Monday, April 3, 2017

Beauty Is Found With In

How many times have you stood in front of your mirror and not wished to change a single thing about yourself?
You want to be smaller, have straighter hair or more perfect curls, wishing that blemish would just disappear, or even to wish to be shorter or better yet taller!
I suspect we all are guilty of such things...
However what if we just lived healthy lifestyles ( let me just say no one should skip ice cream and cookies all the time) and were satisfied with how God created us?
Growing up I dealt with a eating disorder... I never felt small or pretty enough. In my childhood home size was a huge deal.
So it left me never feeling like I would never measure up. When I met my husband I refused to eat when we went on dates... For months this went on till he asked me why... My response was, I was worried if I gained weight and changed he would no longer see me beautiful! I will never forget when he took my hands and assured me that was never ever possible ... For the first time I remember feeling pretty just the way I was a whole 105lbs soak and wet.
However it wasn't till the birth of my oldest that I was able to overcome the eating disorder and live a healthy lifestyle with her !
I vowed when she was born I would always praise her no matter what her size ! She would always be made feel beautiful in our home !
She faced many challenges with her health as a child and a year of steroids didn't help her feel so beautiful, neither did the comments of extended family began to diminish what we had instilled.
After much reassurance and hiccups along the way she had grown into a confident beautiful woman who loves the skin she lives in!
It was when my youngest started to show the tail tell signs of a eating disorder. I realized something in this world around us was broken.
My youngest was 12 when I realized something was wrong... We would soon learn she didn't like her appearance so much she didn't even want to be apart of this world...
What made it even worse is that herself worth was stolen by words spoken from one who was suppose to be her best friend.
It took months of counseling and even more reassurance for the next few years that she was beautiful from the inside as well on the outside!
That is something our world doesn't teach however. magazines and television shows portray that the happiest girls are very thin and guys don't like girls with curves.
It also teaches the uglier the attitude the prettier the girl.
I don't want that for my girls or anyone's girls for that matter! I want them to know to know they are fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of God ! He makes no mistakes! Being healthy does not always mean being thin! 
There is so much more to beauty that the outward appearance as well! For true beauty begins on the inside!
It begins with being humble, kindness, meekness, and gentle quiet spirit! It also comes from loving who God created you to be !
Being okay with the fact the reflection in the mirror may change many times through the years. Our bodies aren't meant to stay the same... Life can cause it change.
But are we preparing our girls for that? Are we teaching them that our worth is more than a size!
Over the past year my health has been a rollercoaster of a ride! I am the heaviest I have ever been I have earned some new battle scars one of which is 11 1/2 inches long. The other 3 inches long .
one of them can not be easily hidden when I wear a tank top or swim suit...
I have had to wear oxygen in my home and in public...
I will be the first to admit all of these things at different moments have caused some insecurities, when I took my eyes off of God.
However I will never forget my girls words to me when we were on vacation last year to the beach. Mom You will be the most beautiful one down there under a umbrella! Anyone who spends time with you will see that !
Its so important for us to teach our children to love the body they live in! To take care of it! But never hate it because it doesn't meet the world standards.
Teach them its okay to be different, to stand out!
Rock hair bows and tutus at any age if that's who they are! God made no mistake in who He created them to be!
Let them hear you love your body just the way it is! Let them hear you love your curls and your curves if you have them! Don't hide who you are! Be confident... Teach them to be the same....
It thrills my heart to see my youngest to look at herself in the mirror and smile.... To be okay to go clothes shopping and not stress over the size! She is beautiful and confident now! She knows her worth is found in God and no one else....
Where does your worth lie?
Is in the ten pounds you want to loose or the compliments of others?
Or do you truly love who God has created you to be !
Never be ashamed of a stretch mark ! It means you haven't went hungry or you were blessed to carry a child ! Never be ashamed of Gods creation after all He made you in His image ! He thinks your beautiful!
I have often felt like when I tell god I don't like myself I am telling Him his creation isn't good enough ... I never want to make my Jesus fell like what He has done is imperfect! After all His word teaches us that He is and all he does is perfect as well!
I pray when you look in the mirror from this point, You see how beautiful you truly are!
Thank you so very much for stopping by! I pray your week is filled with blessings!

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