ! 
So all who would please keep me in your prayers ! God is good and I am so thank full for his blessings!

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  1. Can't wait to see everything that is going on in your life! You could always try an etsy shop! That seems like a GREAT way to get started! I can't wait to read your book :) Praying for you!


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