Friday, April 1, 2016

Met a goal !

Each day is a gift, I do not take for granted .... Gods mercies and grace never ever cease to amaze me! The past few days have not been without trials, but each trial brings me closures to my heavenly Dad ! I see His footsteps and hands prints all over the place and I have no doubt there has been days He's picked me up and carried me ! 
       I feel His presence with me in all I do , His peace and love makes each new challenge doable.. 
I have enjoyed taking a break from social media! I really never thought I would say that! I have had time to read some wonderful books ! I have spent quality time with the Lord and not felt the need for the rush ...I don't have my phone in my hands non stop ! Since I was in the hospital I have kept my phone on silent so if I was resting I would not feel the need to answer a text or message the moment it comes through... I have been able for the most part to keep my phone on silent ... Unless your hubby has a mini heart attack because he called your phone and your in the bathroom and you don't answer, so he hangs up and calls your daughters phone and she is vacuuming the apartment and doesn't hear hers !  So then calls the house phone in a panic bless his heart... So I have to make sure if I am going to take a nap or something I let him know ! He was truly scared something was wrong .... He laughed after it was all said and done ... Bless he did not find it to humerous to begin with !
     I do have some updates for the good I would like to share! My voice is returning !!! At times it is strong, other times gruff , sometimes soft, but it has made its way back all on its own! For that I am beyond thankful !!! It feels good to be able to carry on a conversation with everyone ...Still get a little winded at times and have to catch my breathe, I am thankful for the change! 
I cooked breakfast this morning !!!! I was so excited !!! I wasn't able to walk to the kitchen.... That will come I just know it ! However I was able to stand long enough to prepare and cook French toast !!! About a total of 8 minutes !!! That's a major improvement ! I am so excited for !!! I am trying to restrenghten my legs ... After I stand for about 5 minutes I start shaking all over ... I'm still very wobbly... Every lil thing I can do I couldn't that get to do is a victory !!! I claim my healing !!! It's coming! I have found that no matter what your circumstances are how you look at them effects how you feel and see things... So positivity and faith are a must at the Almond house ! Even when the devil throws a curve ball ... I remind him he is a liar ... Just like this morning when I realized my daughter had plans my  person that was suppose to come set with canceled at the last minute... I realized my throat hurt in a different way, my fever was up, my head was throbbing, and low and behold I have blisters on my tonsils!!! Classic strep throat systems. So .... I cried told the devil he was a liar and put my big girl pants on called the Doctor, told my  she would not cancel her plans, her older sister would be home and she would be able to help me out....
 Of course my oldest daughter did come to the rescue! She doesn't mind helping her Mom out .... I had to call and tell a friend not visit ! I say all that to say this !!!! My God makes no mistakes ! Even though my day did not turn out as I planned... He makes no mistakes ! Power of life and death lie in the tongue .... What we speak we live! I want positivity and life ... That's what Gods word promises and I claim it for me! 
My God is awesome He can move all mountains ... So I will leave you with this verse of scripture today:

Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.

Proverbs 18:21 (KJV)

Praying for you guys today ... Thank you for following my journey ... I hope it inspires you to speak life I my your home! Even when it's hard ! 
                                                  My coloring adventure...


  1. One of my favorite verses and if people only believed in the power of the tongue and what they speak over themselves, they wouldn't be speaking negativity.

  2. Amen Mrs Peggy !!!! If we want healing we must speak even when we don't feel it !!! I too love that verse !!!! Love you


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