Sunday, April 16, 2017

Then Came The Morning....

It is the wee early hours of the morning.... One of those I just can not rest to save my life type of deals.... The pain is intense tonight and has sent me to my old friend the chase...
My mind can not help but focus on the importance of what this day is and will hold!
Its Resurrection  morning the sun hasn't even risen yet.... The silence of the night is so calm..
Yet my mind keeps going to the thought was this the moment when the stone was rolled away! Was this the moment He Rose Again!
Today we will celebrate a RISEN Savior! The King of Kings!
The very thought makes my pain seem so insignificant...
The pain He endured just days earlier... The weight He carried of my sins... Wow ! He loved so much He took what I deserved and gave me grace!
How often we loose focus of that though and get caught in circumstances...
Today I want to not focus on my pain... I just want to truly focus on Jesus... To worship whole heartedly... To praise Him with every fiber of my being!
No matter how much sleep I lack or pain I feel!
I want to be like Mary when she seen Him and fall at His feet and worship!
To live in total thanksgiving for all He has done for me!
To never take one moment for granted...
He is not here: for he is risen, as he said. Come, see the place where the Lord lay.
Matthew 28:6


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  1. I love you so much and love that you share your heart during this difficult time for you! You are such an inspiration to me and I love you so very much! I am praying so hard for your comfort and that God will ease your pain. I love you sweet friend!


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