Monday, April 4, 2016


Wow today has been a big day ... I may or may not have over did it .... I still can not walk a long distance .... That's okay it's coming... It is, My God has my miracle! I am praising Him for it ! 
     I have managed to stand in the kitchen and prepare breakfast, lunch, and supervise supper! By the time supper came along well my legs were so week and my breathing labored.... So I had to set... And we'll ask for help! So my two helpers my youngest and my daughter from another Mommy prepared dinner for our family tonight ! They did amazing! I am so proud of these girls, there really is a difference in homeschool kids... I know I am partial, however they are so eager to learn and help ! 
       We have decided today I may need to see a cardioigist ! So my hubby will make the call tomorrow! My foot is swelling more, tingly, and still really cold ... All though my breathing is some better I am still having chest pains. So I will keep you updated ! 
   So to the subject of the title for my blog today ! I have met many people over the years ! Many friends come and gone.... Some have stayed through thick and thin and I thank you for that! Then you have the new ones Gods has placed in your life ! I must say when we packed up a up haul and moved back to our home town a two years ago we came broken.... We knew we were in Gods complete and total will! We were doing exactly as God told us and stepped out on total faith ! When we arrived and were voted in as the new Pastors family 2wks later of Dunn's Mountain Baptist Church. I must say I went in guarded and not sure I would ever let any one breach the the walls, I had put around my heart .... I had been hurt and wasn't sure I wanted to allow some one else into my small circle of friends !!! 
I really wasn't sure I could allow my heart to be hurt again!
     Just let me say , I am so very glad God placed the amazing ladies in my life that He has, and that He opened my heart at all the right times ! I have made some amazing connections here . Some are like sisters, some are like my bestie here, and some are friends that can't be replaced. These ladies have impacted my heart so very much ! Now let me say this I am not in the business of replacing friends! If your my bestie at any point you always hold that place in my heart ! I truly believe God sends who we need for every season of our life ! That is very true for today as well ! The friends I have made here are amazing ! They have called, texted ,visited , and most importantly prayed for me! Even just today I had an amazing surprise visit ... It want expected and I adored every moment of it! That's medicine for the soul! I am so thankful for it.... 
     We all need a friend someone who knows the story of our hearts, who can cry with, laugh with, someone who hold us accountable, and most importantly love and pray for us..... 
    There have been seasons I haven't had a friends because needed me to need just my family... Then there are those times that I have had friends and my children have not or vise versa .... I have found no matter what season , My Dad (Jesus) cared and sent what each of us needed at just the time we needed them most ! Just like today ... I needed that surprise visit ... It was medicine for the soul... It lifted my spirits in more than one way !!! So tonight I want to thank Jesus for all my friends !!! Some hold a very special place in my heart they know the me that some never know! I am so blessed to have that!!! I want you each to know you are some of the most beautiful flowers in my life's garden and I'm so very thankful for you .... I love you beyond words, and I pray for you often! 
I would like to close with this scripture from the Word of God tonight :

A friend loveth at all times, Proverbs 17:17King James Version (KJV)

Thank you for stopping by ... I am praying for each of you ... I hope you have a blessed evening .... Be sure you tell those who are special to you that you love them! 

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