Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Immeasurably More.....

Immeasurably More... Oh what a statement... Ponder on those words and let them sink into your heart.... I am immeasurably more to Jesus.
I am more than what has happened to me. I am more than what others think of me.
These words have settled into my heart and renewed my heart in so many ways!
This past weekend I attended a Women Joy Conference in Pigeon Forge Tn.
I always look forward to getting away with the ladies
This year I anticipated it so much more...
last year when I attended it was in such different circumstances.
It was such an amazing feeling to be walking and breathing with out assistance!

The we weekend started with such an amazing speaker! Angie Smith! When she stood and spoke it was as if she was an old friend just there to share her heart! Her message touched me in such away! When she stood on that plat form and shared her raw heart!
She shared the loss of child and how God brought something beautiful out of something that had caused so much pain and death.
Its okay to feel the hurt and let God use it to bloom you when He is ready. Yet that hurt is often used to grow someone else...

The same evening the one and only Mark Lowery performed! He was simply amazing the Bible is so right laughter is like good medicine! I haven't laughed that hard in such a long time! Not only his gift of laughter touched my heart but the smoothness of his beautiful voice! He touched my heart in so many different ways! It felt so wonderful to laugh.... I do mean really laugh it felt like it had been so long since I had felt such deep laughter...

The next days session were so life changing! Sheila Walsh spoke ! She shared her personal story of how her fathers actions towards her as a child effected her life! She shared from the depths of her heart how shame can make is not want to share where we come from. She reminded me that God has written our stories to share... That I should never ever be ashamed to tell where He has brought me from!
A few years ago I was made to feel like I wasn't worthy of Gods grace and love because of where God delivered me from! Shelia stood from that platform and looked out what seemed like directly at me ! I am sure that is not the case but it sure felt like it ! She spoke that God needs us ! He wants us to be willing to stand on that same platform and share where He has brought us from ! That shame is not of God... Its satan's way  to keep my story bottled up...
She reminded me that I have no reason to be ashamed... I should want people to know what wonderful things God has done from the ashes of my childhood.

I did enjoy our next speaker she was bold and too the point. I enjoyed her tenacity. She just didn't touch me as the others had.
That evening we enjoyed an amazing concert by the amazing and talented Lauren Daigle ! She has such an anointing on her life! you could feel the spirit fall on the auditorium that was filled with 9,875 Jesus girls praising their Jesus  all weekend not ashamed!

Sunday our last session was the amazing Lysa Terkeurst.
I have never set in a teaching of hers that has not been life changing! This time was no different! She shared about disappointments and how when we least except them they will come... Yet if we are willing God will use those disappointments to grow us and those around us ! They are often used to often quiet us to make us get alone with Him. Because we refuse to be still and do it on our own. I thought to myself girlfriend have you been living in my home this past year!

Conference closed on such a high note ... I walked away changed revived and reminded that to God I am special! That He has got me in the palm of His Hand and He makes no mistakes...
He reminded me this weekend its time to tell my story and stop hiding away from the world... No not everyone will be kind about it... But Jesus  will get the glory from it... The only true persons opinion that matters is His... He loves me I am immeasurably more to Him....

I am glad to Know That I Can be Who Jesus Created Me To Be .... NO Matter Where Life Takes Me!



  1. I love your pics and your story my sweet beautiful friend! Your story has touched me so much in my lifetime! And I"m so thankful that you have shared your life with me. I love you so very much!!

    1. I love you beyond words! You have always encouraged me to share and I can not thank you enough for that! I know that the devil would love nothing more than for me to keep quiet.... God has shown me that is no longer possible! I love you mostess!


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