Friday, March 31, 2017

A Stitch In Time - Lillian Stewart Series


I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my     
                                                    soul knoweth right well. Psalm 139:14

       It was a beautiful warm May afternoon, the sunshine shined through the clouds as it was pushing back the curtains of the heavens as it made its grand entrance ! The birds sang their glorious chorus to  their audience of one ....
     The  determined nine year old had her feet firmly planted on the rock at the creek's edge. Staring at her reflection in the still pool of water. Trying to decide why she wasn't like all the other girls her age.... Her brown ringlets encompassed her round plump cheeks, they were rosy as if apples had been placed in her dimples. Her bow propped in her hair as a crooked crown that refused to stay in its place. She patted the water as if she could wash her freckles from her reflection and her face all at the same time . She couldn't see the beauty that others seen. All she seen was the words the local girls had said out of jealousy .
    Lillian Stewart couldn't understand why she wasn't tall with straight hair and thin and lanky like the other girls . Her one and only true friend was her favorite doll Ellie whom went everywhere Lillian went !
  Lillian spent countless hours lost in the roar of the creek dreaming of anywhere but here .... The small mountain community often felt more like a prison then home most days. All though Lillian's family tried to remind her daily she was fearfully and wonderfully made in the eyes of her creator, she often questioned why she was so different .

     A crackle in the leaves broke the silent patronizing of her own reflection. Being taken off guard by the noise Lillian lost her balance on the slippery moss covered rock. She went flying into the icy water ! Landing sharply on a rock below ! Causing a sharp pain on her back side ! Now soaked and wet she would have to walk through town dripping wet and to make it worse she she had torn her brand new lavender calico dress momma had just sewn for her ! It was special because Momma made Ellie a matching dress and bonnet ! None of the other girls dollies had matching clothes! It was something special Momma had done for Lillian from the time she was old enough to love her doll ! Ellie was a gift from Papa! Papa is the pastor of the the small town. Once when he was asked to preach at a neighboring town he brought Ellie to Lillian as a surprise! That turned into a blessing of a much needed companion ! Ohh how she dreaded having to tell Momma she ripped her dress! Not just that momma, would want to know what she was doing when it happened. Lillian knew Momma would know what she was doing when she told her how she fell. Lillian didn't want Momma to worry . Lillian knew there was no way around it! She would have to start the walk through town to her home ! Lillian's house was located behind the church on a little hill, overlooking a broader part of the river. Lillian lifted her head towards the heavens and whispered " Lord could you possibly make sure all the other girls are too busy, to see me walking through town? In my water drenched clothes and plastered ringlets on my face." Please Lord could you do that for me ? I know you're very busy ! Just this once is that possible ? She squinted her eyes as she looked towards the beaming sun. She loved the way the warmth felt on her skin ! The walk home wouldn't be too long she and Ellie could have an adventure on the way .
  Lillian whispered into Ellie's ear, we can pretend we are explorers of a faraway land, that just discovered something grand! Just as they were starting towards towns edge. Lillian's thoughts were interrupted by the giggles of two girls . That had just caught the the glimpse of the drenched brown curly hair, freckled faced girl, talking to her dear friend ! " Lillian" one of the girls called what happened to you ? You look as if you have been playing in the pig pen down the road at farmer John's house! The two girls giggled ! They didn't bother to see the silent tears that streamed down Lillian's cheeks. Instead of replying, Lillian was busy looking at the two twin girls with envy. Wishing her hair was straight and her body thin and tall like theirs. She gave a shy grin and turned to go home ... Wishing she was more like the girls who were just mean to her! Not caring about how they had hurt her ! What she didn't know or realize the girls only teased the shy girl because they were truly jealous of Lillian and her natural beauty and her beautiful doll! They often had discussed among themselves how they wish they were more like Lillian,beautiful and kind !

I truly hoped you have enjoyed todays story ! Stay Tuned every Friday for more of Lillian's Journey! This story is written By: Shellie Almond
If you choose to share it please give me credit ! Also be watching next week for a doll dress that will be for sale based on Lillian's story!
   Thank you for stopping by! I sue hope you have a blessed weekend filled with tons of joy and memory making !

Wednesday, March 29, 2017


What a week this has been ... Last week and all of its celebrating has left me exhausted to say the least. We have had an amazing week at co-op this week ! I truly love working with all the kids. I had a ton of plans on my to do list for this week ... However a spiked fever may warrant a no for those plans. We did hear back from the Rheumatologist and all blood work came back normal. We are still searching for answers. I will be going next week to pick up a holster heart monitor to wear for 7 days... My heart has had an erratic heart rate on and off for a year now. we are trying to figure out why!
So the source of the fever could honestly be from a lot of different things!
However this morning when I was doing my devotion. I was reminded there is a time for everything! Sickness is apart of that ...
I was talking to my Dad (God) earlier and I was reminded He just needs me to trust Him!
Faith can sometimes become hard when we have been awaiting something for so long...
I had to remind myself to praise Him in the hallway no matter what as I wait.
So Trust it shall be and not worry...
Trust that He has answers ...
Trust that He has healing...
Trust that He will renew my strength...
Trust that to-do list will eventually get done...
Trust His plan for my life....
To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:
A time to be born, a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted; A time to kill, and a time to heal, a time to break down, and a time to build up: A time to weep and a time to laugh; a time to dance; A time to cast away stones, and a time to gather stones together; a time to embrace and a time to refrain from embracing;
A time to get, and a time to lose; a time to keep and a time to cast away;
A time to rend, a time to sew; a time of war and a time of peace.
Ecclesiastes 3:1-8
Thanks for visiting ! I hope that you find your week filled with many blessings and lots of joy!

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Old Stone House Homeschool Feild Trip

This past week our homeschool co-op went on one of the best field trips. I have visited many historical sites in the state of North Carolina ! This one is in my top 5.
Our church host a co-op for 8 kids in our church ! All the kids except for my youngest, this is their first year of homeschool.
Our age group runs from middle school thru their senior year of High School!
This has been an exciting journey and a learning experience for all of us!
Each kid has been working on a history project.
Each child chose a decade and will be doing a presentation in May on their decade. the kids requested that we take some field trips to help them see and understand their period better!
This 1776 Michael Braun two story Pennsylvanian style home was simply beautiful on the outside and inside ! This home was built before America was a state ship.  The home was acquired by purchasing it through a Lord of England and he sent some of his business men to present the bill of sale !
the family hung pictures of the king and queen of England om the wall !it would have been removed to show their rebellion later in history!
copy of the bill of sale and deed from England

The home was decorated in perfect historical period! The parlor was simple and eloquent for the time! They did not have much during this time period they lived so simply!

The downstairs bedroom was simple but so my taste! I love the touch of simplicity and homespun beauty ! The bed room was complete with a rope bed ! Have you ever here the say good night sleep tight? Well that saying started years ago ! The ropes would have become loose after awhile! So you would have taken what was called a key and tightened them !

What the kids found even more interesting was the mattress was made out of... the blue ticking would have been filled with hay and bugs yikes ! Hence the say don't let the bed bugs bite. Then the top mattress would have been filled with goose feathers !  

Young babies would have shared their room with their parents! So cradles would have been kept in the master bedroom! Other children would have slept upstairs on pallets not beds.
The bedroom had a fire place and a chester drawers and shelves above it with blankets on it!
a oil lamp hung from the mantle.

The upstairs was just as fascinating ! It held a weaving loom that is original to the home ! It was built in the spot it was standing in! It was fascinating to see something so old still in working order !
it was filled with spinning wheels, flax and so many other amazing things ! They had another small room that would have been an area kids would have slept in ! but now it has a case of things that have been found on the property !
there was another large room upstairs that would have most likely been used for children who would have just gotten married and trying to get on their feet ! we were told a story about a dress on display! A peddler had passed through she wanted cloth for a new dress! Her husband told her she didn't need a new dress, the dress she had was in fine condition! However he did allow her to purchase new wooden buttons ! She replaced the old buttons and hand painted them to match the pattern of her dress! It was one of the daughters of Michael Braun ! It has lasted all the years and was donated to the museum !
My favorite room of the house was the kitchen though... I am fascinated of how they cooked and lived so simply. The hearth cooking, candle making, making butter, and the baking in a oven outside!
We had such an amazing time!
Here are some wonderful pictures of the kitchen!

This was actually the slave quarters

outside oven

We finished our day out at the Rowan County Museum!
They have a spectacular civil war display !
I seen things I have only read about in books ! Like the slave collars and the bill of sale. these things broke my heart... It also made us thankful for how far we have come!
They had a wagon on display! I made the idea of traveling in one for many miles not look so wonderful after all ! It truly showed the reality of how little of a space they actually had! What they must have left behind!
Cheerwine, was founded and is still made in NC! The company is celebrating 100 yrs! the kids enjoyed ending our trip checking out this display and having group pictures !

When our journey began I never knew it would end up here... God is so good and I am so blessed to have the pleasure of working with them!

Monday, March 27, 2017

Celebrating My Youngest

 Where has time gone... It seems like yesterday my youngest went from dreaming about being a mermaid to growing up into a beautiful young woman! If you notice her shirt she still hasn't lost her love for mermaids or anything Disney!
     This years celebration was different from years past... we celebrated all week this year! We even had two parties.
   We made a point to make sure she felt special... Last years birthday was a hard one for her! I was bed bound and unable to walk. So we made sure we made up for it this year!
        Family joined us on Friday to celebrate my princess in our home... She had two close friends to come as well! I cant forget the ones we have chosen to be our family! Hence the little princess my Youngest is holding ! She had to help blow out candles lol!
Yes you see correctly a Disney Princess placemat under a 3 tiered cake, 2 layers French Vanilla and red velvet, with cream cheese frosting, completely covered in sprinkles!
this cake didn't make it long before it quickly disappeared!
Our family is huge Disney fans !
Beauty and the Beast Is my favorite ! I was so excited when she asked for her friends celebration, could we go out and eat and watch Beauty and the Beast!

EAST Coast Wings was Her Restaurant of choice.  
So everyone dressed up as their favorite Disney Character!
Most of the girls including myself wore a Disney shirt, tutu's and leggings ! My sweet 17yr old dressed up as Figaro and even wore cat ears !!!  
We received such sweet reactions about us being so comfortable being who we are!
The girls even collect reborn dolls. That's is actually what my youngest asked for a sleeping Kimberly. So they dressed their babies up and took them to the movies as well !
We forgot to take a group picture lol !
We were so wrapped up in making memories! I forgot to take a ton of pictures! She had such a good Birthday!

The movie was phenomenal, If your on the fence about seeing it, let me say this it was amazing ! It gives such a glimpse of why things were with the Beast and even Belle's life.
the things that media have blown up is not in the movie... There was no kiss ...
I will say though this movie is not for little kids. several were in the theater and had to be taken out due to the intensity of the beast.
I must say though that I am one blessed Mommy to be chosen to raise such an amazing girl! She has such a kind and gentleness about her!
She has such a deep love for Jesus! I can not wait to what God has in store for her life ! 
Life as a Mom is so rewarding ... I love that my girls still have such a sense of family togetherness no matter how old they get !

The Birthday girl got her own beast to bring home and snuggle... More than anything else she got, she walked away with memories of love and laughter! With the ones who love her...
So in Closing Happy 17th my sweet girl ! I pray this year is your best on yet !
Praying that each of you have a blessed day !

Happy Homemaker Monday 3-27-17

 Wow the past week has been insanely crazy for this household... It has left me tired and feeling tired and drained .... Yet blessed for the strength to push through the moment's I felt to tired and yucky and make My youngest birthday week as special as she is... We heard back from the rheumatologist and all my blood work looks good... Although we are very pleased to hear I don't have RA or Lupus, it still leaves lots of unanswered questions.. we know Gods got this! This Disney lover was super excited to see Disney's Beauty and the Beast over the weekend ... Hoping this week will be a slower pace than last week... Hope you enjoy the glimpse of our families up coming week !

The weather.....
Spring has made her grand entrance.... the sun is shining and the weather is perfect! It will be in the upper 70's and 80's... only sad thing is they are calling for rain and storms this week! This girl really dislikes storms lol...

Right now I am thinking....
How blessed I am! God is so good to my family ...

On my reading pile....
Nothing new this week... I am almost done with my Elizabeth George study... I hope to start a new book soon when things slow down.

On my TV.....
I adore Once Upon A Time 
I have also have fallen in love with When calls the Heart on the Hallmark channel.
We also went to see Beauty and the Beast this weekend and it was amazing !

On the menu for this week....

Well honestly I have yet to get our menu planned this week after all the Birthday celebration's this weekend! So it will probably be an easy and quick meals kind of week !
On my to do list....

Monday- Laundry ,rest, catch my blogging up, and write in my book some.
Tuesday- Homeschool Co-Op
Wednesday- Homeschool Co-op and Church that night
Thursday- Clean the House.... Hopefully sew... Grow Group
Friday- Tea with a friend
Saturday- I hope a date day with my hubby
Sunday_ Church and Ministry Meetings

In the craft basket....
I have two dresses to get sewn for American girls this week ! I need to make sure they get done!

Looking forward to this week....
A date day with my hubby... Its been awhile ... so I hope we can catch dinner and a movie just the two of us.

Looking around the house....
It is in a serious need for a deep cleaning ! I will have to work on that Thursday.

From the camera....
We had a very busy week last week, from a field trip to celebrating my youngest daughters birthday ! So here is a glimpse of what's went on !


What am I wearing ....
Well this is what I call my full blown bum day... I have on some super comfy shorts and an oversized t-shirt... I have no intentions of make-up or fixing my hair today lol...

On my prayer list.....
My Moms health.... She is a stage 3b lung cancer survivor of 5 yrs now... Her breathing has became increasingly worse lately... The cancer is still gone... Its just the damage has been done... Its hard to watch someone we love to feel bad and struggle to breathe.
I am also praying for some amazing friends and a ministry opportunity that may be theirs...

Bible verse, Devotional....
This speaks to my heart on so may levels...
Thanks for stopping by... I hope you have an amazing week! Filled with laughter, love, and tons of memory making!
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