Monday, April 24, 2017

A Stitch In Time - Lillian Stewart Series part 3

Papa, I'm afraid that Natalie won't want to be a ugly girls friend! After all I don't need any new friends I have Momma , Violet , you and Ellie. You can be my friends ! Don't forget that sister Amelia will be home soon as well!
Amelia was sixteen years old and had been away spending time with her favorite Aunt Laurie. Aunt Laurie had fallen ill and because she had never had children of her own Amellia ,offered to go nurse her back to health! Amellia dreamed of being a nurse one day in one of the hospitals in New York. Amellia had shared that she had felt the calling since before Lillian's age she wanted to be a nurse! She was often found helping the local Doctor out in town. The Stewarts had received a letter just days ago that they could expect Amelia's return within a week.Lillian  Papa said , why would you say such a thing ? Your not ugly daughter, you are beautiful! Not just on the outside but also on the inside. God made a beautiful creation that's fearfully and wonderfully made in His eyes and ours. My sweet girl Papa said,as he pulled Lillian into his arms for a hug. He held her tight, as if in his arms he could shield her from the cruel words of this world ! I wish I could erase the cruel words of the town girls. My sweet child Please give Natalie a chance, I believe God has sent her to show you what true friends truly are! Please know Momma , Violet , Amelia, and myself will always stand by your side. As your family and truest friend. We all need a best friend, including Ellie I think she would love Natalie's friend as well!
Your worth is never found in the word of others Lillian, but in our Heavenly Father, Wayne Stewart went on to say.
It's getting late Lillian go inside and find Aunt Violet and get ready for bed, mamma said. Papa and I will be up for scripture reading and prayers shortly dear. Yes Mamma ,Lillian left the cool evening air filled with the sweet symphony of the crickets for the warm embrace of her home ,to find aunt Violet.
While Papa and Momma enjoyed the cool air and each other's company, Wayne I'm worried about her ! Momma went on to tell Papa about today's events. After Marie poured her heart to her husband, Wayne took her hand and gave it a gentle kiss, we will have to trust our Lord has a plan Marie , He will see us through ! You will see.....

Papa and Momma followed the winding staircase to Lillian's room. It was a nightly tradition for the family to read from the Bible and pray before bed. Lillian was already dressed in her delicately embroidered white nightgown trimmed in soft lace. Her bedroom was one of a princess one might seem. With a large cherry bed with soft pink silk bedding with a cascading lace canopy, filled with fluffy down pillows. Her bed faced a beautiful ornate fireplace that always had a glowing fire in the winter months. She had two large windows that faced the large willow tree that Lillian spent many hours playing in having all day adventures. The windows were covered with beautiful pink and white chintz fabric that matched two small chairs that sat around a small tea table. In the corner Lillian had her own cherry wood washstand and mirror. On the far wall was a small delicately detailed cherry writing desk. The walls were covered with a floral pattern wallpaper. Her room was complete with all she could ever hope for! A beautiful bed for Ellie, a small bureau for her clothes ,a tea table complete with a porcelain tea set! Still seeing Lillian setting in her beautiful room in the glow of the candle light you could see the ever looming sadness in her eyes.
There's my beautiful princess Papa's voice boomed! Are you ready for bedtime reading and prayers ? Yes Papa, Lillian replied trying to smile! Talking to Jesus and reading His word is one of my very favorite parts of Ellie and my self's day.
Momma snuggled Lilian up on her lap , papa opened his big black Bible to the book of Psalm 139 began reading . Lillian loved to hear papa read his voice was strong , smooth and animated. It was like making the words from the page jump off and come to life. When papa came to Psalm 139 :14 He paused and told Lillian to listen very closely, I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well. Papa closed his bible and took Lilian's hands and prayed one of the most beautiful prayers Lillian had ever heard. Papa had asked Jesus to heal her heart and help her to see how beautiful His creation truly was !
 Lillian opened her eyes at the sound of amen, with soft tears rimming her hazel eyes. Papa does Jesus really think I'm beautiful ? He sure does princess! God makes no mistakes, never forget that!
Papa and Mamma tucked Lillian and Ellie in for the night leaving her in the trusted care of Violet.
When the candles were blown out and the curtains were drawn, Lillian drifted into a soft slumber with hopes of a new friend.

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