Saturday, March 11, 2017

Welcome To My New Blog

If your new here or an old friend that's just stopping by welcome to my new my new blog! I hope that when you stop by you leaved blessed and inspired! 
        Please take sometime to look around and get to know me some if your new ! For those of you that are old friends let me take a moment to tell you how very good God is!
 March 1st marked one year of the surgery that caused a some very serious health conditions ! I have gone through two major heart Surgeries and a major lung surgery all in one year.... there was a point I couldn't walk, I wore oxygen and all I did was exist from one moment to the next. It is a year later and though I am not 100% God has done some amazing things ! I can walk in assisted, I no longer in need for any help of oxygen, I am slowly gaining energy back ! I seen the heart doctor on March 1st and received a wonderful report ! They can not hear a pericardial rub which is a good sign that there is no fluid on the heart ! We will repeat a echo cardiogram in April to be sure ! The longer my body can go with out the return of fluid the better chance we have that it won't return ! He has however referred us to see a rheumatologist, he is concerned there is more to the story ! We see them on Wednesday ! Help us pray if that is the case we will finally get the answers to the puzzle ! We also seen the pulmonologist last Wednesday and we got a wonderful report ! Although the base of the left lung is unchanged as far as healing. It will never function again, he was pleased that my O2 stats hold their own in the high 90's! We were released from him unless something would arise and we would need to see him again ! Gods healing in His time !
   It has been a long journey but well worth the wait ! I have a ways to go, until I receive what I know He has for me I will praise Him in the hallway ! For my Jesus doesn't halfway do any thing !
thank you for stopping by ! Thank you Stacy at for your help! I am so blessed to have you in my life my friend!
    I plan to be much more committed to blogging ! I hope you will enjoy the journey with me ! I pray your week is filled with blessing beyond compare !


  1. I love you so so so much my amazing friend! I'm so excited for you on this blogging journey and I'm praying all the way with you!!! I love your ideas and I think you have so much you can share that will enhance the spiritual walk of many, many many others out there! I love you and I know how amazing you are, I can't wait for many many others to find that out! Love you so much!

    1. You will never ever know how blessed I feel that God placed you in my life!!! You have inspired me to bring this blog and to share my sewing to life for others to enjoy! I thank you for your encouragement and love! Thank you for walking beside me as one of most dearest friends in life !!! I love you beyond words


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