Saturday, May 6, 2017

A Stitch In Time ~ Lillian Stewert ~ part4


        Chasing Fears Away
  For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.
                                                            2 Timothy 1:7
A week had passed since the event on the porch late that summer evening. Papa had convinced Momma to invite Sarah and Natalie over for tea. They both were in hopes that this would be the turning point in Lillian's heart. She would make a true friend and begin to see what they seen when they looked at her . On that Monday morning Momma sent Amelia up to waken her lil sister. Amelia had only been home a few short days. Even she could see the sadness in her sister's eyes when she returned home! She was anxiously hoping that the prospect of a new friend would chase away the dark clouds….
" Wake up Lillian " your Momma is expecting you to be dressed silly goose when the Gulliver's arrive for tea ! Amelia reminded her sister. Amelia's long light brown hair cascaded down her back, in cascading curls. Her eyes were dancing in amusement at her sister .... Tell Momma I am sick , Amelia I shouldn't receive guest when I am sick. Lillian pretended to cough and raised her covers higher. Lillian you are no more sick than Ellie is. There is nothing to be worried about, after all I will not leave your side ! That I promise, after all you're my favorite sister, Amelia spoke softly to Lillian. She leaned down and kissed her sister's cheek. Lillian chuckled, I'm your only sister ! Just remember God is always with you as well Lillian, his word tells us in 2 Timothy that He doesn't give us a spirit of fear! You believe God's word don't you dear sister ? I do Amelia with all my heart ! I love Jesus more than anyone! Okay then Momma has had your pink satin tea dress prepared for you to wear for tea, I believe if you'll look closely you'll find a surprise for Ellie ! At that Lillian sprung from her bed ran over to her dressing table, to find a beautiful pink exact doll size replica of her own dress for her Ellie. I will send for Aunt Violet to help you get ready! Before I go Lillian may I pray for you ? Yes please, Lillian responded in a whisper!
Amelia took her sister's hand and bowed her head . Amelia prayed , My sweet Heavenly Father! I thank you for creating such a beautifully sweet little sister to call my own, please help her to see what I see ! Lord please let her and Natalie become instant friends ! After all Lord you promise to give us the desires of our hearts .... Please give my beautiful sister a best friend . Who sees how amazing she is! Help her not to be nervous today ! Let her feel you close. I ask this and all things in Jesus Name Amen.
Amelia reached down and gave her sister A gentle kiss on the cheek and whispered in her ear I know today will be filled with the most amazing adventures, you'll see ! However Lillian if you don't get dressed it will never begin !

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  1. I so love this story, and the dress is gorgeous! I love you my beautiful, talented friend!


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