Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Sorry it's been so long....

Wow it's been a wild few weeks ....'I'm so sorry I haven't blogged much! I promise to try to do better! I have had a lot on my plate .... 
My favorite verse stands so true ! But those who wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint.
      I have regained all strength in my legs and I am able to walk! God sure is good ! Learning to be patient is extremely hard for me ! I so want to be able to do everything I am used to doing with out any draw backs .... However that's not been the case .... I still have a pocket of fluid surrounding the whole heart however it is decreasing! I still struggle with pericarditis symptoms. Pain, shortness of breathe, and swelling. I struggle my hardest with fatigue.... Up and down O2 stats make out door activities really hard when it's hot !
 Through everything that is all said and done I am still one blessed girl. I have learned so very much from all of this.... I have learned to let people help, the house does not have to emasculate to be considered clean, I must listen to my body it's really Imporant to take care of myself,
That material things can be replaced, and weight is just a number on the scale its doesn't define wether or not I am pretty..... 
  Many mile stones have passed , I graduated off my oxygen till 3 nights ago .... Jody cleaned the bathroom with Lysol and the chemical smell really affected my lungs ... So we are learning more everyday that somethings may never be the same again.... 
     We celebrated our 22nd wedding anniversary !!!! We went to a wonderful little restraunt in a near by town and had a wonderful dinner and instead of going out of town we decided to get a gazebo for our back patio ... Given the fact my stamina is that of a turtle .... We decide to put off going away for a few months when my strength is better.... We ended our evening with having my wedding rings cut off my fingers at the local fire department .... My hands had swollen over the rings cutting off circulation... Causing quite a bit of pain and a whole lot of tears...
    I was reminded that night it was a material object it didn't replace our love for one another ..... In a few months when I stop swelling I will have them fixed .... Until then well..... I will be ringless lol!
    My first Sunday in children's ministry will be this coming Sunday ! I am excited and nervous at the same time! I won't be full time for a few more months .... However just to be there makes my heart so happy ! 
      I have been able to do some sewing ! I sewed some of my favorite things doll clothes ! Just because it's my favorite to create ....
           We have planned a family vacation for July ! I am so excited to just get away .... Although I can get around I don't go out much because it takes so much  out of me ! I can't wait to spend a week looking at the ocean .... We plan to have a laid back vacation and not rush the whole time ! That excites me ! Because I know my sweet hubby and kids need it as much I do !!!
       So bear with me when I am here and gone again each day brings new challenges...
Each day I try to regain a responsibility that was once mine .... Some days it works out great other days not so much .... So until we see where all of this has left me I will continue to be patient ! I know I have been healed by the Word of God! He's got this !!!! Thanks for stopping by ! Below are some pictures of some of my work and favorite things ! Praying for you guys ! 

                                 I made a strawberry and cream cake from  scratch !

                     My new favorite place in late evenings and early mornings !!! 



  1. I'm so glad you blogged again!! Are you doing your Etsy shop with doll clothes yet? Oh my your clothes are so beautiful! We have all the ones you got us, Callie got a "Callie" Doll for Christmas and she still wears the clothes you got her all the time :) I'll have to write you a review for your shop :) You always did have the most beautiful home and I'm sure that you still do, it has all of those special touches that make it so wonderful! I had to learn a long time ago that a house can only be so clean when people are living in there, and I'm most unhappy when I stress myself out about making it look like a Southern living magazine lol.. I'm much happier when I just do what we can, and realize that its lived in. haha.
    Your gazebo is beautiful and what a wonderful idea! I'm sure its wonderful to have a home that is truly yours now! And yes, wedding rings are so special but material. Stephen's broke two years ago and he has worn a $20 walmart ring ever since lol! We keep saying we are going to buy him a new one, but when it comes down to it, its not the ring that matters but the commitment that is there with or without a ring! I finally got my engagement ring resized this Feb after realizing that with swelling from hypertension it was never going to fit again.. so I can wear it now, but i couldn't for years. Its just one of those things..
    I love you and I'm praying for you especially on Sunday my beautiful friend! Glad to see your blog pop up on my reader, and I Hope it does more often!

    1. I miss you so much ! Your comments always make my heart happy ! I have considered a Etsy Shop .... I have been praying about it .....
      Let me know if she needs more clothes !!! Lo we have more than enough around here.... It was nice just to sew ....
      Your right the happiest homes are lived in ! I have learned that over the years .... My biggest problem has been depending on others to help.... I am learning that's okay as well !
      I hadn't thought about Walmart for a cheep ring lo !
      Glad you got your fixed !!! I have decided that I probably won't do anything for a while ....'till the fluid goes down there really is no need !
      Thank you for praying for me !!! I truly need it !!! I live and miss you so much !


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