Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Good Morning

What a week ! I have felt like I have been treading water for days now! Sorry there hasn't really been any new post!
I have had a crazy busy weekend! It left me feeling drained to say the  very least!
Although, I must say it was well worth it! For the first time in 6 months I taught children's ministry and the A Life Of Faith Girls Club on  Sunday!
I so enjoyed feeling like I was finally getting back into the swing of things again! Spending time with the kids is medicine for this girls heart for sure!
Ever since the last heart and lung surgery in September, there really hasn't been a sense of normal... It has been decided I will return to teach twice a month.
For me that is huge! I am over our children's ministry... I just haven't been teaching like I was before! My body let me know real quick around 7 o'clock  Sunday that it had enough!
I woke up Monday running a fever of 100.5.
I have wore a heart monitor for seven days for rhythm issues. Of course other than normal everyday chest pain, my heart decided to behave lol!

So we shall see in about 10 days what it does or does not show !
I returned yesterday for a follow up with rheumatologist... The blood work for RA and Lupus came back normal... However that wasn't our get of jail free card... I still have two major symptoms of Lupus so I will need to be watched for awhile... We will return in August for another follow up!
She did however tell us she is very interested to see what the heart monitor and the echo show ! She went on to tell us she feels that the heart has no where healed enough for me to be feeling as I am expecting to considering it wen through two major heart surgeries 6 months apart from each other !
So we shall see !
I was able to get some doll dresses sewn and ready to sell ! I hope to get proper pictures and have them posted for sell by Friday !
I just really wish I had more energy ! I have homeschool co-op today and church tonight! So there will be no time for sewing today or picture taking ! I hope tomorrow I can finish loose ends of things! I have a crazy busy weekend ahead of us !
Please Help me pray I can keep up !
I am getting really excited we are only 2 wks. away  from women of joy conference! Last year when I went I was only 3 days post op from my first heart surgery !
This year I look forward to being able to walk and go with out oxygen!
Well time will soon be near to leave for co-op and I seriously need to make sure I eat breakfast and take meds before I leave!
I wanted to thank you for stopping by ! I will be praying for you this week ! I hope you will do the same for me ! ~Shellie


  1. It's so wonderful to see your pretty face and smile!!!! I love and miss you so much!! I'm so thankful for all God has done and that you are able to teach!! It's certainly a ministry God blessed you in and it's so good to see you doing it again!!! I am praying for your strength so very much. I know that God is going to use you in big ways! He already has. Take care of you!!! I hope I can see you so soon. Love you!!

    1. Aww thank you so very much! I love and miss you mostess ... more than you will ever know! Thank you so much for all your prayers! God definitely isn't finished yet for sure! He has got a plan that's for sure! I promise to take care of me the best I can! Love you mostess

  2. Praying for you always.Glad things with your health are starting to work out for you. Love you friend!!

    1. Thank you my beautiful friend! Love and miss you! Your always in my thoughts and prayers!


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