Saturday, May 7, 2016

Happy Mothers Day


I have spent a lot of time thinking today about how very blessed I am to be called Mom!!! It's is one of my greatest achievements.... I feel so honored that God would find me worthy enough to be the Mom of two beautiful young women! It's never been something I have taken for granted ! Now please know that doesn't mean I have been a perfect Mom ! Trust me I have messed up more than once along the way! 
     I never will regret one moment I have spent at home with them.... Any sleepless night .... Hours of school... Playing all day while other things needed my attention.... The dirty clothes and house... The nights I have paced the floor and prayed for them! That list can go on ! 
   I was thinking g this morning and I asked myself what I hope impacted them the most as they were growing up.... This is the two things that came to my mind instantly ! I want them to know I love them unconditionally and that I always led them in the ways of Jesus!
      I have taught them many things over the years and I hope those things follow them as well with all the memories we have made ! Creating moments that last a lifetime! I hope those two things at do out the loudest! 
     Because if they do I have done my job as Mom well! After so much sickness over the past 2 months I have had a lot to think about ... My relationship with my girls is one of those things! I just want to know I have been the best Mom I can possibly be to them !!! 
     I am excited to know as they take me to dinner to celebrate me being their Mom!  God has restored their Mom in many ways in one this week ! He has healed my lungs all Exocet mild scarring! No more oxygen, I will walk into the restraunt, not ride in a wheel chair!!! My God has been so very good ! Their lil granny as they like to call me may be slow and sore but she is being healed more and more each and everyday !!!! I am blessed to spend another Mothers Day being their Mom !!! I am praising Him for the many more to come! I hope you all have a very Happy Mothers Day !!! Filled with blessings, love and joy! Thanks for stopping by ❤️Shellie
                     The very reason I have the privilege to be called Mom!!! My 2 Princesses! ❤️


  1. You should be proud!!! They are amazing girls!!! I love you! Happy mother's day

  2. You should be proud!!! They are amazing girls!!! I love you! Happy mother's day

    1. Aww thank you so very much !!! I think they are as well !!! I feel so blessed to be their Mom !!!! I love you mostess ! Hope you Mothers Day was amazing !


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