Tuesday, March 14, 2017

A Day Of Playing Is Good For The Soul

There is something about an in pronto play date you hadn't planned! That sparks hours of imaginative play! Filled with giggles and a huge messes lol!
  Sunday my youngest had one of her friends to come home and spend a few days ! 
So he little sister wanted to come along as well ! She brought her American Girl Doll, so the adventures began !
So here is the fun part of our adventure ! I have been praying for sometime about writing a children's book!  Its been in the works for a few months now ! However I would love to share short stories that go along with picture when I take them here on my blog ! So if you have a little girl who loves her 18inch dolls maybe she would enjoy reading along to ! Now I am no means a professional photographer lol ! So bare with my in edited pictures!

Snowy Day Adventures

Violet leaped from her bed with anticipation of what the morning would hold. Her silky ebony black hair tossed around like hay in a barn loft.
She climbed out of her cozy bed, slipped her feet into her soft bunny slippers, grabbed her blanky and her favorite doll rose and headed to the window.
On her way there she lifted her head toward heaven and said "please ohhh please Lord let there be snow."
The winter had been cold like no other, it just hadn't offered any hopes of snow till now! Violet loved to ice skate on her families frozen pond in the cold winter months. The only catch was Violets parents  would not let her until the first good snow to insure the water was frozen solid enough to skate on.
Much to her surprise the earth was covered with several inches of a the most beautiful blanket of snow ! Violet squealed with delight as she headed to the kitchen to greet her momma! "Good morning my fairy princess, did you sleep well?" Momma asked. "Yes Momma I did ! Did you see outside ? God answered my prayer Momma ! He sent snow !"
"I sure did princess, and Dad and I have talked about it and the ice seems thick enough! So how would you like to go skating?'" of course I would" Violet replied excitedly. " May I invite Lola to come along Momma?" "You sure can after breakfast and morning devotions."

The Morning passed quickly, breakfast and devotions were part of her favorite time of the day ! she quickly ran back to her room dressed and prepared herself for the adventure that laid ahead of her. she had no more than slipped her tutu on, a very important part of any princesses everyday apparel. The door bell rang and Violet could hear momma talking to Lola ! Seconds later Lola was bursting in her bedroom. ready to start the adventure the day had to hold for them.
Violet pulled on her pink toboggan and slipped her boats on and the girls headed out into the cold shimmering snow. 
The girls giggled, shared their awe of Gods creation, so thankful for an answered prayer, as they journeyed to the pond behind the house. " Violet can you keep a secret?" Lola asked ? Sure Lola what is it?" "Well I am scared of skating on the ice !" "Oh no, Lola I had no idea! if your not sure about skating we can back to my house and play with our dolls, if you like !
"Well" Lola said, I really want to try... I am just scared I won't be any good and you wont want to be my friend any more !"  "Oh Lola", I could never be upset because your scared! I will always be your friend." Lola can I tell you about my morning devotion this morning?,
For a few moments there was only silence except for the crunching of the snow under their feet. "Sure" Lola answered with a crooked smile on her face.
Well the Bible says we can do all things through Christ who gives us strength. Which means Jesus will help us do anything we set our minds too! I know since your skating accident a few years ago, it must be scary to think you may fall through the freezing cold ice again. Yet God took care of you then, Lola. He will take care of you today.
"Oh Violet it was just so scary to feel the cold feel like needles sticking my legs, and the cold making it hard to breathe. I know its been almost three years now. Its just always there in the back of my mind." 'I know" Violet answered.
Violet took her best friends hand and squeezed it softly, to reassure her. Then she told Lola we will do it together ! If you get scared we both will stop and go home if we need to ! I promise !" "Really Violet?" "Yes I promise" She said assuring her friend. Then right before there eyes the pond covered with ice and snow appeared in front of them. glistening like diamonds. with layers of fresh fallen snow covering the ground around it! as if it were a winter wonderland, that had only been created for them to enjoy !
The girls spotted the bench just ahead and headed their to put their skates on. Both thankful they had dressed in layers for warmth.  They cleared the bench and hurried to put their skates on.

Once both girls were ready, Violet asked her friend if she could pray for her so she wouldn't be scared! Lola was so thankful God had given her a friend who loves her and is so willing to pray for her!
"Lord" Violet began," I thank your for Lola that's she is my best friend. Jesus I learned this morning that we can do all things through You ! Even when we are scared ! Jesus I pray take all of Lola's fears away and let us have the most grand adventure ever today! in Jesus name amen."
with that both girls took a deep breathe and smiled at one another and took their first steps on the ice
Once the girls stepped on the ice, both took off skating as they didn't have a care in the world! Twirling and making figure eights on the ice. Like they had never been scared  or had a worry in the world. Violet could not help, but to lift her eyes towards the heavens and thanked Jesus for Him chasing her friends fears away.

the girls skated till they were cold from their nose to their toes. The both decided they should head home before they were to cold to walk home ! Before they skated off the ice the best friends shared on last lap around the pond in hopes that this would be the first of many winter adventures to come!

The girls quickly changed back into their boots and headed towards home! It was funny they both turned to get one more glimpse of their new favorite place to be. The frozen pond.
When Violet returned home, her mom had warm cookies and hot chocolate waiting for her. Violet recounted all of todays adventure with her Mom!
What Violet and Lola didn't know that she had been praying for God to send her princess a best friend that would have a heart like hers ! One who loved Jesus and isn't afraid to have an adventure! He provided.

 I hoped you enjoyed my first public short story !I hope to post one at least once a week !I hope that encourage and help to draw young girls to Jesus! Also inspire them with ideas for play !
The ice Skating rink was made with an x-large pizza box with aluminum foil glued to it and poly fill spread all around for snow ! Ice skates can be purchased through American girl and My Life from Walmart.The bench is something we have had for years !  
I would like to say a huge thank you to my friend who helped this in pronto play date ! All though I was more tired than I have been in a long time lol! The hours making memories were worth it !
Lola and her mommy

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