Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Women of Joy and a Health Update

 I am so sorry it's been awhile since I updated ! I have had a lot going on! I came home from Women of Joy spiritually restored ! I now know why God said I couldn't miss it! I now have a glimpse of the things He has for me to do! I am super excited ! I know that it will require me allowing Him to do what He has plans to do! The worship and the speakers were absolutely amazing !!!! There wasn't a time during this Confrence God wasn't speaking right to my heart! I left so spiritually awakened !!!! Physically exhausted lol .... I wouldn't change it though! I know I needed to be there so it was worth every effort! So those of you who prayed so I could go thank you ! The ladies of our church were amazing ! They went in together and bought a newer used lighter wheel chair for me! It was much easier on them and me! They were all willing to help me with my bags and oxygen. It was a pleasure to amongst beautiful ladies who love the Lord and each other so much ! They are not just my friends but my family as well!
      I am on the mend slowly.... I am very tired and sore ..... Still swollen all over .... According to the doctor on Monday all of this is normal at this point. He cut my oxegyn down from 2 liters to one !!! He hopes to have me off of it in the next 2 weeks !!! I am very excited about that. After talking to my sweet hubby I won't return to children's ministry until later in May.... The chest tube left open wound that is still draining .... He just feels I should heal up a lil more and I'm okay with that ! That away when I return stitches are out and the hole completely closed and hopefully have all my energy back !!!! I have moved back into the big house !!! After the surgery I have been able to walk !!! It's been so amazing to come back into the home I had created for our family !!! I even slept with my sweet hubby for the first time in over two months last night !!!! My God is so good !!!! 
   It has been a very trying few months .... But I can honestly say when I look back I have seen my Jesus all over this ! I know this sounds crazy, but I am thankful that even though it's been hard I have lived it and experienced His loving grace ....
 So let me end with this ! If your in a storm hold on He has you, even in the darkest part of it He has you !!! Don't let the tossing and turning turn you from Him ! Instead let it draw you closer to Him ! Praise Him even when it's hard !!!! Because I can promise you it will be worth it!!! He will give you beauty for your ashes !!!! I know He has me!!! I praise Him for  He is good !!!! 
I want to leave you with my favorite scripture ! If you remember a few blogs back I shared with you how my sweet hubby came in and told me the Lord wanted Him to remind me of my favorite verse !!! It has brought much comfort and encouragement ! Just know no matter what your going through Wait On Him! He will see you through ! 

But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.

Isaiah 40:31King James Version (KJV)



Sunday, April 17, 2016

Here we go again .... Hospital ....and surgery ... Oh my....

Just wanted to give you a update on what's been going on ! On Thursday I was addmitted back in to the hospital.... After a series of test it was determined that the fluid on my heart had gotten worse ! On Friday I was transported by ambulance to a hospital that specializes in heart conditions. On Saturday morning I had a heart surgery called a pericardial window .... It's a rare surgery considering how rare pericarditis is .... I have been in quite a bit of pain .... The outlook for my release is on Tuesday ! Please keep me in your prayers !!! I'll try to update you guys again soon !

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Test and progress ....

The quote of above is so very true .... This new adventure my Jesus has taken me on, at times has been very painful! I have felt as if I were close to death, I have felt deep pain physically and emotionally! I have felt as if I were falling apart at the seems, even lost and confused as to what was my Dad (God) thinking ! 
    Only to feel the loving hands of my creator wrap His arms around me and speak peace .... To remind me He had this ! It's anew adventure and He is creating someone stronger and more beautiful in the sight of my creator ! For I am fearfully and wonderfully made in His image ! I could never be anything less than amazing to him ! I have felt His promises ring through my heart, reminding me that all things work for His Glory !!! To stand firm on His promises for the healing would come !!! I know it will He promises it will! My God can not lie ! 
      We have made some small progress and I love to share what my God does! For He is always worthy of praise for all things !
     I have been able to walk Crome my chase all the way to the kitchen stove in my apartment !!! That is a total of 22 steps !!! After arriving I have been able to stand to prepare small meals !!! I have even been able to walk back after that twice !!! That may not sound like much for some but for my jello legs it's a huge improvement ! I do require a walker .... I am to unstable to walk long distance with out it ! That's okay, I'm thankful for my walker.... There were times in history no such things were available ! I am thankful I live in a time those things are there to help me out ! 
    I am still having to use higher doses of pain meds at night to sleep due to the chest pain... That and the hard time walking has alarmed my doctor, so I will see a cardiologist on May 13. To see where we stand with the pericarditis. 
    I had a breathing function test done today ... It was very helpful to help us understand what going on with my lungs. They look for 3 things ! First thing they check for are obstructions like Astmah , COPD, and emphysema. I do not have any obstructions !!! Thank you Jesus for answers prayers!!!  The second part of the test is to see how well my lungs inflate, I have moderate restriction ! Which means my lungs can not take in adequate air. This could be caused from the chemical burn in the lung or the pericarditis . We will be waiting to hear more about that ! The third thing they check for is to see how well the lungs are getting gasses and oxegyn to the blood stream. I have a mild compromise there... We are not clear what the next step will be .... We were told today that only time would tell if the body corrects all of this .... So we are kinda back at the lets hurry up and wait some more place again.... However over all these are answers and they aren't terrible ! It could have shown much worse things !!! My God is good !!! I am thankful for all He does ! I have been sharing in my last blog I would be attending the Women of Joy Confrence ! I am becoming super excited about this Confrence ! It is coming so quickly now ! I am also super excited about who I will be sharing this journey with! My youngest daughter will joining us also one of her close teenage friends and 9 ladies of our church !!! I know I am ment to be there !!! I simply can not wait to see what all God has in store for us !!!
I also finished the book A Women After Gods Own Heart by Elizabeth Goerge, my oh my how you should read if you haven't ! It is a life changer ! I am almost done with the Beth Moore book as well ! I have learned so much about David I hate for this book to end !!! I'll be sure to let you know it after I finish it as well ! I have so loved my quite time with the Lord lately ... I have grown so much ! Finding joy everyday even when it's hard has changed my life .... Trust me it's all how we look at things ! It's not always easy to find joy .... I promise if you look hard enough you will find it ! I have found joy also leads up to hope! The word hope in the Greek translation is elpis. Meaning "confident expectation in the unseen future" or "happy expectation of good. Hope brings forth positivity !!! Without hope we remain broken, we can't see the reason to keep fighting, we let negativity rule our lives !
Hope helps us to hold on because faith is reminding us something good is about to happen !
The Bible says it best in Jeremiah 29:11
For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope
Thanks for stopping by ! I hope that my journey has inspired you to draw closer to Jesus.... He did not promise me life would be a tea party but a grand adventure ! I'm glad He's leading the way !

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Time for War

Let's go to battle ! I had the honor and privilege to attend church this today !!!! I haven't yet returned to children's ministry, so I had the honor of attending worship up stairs !!! Ohh my and was it worth every ounce of energy and pushing myself to get there! The Pastor spoke today on the subject it's time for war! Ohh my was it amazing , but I must say it was for me !!! I have came to realize just a few days ago I am in a spiritual battle ! That is affecting my physical body! Devil would love for me to give up and quit fighting and proclaiming Gods promises .... Hate to tell him ... Not today or any day for that matter !!!! I have the letters from the King that proclaim my healing !!!! The Bible ! And guess what it can't lie .... 
   I don't know when that complete healing is coming ..... I just know it is and I will not stop proclaiming it and praising My Dad God for it !!! Not now not ever ! 
    I may have to be rolled in a wheel chair for now, but I will walk long distances again! My lungs will function properly again ! My heart will function properly again ! I know because My Dad (Jesus) has already revealed it in my spirit .... I love how He does stuff like that ! I have already given my shout of victory !!!! So what are you facing? Are you in a battle ? Please know God love you and He's got your victory He just wants you to stand until He gives the word !!!! Stand still and wait on Him ! It will be worth it !lean on the Lord when it's hard to stand He will give you strength to stand I promise !!! I'm praying for you this week coming ! I don't have to know your name cause God already does ! Praying your blessed this week !!!!! Thanks for stopping by !

Friday, April 8, 2016

22 steps !!!!

Wow it's been a busy day today ! I have had quite a bit of company ! Needles to say I am one tired girl this evening ! However today has been more than about company .... Some amazing things happened today ! My sweet hubby came home for lunch today ... He bent down and whispered in my ear and told me God  wanted me to him remind  me of my favorite verse ! Which is Isaiah 40:31 ! It has been my favorite verse since the day I got saved !!! 
       I had just told my sweet hubby the day before , I really wanted to walk ! I had walked to the edge edge of the carpet to realize it was no further than going to the bathroom I was so upset.... 
  When my sweet hubby told me that I had a renewed hope !!!! I love when God does that !
       So this afternoon I had already made my mind up I was going to try again today even if it was just 3 steps more ! So it was time to start dinner , I have been preparing meals even when if I had to sit in the wheel chair ! However today I wa determined to walk to that kitchen if it killed me lol!!! I am so happy to announce I walked 22 steps and stood and prepared supper all but about 5 minutes of it !!!! I was so excited !!! I was not able to walk back from the kitchen to the chase ... But I made it !!!! My God is good ! Now I must say as well I walked with the assistance of a walker ! I don't care how I got there, I know God helped me get there !!!!  I just had to brag about how good He is !!! I am blessed beyond belief! That's a huge progress after 39 days ! It's exactly 10 steps more than I have been able to take ! I still have a ways to go, I still have struggles with my heart and often get short of breathe .... No matter what though !!! I know God has my my healing !!! I praise Him for each and every improvement !!! Because it has only came because of Him !!!! Thanks for your prayers and stopping by !!! I can't wait to share the next improvement with you !!! I'm super excited about tomorrow at the same time it's bitter sweet .... One of my dearest and best friends is coming to visit ... Yet it also means my daughter from another Mom will be going home .... We have loved having her ! I look forward to her coming again soon! Thanks for stopping by Hope you guys have an amazing weekend ... Remember each and everyday is a gift, be sure to find the joy in each day !!!! 

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

I wanna always call out to my Jesus !

I have been reading the most amazing book by Beth Moore ! It's about David and the anointing God had placed on his life ... I ah e came to learn that the more God used David the more David faced! He was hunted down by a crazy man, hid away in a cave , all along he was separated from the womN he loves and his family .... Yet David never lost his focus on God ! 
             I want to be just like that .... No matter the adversary I may face I still want to shout out to Jesus and know He is there and He loves me ... I want to call out to Him even when I don't feel strong enough ! I have found over the past few weeks my favorite time to read my Bible and pray is when I wake up in the middle of the night in pain.... Jesus calms my body much faster than another round of pain medicine.... 
        I know in my heart not being able to walk very far is temporary ... I know I have been healed by the Word of God, I'm just waiting for my change!!! Yet this time last year if someone would have told me I would be planning to attend a  Women of Joy Confrence in Pigioen Forge Tn. In a wheelchair I would have told them they were crazy. Yet my God knew, I heard an amazing speaker Kathrine Wolfe tell her story last year on stage in a wheel chair ! Her story inspired me beyond words, now more than ever.... That no matter what God wants to use you ! He wants you to work for Him !!! 
    I have said from the time I woke up I wasn't missing this trip! I know it's ment for me in more than one way ! I know my new me for now has to strike fear to the ones I will be with.... I don't want to be a burden at the same time I don't want to miss my blessing ! I know God has great and mighty plans for me !!! 
    So instead of concentrating on the negatives, I am finding the positives .... Lifting any concern I have in prayers to the Lord .... I know He I has already gone before me and he's got this !!! I'm don't really know for sure who all reads my blogs.... I kinda like it that way lol.... But I would like to encourage you to get out of your comfort zone and reach out to someone who is different than you .... Remind them that just because they are different that You love them for who God has created them to be know matter what makes them different ... I have always taught my children to love everyone no matter who they were and to show kindness... Go out of your way to show them that despite of what they are facing they are still very much apart of the world they live in ... They just get to experience it in a different way than you ! I love my Jesus and I am thankful for every trial I have faced for its made who I am.... I want to be like David constantly calling on my Dad know matter what's going on in my life !!! I know He's just waiting for me to call out so He can remind me He's got it ....
Because God is not the Author of destruction ..., so He's not trying to destroy me!
God will repay evil done to me !
My hope must be in God !
No matter how bad things look, God is good !!!!!

Monday, April 4, 2016


Wow today has been a big day ... I may or may not have over did it .... I still can not walk a long distance .... That's okay it's coming... It is, My God has my miracle! I am praising Him for it ! 
     I have managed to stand in the kitchen and prepare breakfast, lunch, and supervise supper! By the time supper came along well my legs were so week and my breathing labored.... So I had to set... And we'll ask for help! So my two helpers my youngest and my daughter from another Mommy prepared dinner for our family tonight ! They did amazing! I am so proud of these girls, there really is a difference in homeschool kids... I know I am partial, however they are so eager to learn and help ! 
       We have decided today I may need to see a cardioigist ! So my hubby will make the call tomorrow! My foot is swelling more, tingly, and still really cold ... All though my breathing is some better I am still having chest pains. So I will keep you updated ! 
   So to the subject of the title for my blog today ! I have met many people over the years ! Many friends come and gone.... Some have stayed through thick and thin and I thank you for that! Then you have the new ones Gods has placed in your life ! I must say when we packed up a up haul and moved back to our home town a two years ago we came broken.... We knew we were in Gods complete and total will! We were doing exactly as God told us and stepped out on total faith ! When we arrived and were voted in as the new Pastors family 2wks later of Dunn's Mountain Baptist Church. I must say I went in guarded and not sure I would ever let any one breach the the walls, I had put around my heart .... I had been hurt and wasn't sure I wanted to allow some one else into my small circle of friends !!! 
I really wasn't sure I could allow my heart to be hurt again!
     Just let me say , I am so very glad God placed the amazing ladies in my life that He has, and that He opened my heart at all the right times ! I have made some amazing connections here . Some are like sisters, some are like my bestie here, and some are friends that can't be replaced. These ladies have impacted my heart so very much ! Now let me say this I am not in the business of replacing friends! If your my bestie at any point you always hold that place in my heart ! I truly believe God sends who we need for every season of our life ! That is very true for today as well ! The friends I have made here are amazing ! They have called, texted ,visited , and most importantly prayed for me! Even just today I had an amazing surprise visit ... It want expected and I adored every moment of it! That's medicine for the soul! I am so thankful for it.... 
     We all need a friend someone who knows the story of our hearts, who can cry with, laugh with, someone who hold us accountable, and most importantly love and pray for us..... 
    There have been seasons I haven't had a friends because needed me to need just my family... Then there are those times that I have had friends and my children have not or vise versa .... I have found no matter what season , My Dad (Jesus) cared and sent what each of us needed at just the time we needed them most ! Just like today ... I needed that surprise visit ... It was medicine for the soul... It lifted my spirits in more than one way !!! So tonight I want to thank Jesus for all my friends !!! Some hold a very special place in my heart they know the me that some never know! I am so blessed to have that!!! I want you each to know you are some of the most beautiful flowers in my life's garden and I'm so very thankful for you .... I love you beyond words, and I pray for you often! 
I would like to close with this scripture from the Word of God tonight :

A friend loveth at all times, Proverbs 17:17King James Version (KJV)

Thank you for stopping by ... I am praying for each of you ... I hope you have a blessed evening .... Be sure you tell those who are special to you that you love them! 

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Gods Ever Presence and Love .....

     Today is my favorite day of the week ! Sunday, one of the day's our family is at church in service for our Lord !!! My amazing husband is a Pastor of an amazing church located in Salisbury, North Carolina.... I am of course the First Lady as my sweet hubby calls me ! I am also over our children's ministry ! It's the highlight of my week to spend Sunday morning teaching the littlest of our church about the love of our God ! Both of my girls find ways to serve each and every Sunday when they are there ! My oldest sometimes cannot be there due to work ... I truly believe God understands that ... It doesn't mean she loves Him no less ... 
     However the last month has been a little different for our family ! I have been able to attend one service.... Since March first.... I was unable to attend this morning due to a bought with strep throat ! I am one of those people who does not believe in sharing my germs!!! Lol, my church family agrees haha! 
So this morning was different .... I wasn't bustling around preparing to teach .... I haven't since February 28,2016. That was the last Sunday I taught, I intended to return the following Sunday after my surgery .... That wasn't Gods plan however.... He's taught me so much this past month ! I miss my kids and from what I hear they miss me !!! We are looking forward to my return !!!! As much as I look forward to my return ! God has shown me and my children's workers ! I can ask for help, and they are very capable to handle it for me ! Maybe this needed to happen so they could see what God could do through them !!! It excites me that they are excited ! I have gained workers since I have been out ! They have to me and said when you come back ! I want to serve with you !!! I was so excited, to see the excitement in their eyes ! I know they have finally seen the calling God had already showed me !
      I had such a hard time asking for help, I have been burned may times for letting people in and letting them walk beside me ! My Dad (Jesus) says it's okay, I've got this trust me! I know He does !!! It makes my heart happy knowing God is all over this!!! 
     I am on day 6 of a 21 day social media break.... I can't really tell you I miss it that much ! I know I will probably allow it back in my life, I pray not like it was though ! It's nice not to know all the gossip! Or be caught up in everyone's lives ... I have my own to that keeps me busy enough with out all theirs to compare mine to !
      I have been reading two of the most amazing books this week ! I almost half done with, it has been amazing ! You should check it out !!!! It's called A Women After Gods Own Heart updated and expanded version By Elizabeth George. This book is filled with many treasures for the heart for any woman !!!! It can change your home if you let it, your heart, how we prioritize things ! Gods so good He makes no mistakes !!! I needed the the words in this book !!! I have also been reading A Heart Like His 
Intimate Reflections on the Life of David By Beth Moore !!! Beth Moore is by far one of my favorite authors ! I promise you will look at the story of David in a new light ! It's been life changing to read why Saul lost anointing of God !!!! Why David was chosen .... I know this story like the back of my hand , I am telling you though Beth has a way of bringing things out in a way I never seen before biblically !!! 
    I have said from the beginning God makes no mistakes ! He didn't on March first either .... I thank Him for all He's allowed .... I woke up with my throat feeling much better today !!! Also not as short of breathe!!!! My God is good !!!! I helped prepare lunch ! I may not be able to walk to the kitchen in my lil apartment, but I'm thankful for the wheel chair that can get me there ! So I can stand for short periods! Without God man would not have known how even make a wheel chair !!!! My healing is coming! I'm just waiting for my change!!!! It was nice to feel some real change this morning! 
It's a happy week for our house, one of my daughters from another mom is costing this week ! I love times like this, the chic flicks, giggles, and whispers ! That's medicine for the soul ! I love when God ordaines things !!!! He is good !!! Not just when life is good, He's good even when it's hard!!! I would like to leave you with scripture :
Isn't God good ! I sure hope you can find joy in your life ! Praying for you this week !!! Thanks for stopping by ! By the way check out the pictures below !!! I'll be sharing the two books I. Am reading and my lil apartment ! My temporary home !!! Blessings and love to each of you !
                                       These two books are life changing check them out !
 The area in the back is my sewing area

This sectional sets right beside my chase ! It has many purposes, it's my hubby's bed , their dining room table, where they spend their time during the day ! They stay with me day and night !!! I have an amazing family !
My bathroom area ! This is my temporary home ! I will be able to walk and return to the big house ! I claim these promises on Gods Word !!!!! 


Friday, April 1, 2016

Met a goal !

Each day is a gift, I do not take for granted .... Gods mercies and grace never ever cease to amaze me! The past few days have not been without trials, but each trial brings me closures to my heavenly Dad ! I see His footsteps and hands prints all over the place and I have no doubt there has been days He's picked me up and carried me ! 
       I feel His presence with me in all I do , His peace and love makes each new challenge doable.. 
I have enjoyed taking a break from social media! I really never thought I would say that! I have had time to read some wonderful books ! I have spent quality time with the Lord and not felt the need for the rush ...I don't have my phone in my hands non stop ! Since I was in the hospital I have kept my phone on silent so if I was resting I would not feel the need to answer a text or message the moment it comes through... I have been able for the most part to keep my phone on silent ... Unless your hubby has a mini heart attack because he called your phone and your in the bathroom and you don't answer, so he hangs up and calls your daughters phone and she is vacuuming the apartment and doesn't hear hers !  So then calls the house phone in a panic bless his heart... So I have to make sure if I am going to take a nap or something I let him know ! He was truly scared something was wrong .... He laughed after it was all said and done ... Bless he did not find it to humerous to begin with !
     I do have some updates for the good I would like to share! My voice is returning !!! At times it is strong, other times gruff , sometimes soft, but it has made its way back all on its own! For that I am beyond thankful !!! It feels good to be able to carry on a conversation with everyone ...Still get a little winded at times and have to catch my breathe, I am thankful for the change! 
I cooked breakfast this morning !!!! I was so excited !!! I wasn't able to walk to the kitchen.... That will come I just know it ! However I was able to stand long enough to prepare and cook French toast !!! About a total of 8 minutes !!! That's a major improvement ! I am so excited for !!! I am trying to restrenghten my legs ... After I stand for about 5 minutes I start shaking all over ... I'm still very wobbly... Every lil thing I can do I couldn't that get to do is a victory !!! I claim my healing !!! It's coming! I have found that no matter what your circumstances are how you look at them effects how you feel and see things... So positivity and faith are a must at the Almond house ! Even when the devil throws a curve ball ... I remind him he is a liar ... Just like this morning when I realized my daughter had plans my  person that was suppose to come set with canceled at the last minute... I realized my throat hurt in a different way, my fever was up, my head was throbbing, and low and behold I have blisters on my tonsils!!! Classic strep throat systems. So .... I cried told the devil he was a liar and put my big girl pants on called the Doctor, told my  she would not cancel her plans, her older sister would be home and she would be able to help me out....
 Of course my oldest daughter did come to the rescue! She doesn't mind helping her Mom out .... I had to call and tell a friend not visit ! I say all that to say this !!!! My God makes no mistakes ! Even though my day did not turn out as I planned... He makes no mistakes ! Power of life and death lie in the tongue .... What we speak we live! I want positivity and life ... That's what Gods word promises and I claim it for me! 
My God is awesome He can move all mountains ... So I will leave you with this verse of scripture today:

Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.

Proverbs 18:21 (KJV)

Praying for you guys today ... Thank you for following my journey ... I hope it inspires you to speak life I my your home! Even when it's hard ! 
                                                  My coloring adventure...