Sunday, April 17, 2016

Here we go again .... Hospital ....and surgery ... Oh my....

Just wanted to give you a update on what's been going on ! On Thursday I was addmitted back in to the hospital.... After a series of test it was determined that the fluid on my heart had gotten worse ! On Friday I was transported by ambulance to a hospital that specializes in heart conditions. On Saturday morning I had a heart surgery called a pericardial window .... It's a rare surgery considering how rare pericarditis is .... I have been in quite a bit of pain .... The outlook for my release is on Tuesday ! Please keep me in your prayers !!! I'll try to update you guys again soon !

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  1. I am so so sorry! I hope that you are feeling better today! Maybe this will be for the better and do the trick and get you back to yourself again! I love you!!!


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