Saturday, May 2, 2015

Stronger !!!!


This time last week I was leaving Pigeon Forge heading back home ! A group of awesome ladies joined me at the Women of Joy Confrence !!!! 
   This is a late blog since I came home with vertigo ! Still feeling some of its effects ! 
    However I just couldn't wait to share what a blessing last weekend had been for me !!! I so enjoyed the worship !!! The carefree feeling of giving my Lord praise in up lifted hand , shouts , singing , and dancing feet !!!!! I love to show my Dad how much I love him !!!! 
    The theme was stronger !!!! I must say I left stronger !!!! Hearing each guest speaker I felt my soul let go and grow in such a stronger more intimate way in Jesus !!!! 
 Letting go of chains and embracing the hardships and finding joy ! A true joy that come from inside that can only be given by a mighty Saviour ! 
    It is said true joy come from a deep strength found inside ... No matter what the circumstances are !!!! 
      I truly pray I can carry that joy into each day God gives me !!! 
   I heard some awesome new speakers I wasn't familar with ! I am so glad my awesome Dad placed them in my life !!! 
Here is there names check them out I promise you won't be disappointed !!! 
Margret Feinberg 
Hope Heals - Kathrine Wolf 
Lisa Harper 
Angela Thomas 
Anita Renfroe 
Each of these ladies touched my heart in life changing ways !!!! Take a moment to google them ! Look them up on Facebook ! I promise you won't be disappointed !  
   That's not all that happened while I was away ! God revealed the dreams he wanted me to peruse !!!! I am super excited !!! To be who he created me to be! 
   I'm so blessed to be a child of the King! Fearfully and wonderfully made !!!! I'm blessed!!!! Stronger because I accept the child He created !!! The child He loves unconditionally ! That child is me !!! I embrace who I am !!! So I can be stronger in Him !!!! I can't wait to go again next year !!!! I'm so excited for what this year holds !!! All the things he has placed in my heart !!! Thanks for reading ! I can't wait to share His future plans !!! 
Here are some pictures from Confrence ! Hope you enjoy ! 💜Shellie 

Just in case your wondering there was 9,000 ladies in a sold out coliseum !!!! 
             God sure is good !!!!

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