Monday, March 27, 2017

Celebrating My Youngest

 Where has time gone... It seems like yesterday my youngest went from dreaming about being a mermaid to growing up into a beautiful young woman! If you notice her shirt she still hasn't lost her love for mermaids or anything Disney!
     This years celebration was different from years past... we celebrated all week this year! We even had two parties.
   We made a point to make sure she felt special... Last years birthday was a hard one for her! I was bed bound and unable to walk. So we made sure we made up for it this year!
        Family joined us on Friday to celebrate my princess in our home... She had two close friends to come as well! I cant forget the ones we have chosen to be our family! Hence the little princess my Youngest is holding ! She had to help blow out candles lol!
Yes you see correctly a Disney Princess placemat under a 3 tiered cake, 2 layers French Vanilla and red velvet, with cream cheese frosting, completely covered in sprinkles!
this cake didn't make it long before it quickly disappeared!
Our family is huge Disney fans !
Beauty and the Beast Is my favorite ! I was so excited when she asked for her friends celebration, could we go out and eat and watch Beauty and the Beast!

EAST Coast Wings was Her Restaurant of choice.  
So everyone dressed up as their favorite Disney Character!
Most of the girls including myself wore a Disney shirt, tutu's and leggings ! My sweet 17yr old dressed up as Figaro and even wore cat ears !!!  
We received such sweet reactions about us being so comfortable being who we are!
The girls even collect reborn dolls. That's is actually what my youngest asked for a sleeping Kimberly. So they dressed their babies up and took them to the movies as well !
We forgot to take a group picture lol !
We were so wrapped up in making memories! I forgot to take a ton of pictures! She had such a good Birthday!

The movie was phenomenal, If your on the fence about seeing it, let me say this it was amazing ! It gives such a glimpse of why things were with the Beast and even Belle's life.
the things that media have blown up is not in the movie... There was no kiss ...
I will say though this movie is not for little kids. several were in the theater and had to be taken out due to the intensity of the beast.
I must say though that I am one blessed Mommy to be chosen to raise such an amazing girl! She has such a kind and gentleness about her!
She has such a deep love for Jesus! I can not wait to what God has in store for her life ! 
Life as a Mom is so rewarding ... I love that my girls still have such a sense of family togetherness no matter how old they get !

The Birthday girl got her own beast to bring home and snuggle... More than anything else she got, she walked away with memories of love and laughter! With the ones who love her...
So in Closing Happy 17th my sweet girl ! I pray this year is your best on yet !
Praying that each of you have a blessed day !


  1. How on earth is she 17 already?? Time flies.. but you can be certain that you have raised an incredible young lady! I'm so thankful for Christian and the friendship she has with my girl, and so happy to know each of you! Love you guys so so so very much!!! I hope she had an amazing birthday!!!!

  2. Thank my beautiful friend! I can not believe she is 17! I am so thank ful for the friendship Christian and your girl has!!! I know God truly brought our families together.... There has been so much good from it! I could not have hand picked a better best friend for Christian! We love you guys so much!


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