Friday, March 31, 2017

A Stitch In Time - Lillian Stewart Series


I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my     
                                                    soul knoweth right well. Psalm 139:14

       It was a beautiful warm May afternoon, the sunshine shined through the clouds as it was pushing back the curtains of the heavens as it made its grand entrance ! The birds sang their glorious chorus to  their audience of one ....
     The  determined nine year old had her feet firmly planted on the rock at the creek's edge. Staring at her reflection in the still pool of water. Trying to decide why she wasn't like all the other girls her age.... Her brown ringlets encompassed her round plump cheeks, they were rosy as if apples had been placed in her dimples. Her bow propped in her hair as a crooked crown that refused to stay in its place. She patted the water as if she could wash her freckles from her reflection and her face all at the same time . She couldn't see the beauty that others seen. All she seen was the words the local girls had said out of jealousy .
    Lillian Stewart couldn't understand why she wasn't tall with straight hair and thin and lanky like the other girls . Her one and only true friend was her favorite doll Ellie whom went everywhere Lillian went !
  Lillian spent countless hours lost in the roar of the creek dreaming of anywhere but here .... The small mountain community often felt more like a prison then home most days. All though Lillian's family tried to remind her daily she was fearfully and wonderfully made in the eyes of her creator, she often questioned why she was so different .

     A crackle in the leaves broke the silent patronizing of her own reflection. Being taken off guard by the noise Lillian lost her balance on the slippery moss covered rock. She went flying into the icy water ! Landing sharply on a rock below ! Causing a sharp pain on her back side ! Now soaked and wet she would have to walk through town dripping wet and to make it worse she she had torn her brand new lavender calico dress momma had just sewn for her ! It was special because Momma made Ellie a matching dress and bonnet ! None of the other girls dollies had matching clothes! It was something special Momma had done for Lillian from the time she was old enough to love her doll ! Ellie was a gift from Papa! Papa is the pastor of the the small town. Once when he was asked to preach at a neighboring town he brought Ellie to Lillian as a surprise! That turned into a blessing of a much needed companion ! Ohh how she dreaded having to tell Momma she ripped her dress! Not just that momma, would want to know what she was doing when it happened. Lillian knew Momma would know what she was doing when she told her how she fell. Lillian didn't want Momma to worry . Lillian knew there was no way around it! She would have to start the walk through town to her home ! Lillian's house was located behind the church on a little hill, overlooking a broader part of the river. Lillian lifted her head towards the heavens and whispered " Lord could you possibly make sure all the other girls are too busy, to see me walking through town? In my water drenched clothes and plastered ringlets on my face." Please Lord could you do that for me ? I know you're very busy ! Just this once is that possible ? She squinted her eyes as she looked towards the beaming sun. She loved the way the warmth felt on her skin ! The walk home wouldn't be too long she and Ellie could have an adventure on the way .
  Lillian whispered into Ellie's ear, we can pretend we are explorers of a faraway land, that just discovered something grand! Just as they were starting towards towns edge. Lillian's thoughts were interrupted by the giggles of two girls . That had just caught the the glimpse of the drenched brown curly hair, freckled faced girl, talking to her dear friend ! " Lillian" one of the girls called what happened to you ? You look as if you have been playing in the pig pen down the road at farmer John's house! The two girls giggled ! They didn't bother to see the silent tears that streamed down Lillian's cheeks. Instead of replying, Lillian was busy looking at the two twin girls with envy. Wishing her hair was straight and her body thin and tall like theirs. She gave a shy grin and turned to go home ... Wishing she was more like the girls who were just mean to her! Not caring about how they had hurt her ! What she didn't know or realize the girls only teased the shy girl because they were truly jealous of Lillian and her natural beauty and her beautiful doll! They often had discussed among themselves how they wish they were more like Lillian,beautiful and kind !

I truly hoped you have enjoyed todays story ! Stay Tuned every Friday for more of Lillian's Journey! This story is written By: Shellie Almond
If you choose to share it please give me credit ! Also be watching next week for a doll dress that will be for sale based on Lillian's story!
   Thank you for stopping by! I sue hope you have a blessed weekend filled with tons of joy and memory making !


  1. This was so beautiful I loved it so much!! Can't wait to read more!!!

  2. Thank you so much my sweet friend! Thank you for encouraging me all these years ! I love you

  3. Really enjoyed this Mrs. Shellie. Keep up the writing. Who knows one day it might be published. Love you sweet lady.

    1. Thank You so very much my sweet friend! I would love that one day! I need to get my life story wrote lol! Its just not as much fun! I love and miss you so much!


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